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Eastleigh Shopmobility Turns 20

The 20th anniversary of Eastleigh’s Shopmobility service was celebrated with a party on Monday 14 November at the Shopmobility premises. Staff, volunteers and service users attended, admiring a display of Shopmobility photos from over the years and enjoying nibbles and birthday cake. One of the guests, Lee White (pictured in the centre of the front row), registered with Shopmobility on the very day it opened for business twenty years ago, and is still a loyal member. Eastleigh Shopmobility began life following advice from a small disability group, who had seen a handful of schemes spring up across the country. It is funded by Eastleigh Borough Council, but responsibility was handed to One Community to set up and manage the scheme and the disability group became Friends of Shopmobility, with the aim of raising funds for the scheme. During the party Shopmobility Manager Deirdre Harfield announced that long standing volunteer and head of the Friends group Ed Dawes was donating a new powered wheelchair to Shopmobility in celebration of the 20th anniversary. Ed then announced a further donation of a powered wheelchair in memory of local shopkeeper Mr J A Pabari. The Eastleigh Shopmobility service is based in the Swan Centre and hires out manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters to enable anyone with mobility problems – permanent or temporary – to get around the centre of Eastleigh. Vehicles are also available for people to take away on holiday. For further information please call 023 8090 2402.

One Community News Christmas is a busy time for many of us in the Voluntary and Community Sector, with fundraising activities, special events and parties for members, clients and volunteers. Good luck with all your plans and best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and at least some opportunity for rest and relaxation. It is a good time to reflect on a year of hard work and achievement for your group, however difficult it has been. Annual Survey - Many thanks to all of you who have completed our annual survey. If you haven’t done so yet, please do – if you’ve lost it just ask Julia Allan on 023 8090 2457 or to send it to you again. The survey is our way of improving the services we provide to you and finding out what you want from us in terms of information, training and assistance. Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year – as you know we are Sainsbury’s Charity of the Year and we’ll be on a One Community stand in Sainsbury’s Eastleigh store on 16, 17 and 18 December – so come along for a chat to find out more out our projects and services. Business Meets the Community – We’re planning a Business Meets the Community event on Wednesday 1 February at Eastleigh Museum. Have you any needs a local business might be able to meet? If so – let us know! Further information on page 3.

Happy Christmas! Jean Roberts-Jones Chief Executive, One Community

Green Tips There are a few things we can all do to have a positive impact on the planet. Please let us know of any ideas you have to include in our Green Tips section.

Recycle your real Christmas tree Don’t let your tree be part of the 90% that end up in landfill. Check with the council to find a recycling point for your Christmas tree.


Important Information about One Community Lifelines

They will work in a power cut! It has come to our notice that information has been circulated which has caused concern among our Lifeline customers. If you work with older people who use Lifelines (to summon assistance in case of a fall or other emergency), please reassure them on this point. The Lifeline alarm will work in a power cut as it is covered by an integral rechargeable battery for a period of 24-36 hours. Community alarm units send the call centre background calls (auto low battery alerts) if the battery is losing charge, and they will notify One Community so that these batteries can be replaced. The only reason a unit would not work is if there is a telephone fault. If there is a fault the customer would be alerted to the telephone issue, either by a verbal prompt from the unit or a flashing red light. Information has been circulating suggesting that Lifeline alarms won’t work in a power cut, which has caused considerable anxiety. It is important that customers who rely on their Lifelines have confidence in their equipment and are reassured that they will be able to summon help when they most need it. It is important that they and their loved ones have peace of mind. Please help to spread the word.

Grantham Green 'Rocky Road' Thank you to everyone who voted for the One Community, Grantham Green Rocky Road Project, it received 3,468 votes. This was enough to make it through to the finals of the Aviva Community Fund, which had over 5 million votes cast in total. The winners will be announced on 10 January, 2017. Find out more from the Aviva website

One Community News Entertainers Guide for Local Groups The One Community Entertainers Guide, a listing of local speakers, musicians and entertainers, is due to be updated. If you are able to offer a talk or a turn to entertain a local group for free or for a modest fee, please contact One Community on 023 8090 2400 or

What’s on at Eastleigh Museum

Need a Speaker for Your Club? We are very happy to come along to your club and talk about the work of One Community. If you’d like to book us, please give us a call on 023 8090 2400 or email

Santa Visits Eastleigh Museum The Christmas in Eastleigh event in Eastleigh on Saturday 19 November made for a very busy day at Eastleigh Museum. Volunteers at the museum created a magical Grotto for Father Christmas, where he was helping to raise funds for the Mayor’s Charities. Father Christmas was delighted with his accommodation and told us that he loves coming to the museum. He certainly had hundreds of young visitors during the course of the day to share their Christmas wishes.

Fleming Art Club Exhibition 3 December—2 February Wonderful original works of art by local artists.

Business Meets Community Wednesday 1 February, 5.30 for 6pm An opportunity for voluntary and community groups to pitch to local businesses for support with their work, whether it be a professional skills loan in IT, marketing or HR; sponsoring for equipment or materials, or even people power for a task that needs completing. FREE (booking essential), to book your business or group, or for further information, contact One Community on 023 8090 2400 or

Cops and Coffee at Eastleigh Museum Forthcoming dates for Cops and Coffee (all on a Thursday) at Eastleigh Museum are: 1 December 5 January 2 February 2 March Come and meet the neighbourhood policing team. Enjoy a coffee, discuss your concerns, get crime prevention advice and tell us your policing priorities. Eastleigh Museum is open Monday to Friday 10am4pm and Saturday 10am-2pm, 25 High Street Eastleigh SO50 5LF ADMISSION FREE ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 3

One Community News NEW FEATURE … Governance Guidelines Helping you to run your charitable organisation If you are an Organiser or a Committee Member then you are most likely a Trustee for your organisation and you should be aware of your responsibilities and requirements. At One Community we understand the complexities of your role and we are here to support you. To enable your organisation to fulfil its Aims and Mission responsibly, the Charity Commission suggests that there are six main duties to being a good Trustee: 1. Ensure your charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit 2. Comply with your charity’s governing document and the law 3. Act in your charity’s best interests 4. Manage your charity’s resources responsibly 5. Act with reasonable care and skill 6. Ensure your charity is accountable At One Community, we are always happy to offer direct, specific support and advice to you and your organisation, whenever you need it. Please contact Carol Grant, Community Development Manager on 023 8090 2460 with any queries about being a trustee or governance issues such as constitutions, policies, safeguarding, funding. Be confident that if we don’t know the answers, we’ll know someone who does!

“Trustees have overall control of a charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. They may be known by other titles, such as: Directors, Board Members, Governors, Committee Members Whatever they are called, trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run. Being a trustee means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives. Depending on what the charity does, you will be making a difference to your local community or to society as a whole. Trustees use their skills and experience to support their charities, helping them achieve their aims. Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board.” From: Charity Commission /Charity trustee: what’s involved (CC3a)/:


Information Foreign Coins Request We have found a way of turning foreign coins into cash, so we have started a piggy bank to collect them. When it is full we can cash them in as part of our fundraising efforts to support our services. So please pass on any foreign coins left over from your holidays that might be lingering in your pockets, purses, bags or drawers: to One Community, 16 Romsey Road, Eastleigh SO50 9AL. Many thanks!

Charities Act 2016: New Fundraising Rules New rules for charity fundraising started 1 November 2016. They affect the trustees’ annual reports of larger charities that fundraise from the public, as well as the contents of the agreements that must be in place when professional fundraisers or other businesses (‘commercial participators’) raise money for charities. The Charity Commission (‘the Commission’), the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales, has issued an alert to inform fundraisers and the trustees of charities affected by the new provisions about what they have to do to comply. This alert will be sent directly to 5,500 affected charities on the Commission’s register. The Charity Commission is also working with other sector bodies so that relevant information about compliance with the new rules reaches affected fundraisers and unregistered charities. The changes are introduced by the fundraising sections of the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016. They will help charities to demonstrate their commitment to protecting donors and the public, including vulnerable people, from poor fundraising practices. The new law will also help to ensure that fundraising standards form part of the

agreements between charities and any commercial participators or professional fundraisers with whom they work. There are 2 new requirements The first requirement applies where a charity, registered or unregistered, uses a professional fundraiser or commercial participator to raise funds. Broadly, it says that the compulsory written agreements between charities and these third parties must include extra information covering:  the scheme for regulating fundraising or recognised fundraising standards that will apply to the professional fundraiser or commercial participator in carrying out the agreement  how the professional fundraiser or commercial participator will protect the public, including vulnerable people, from unreasonably intrusive or persistent fundraising approaches and undue pressure to donate  how charities will monitor the professional fundraiser or commercial participator’s compliance with these requirements The second requirement applies to registered charities that, by law, must have their accounts audited. It says that these charities have to include extra information about fundraising in their trustees’ annual report. Broadly, the extra annual statements are about the charity’s:  approach to fundraising  work with, and oversight of, any commercial participators/professional fundraisers  fundraising conforming to recognised standards  monitoring of fundraising carried out on its behalf  fundraising complaints  protection of the public, including vulnerable people, from unreasonably intrusive or persistent fundraising approaches, and undue pressure to donate Your charity may be affected by either or both of the new requirements. You can find out how your charity is affected by the new provisions, and when compliance with them is required, by reading these FAQs, developed jointly by the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator. You can also look at Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties (CC20)and Charity reporting and accounting the essentials November 2016 ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 5

Information (CC15d) which have been updated to reflect the new requirements. Sarah Atkinson, Director of Policy and Communications at the Charity Commission said: “The new law is part of a package of fundraising reforms introduced last year to strengthen fundraising practice and regulation. We know that many in the sector are working hard to support these changes, and to review their own fundraising practices so that public trust can be restored. The new Charities Act provisions will help charities to demonstrate that their donors and the public are treated with respect and protected from intrusive practices, and that recognised fundraising standards are always part of the picture where charities are working with a professional or commercial partner.” Guidance: Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials November 2016 (CC15d) This guidance explains the different accounting and reporting requirements for different sizes and types of charity for financial years beginning on or after 1 November 2016. To understand what you need to do for your charity, first check:  whether or not your charity is also a company or charitable incorporated organisation  its income for the current financial year  the value of its assets  whether or not it is required to be registered as a charity You should then establish:  what type of accounts must be prepared  what information is needed in your trustees’ annual report  whether your accounts need an independent examination or audit  what information must be sent to the Charity Commission If you have to send your charity’s annual report and accounts to the commission, you must do so within 10 months of the end of your charity’s financial year. For accounting periods ending on or after 31 March 2015, see Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials March 2015 (CC15c). For accounting periods ending on or after 1 April 2009 but before 31 March 2015, see Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials (CC15b). Charity accounting and reporting requirements for financial years ending before 1 April 2009. ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 6

Have You Got What it Takes to Win an Epic Award?

The UK and Republic of Ireland’s premier awards for amateur cultural groups, the Epic Awards are open for nominations.  Over 65,000 voluntary arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland are eligible.  Groups can nominate themselves online at  Closing date for nominations is 12 January 2017.  A winner and a runner up will be chosen from England, Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  The shortlist will be announced in February with a People’s Choice award voted for by the public, a Peer award in which shortlisted groups vote for each other.  The Epic Awards will be presented at a special Winners Reception in April 2017.  The Epic Awards are run by Voluntary Arts to recognise and reward excellence and innovation in the amateur cultural sector. Are you part of a creative group that is doing something exciting and interesting? Have you embarked on a particularly ambitious project, interesting collaboration or made a difference to the lives of others in your community? From creative writing to making music and from amateur theatre to yarn-bombing, over 65,000 amateur arts groups across the UK and Republic of Ireland are making a huge difference in their local areas. There is growing recognition in the media and in public policy of the importance of everyday participation in creativity. The Epic Awards shines a spotlight on the incredible achievements of these groups each year. You can nominate your group or a group in

Information your local area for an award by filling in the form on and put them forward for special recognition and a range of prizes from financial support to advice, partnership and performance opportunities. Winning groups are those that demonstrate the four Epic qualities: Engagement, Partnership, Innovation and Creativity in projects that involve people taking part for the love of it. The awards are now open for nominations, so have a go today!

Be in a Professional Production! The Nuffield Theatre is calling Southampton residents to an open audition workshop on Tue 13 December to be in their community company. In the spring Associate Director Abbey Wright will be directing Steinbeck's epic play The Grapes of Wrath. The play deals with migration, the poverty gap, and the need for community. It will have a contemporary twist and there will be a live band playing throughout. The Nuffield is recruiting a 50-strong community ensemble. The ensemble will rehearse once a week from January and perform each night from 6-25 March 2017. They would like a proper representation of the local community, so the only criteria is that you need to be 16+ years. You don't need any previous theatre or drama skills at all. Just enthusiasm and a willingness to turn up regularly to rehearsals and be part of the team. You will have a chance to work with worldclass theatre professionals and to play a vital role in developing and performing in a new production. To put your name down for the open audition, please email: Tracey Cruickshank, Connect Manager

Upfront – Online Guide for Carers Upfront, from Carers UK, is the first online guide of its kind to give tailored financial and practical information to those who are new to caring. As well as the practical and financial support, it provides information to help carers manage the impact of caring on health and relationships.

Diabetes Talk Friday 16 December from 11am Orchard Gardens Care Home at Bishopstoke Park 1 Garnier Drive, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh SO50 6HE Angie Whitmarsh from Diabetes UK will present a talk on living with Diabetes and the range of support available. This informative presentation will explore the myths of Diabetes and discuss healthcare essentials and exercises recommended by healthcare professionals. Refreshments provided. If you would like to attend please contact Lisa Smirk: on 023 8064 5209.


Training One Community Training, Workshops and Information Service December 2016 – January 2017 Safeguarding Adults—Thursday 8 December 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm The aim of this course is to give learners the essential knowledge and skills required to recognise abuse and how to alert others to abuse. On successful completion of this course the learner will be

qualified to:  Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to safeguarding adults  Recognise the categories of abuse  Recognise the signs and symptoms of abuse  Consider where abuse is likely to occur  Understand who may commit abuse.  Report and alert the relevant authorities to abuse  understand how to comply with company policy and procedure. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55 Medication Safe Handling—Tuesday 13 December 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge and skills required to accurately administer medication in the workplace. On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:  Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to administering medication.  To understand the audit trail including receipt, administration and disposal of medicines.  Understand the pre-medication checklist.  Identify routes of administration.  Understand the different types of medication.  Understand how to correctly store and secure medication.  How to recognise adverse reactions and know how to deal with them.  Understand Medication Administration Records (MARS).  Understand the importance of good record keeping. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55 ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 8

Infection Prevention & Control—Thursday 15 December 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge and skills required to prevent and control infection in the workplace. This course is aimed at health and social care workers and healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing care to people. It will help care workers recognise the causes of infection and help them assess and reduce the risk of infection in all types of care environments. On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:  Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to Infection Control.  Understand the effects and characteristics of bacteria and infectious diseases.  Limit the causes and spread of infection.  Employ effective hygiene practices  Understand how to comply with company policy and procedure. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55 Moving and Assisting People—Wednesday 11 January 2017, 9.30am-12.30pm This course is suitable for staff & carers who move and assist people or for those who have a supervisory role in a care environment. The course helps to manage the risk of injury and ill health and reminds learners of the need to maintain dignity and to safeguard people. On successful completion of the course learners will be able to:  Understand best practice with regard to moving and assisting people  Recognise and avoid injury caused by poor manual handling  Employ good handling techniques  Carry out manual handling risk assessment  Understand how to comply with company policy & procedure, where necessary. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55 Health and Safety including COSHH—Wednesday 11 January 2017, 1.30pm – 4.30pm The aim of this course is to give learners the essential knowledge and skills required to recognise and avoid the fundamental causes of injury and ill health within their workplace. This course is tailored to be workplace and premises specific and focuses on the daily health & safety issues faced by volunteers and staff. Where

Training/Funding applicable it considers the protection of vulnerable people, particularly those with limited mental or physical ability, within health and social care environments. On successful completion of this course the learner will be qualified to:  Operate within the legal boundaries with regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55 Basic Food Hygiene—Wednesday 18 January 2017, 9.30am-12.30pm This course is intended to keep all food handlers up to date with their legal requirement for food safety training and also new legislation that has recently been brought in. It is an interactive, informal course that always proves to be interesting and thought provoking. Subject areas include:  How to protect food and customers/clients from biological, physical and chemical contamination and how to comply with the new law on allergen control.  The importance of using the correct cleaning materials and cleaning methods.  Legal requirements and practical information on personal hygiene, pest control, maintenance of premises and labelling of foodstuffs, both purchased and supplied to the customer. Cost: Voluntary Sector: £35 Others £55

25 January 2017, 2.00pm-3.30pm Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer’s Society led initiative which aims to increase dementia awareness and change the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about dementia. A Dementia Friend is someone who has attended a one hour information session and has committed to an action that will make the lives of people living with dementia a little bit better. Anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend and every action counts—from helping someone to find the right bus to spreading the word about dementia on social media. Come along to this free session to learn more about dementia, what it’s like to live with dementia and how to turn that understanding into action. Venue for all courses: One Community 16 Romsey Road Eastleigh SO50 9AL For further information or to book your place please contact Rachel Webb 023 8090 2400

Trigger Tool Training—Tuesday 24 January 2017, 9.30am-11.30am FREE training is being provided for anyone who has contact with vulnerable adults in the community through their professional or voluntary role. The learning objectives of this training are to:  Identify some of the risks that adults may have in their homes  Feel more confident in talking to the person about these risks  Know how to work with someone in a ‘strengthbased’ way  Know where you can get support and advice in your local area. The Trigger Tool pulls together in one useful document the contact details of a range of agencies and organisations that can be of use when in contact with vulnerable people. Dementia Friends Information Session—Wednesday ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 9

Funding/Events Sport England— Towards an Active Nation Funding Earlier this year Sport England published a five-year strategy— Towards an Active Nation—to combat the high levels of inactivity in the country. More than one in four people in England (28 per cent) do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week. During December details of new funding opportunities will be released, including:

Training & Funding Advice For help and advice on training or funding please contact our Community Development team on 023 8090 2400, or email our Community Development Manager at


£3 Million Volunteering Fund—to diversify the range of people who volunteer, and as a first step, support people from lower socio-economic groups to volunteer in sport. The fund will be open in the New Year and they expect to start making awards in the spring. £10 Million Inactivity Fund—which will focus on projects that help older adults (55+) to get active. £10 million of National Lottery funding will be made available. Older adults will be targeted first as this age group is much more likely to be inactive: 42 per cent of people aged 55+ are inactive compared to 29 per cent of the population as a whole. 7.5 Million Community Asset Fund—If you’re an organisation looking to take over sports facilities, a sports club that wants to expand or you have a great idea for a project that’s clearly needed in the local community, then this could be the fund for you. £7.5 million will be available for single and multi-sport community facilities in this phase. Based on similar projects they’ve already supported, they expect to make awards of between £5,000 and £150,000. You’ll be able to submit your bids from the beginning of January 2017. They plan to make the first awards from April 2017 onwards. Click here for further information

Culture and Community Activity Grants Hampshire County Council’s Culture and Community Activity Grants scheme, for project costs between £1,001 and £3,000, is now open for applications. Details of the scheme can be found online here ONE COMMUNITY NETWORK: PAGE 10

Join us at Royal Victoria Country Park this Christmas for a fun story telling session all about the Stick Man and then meet Father Christmas and receive a wonderful gift. Cost: £10

Outlaw—the Story of Robin Hood 19-24 December at The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh SO50 9DE

Performed by The Point Youth Theatre with bold storytelling, dynamic movement and live music, this rip-roaring, fast-paced adventure for the whole family will warm your heart this Christmas.  Full Price: £12.00  Over 60s: £10.00  Student: £10.00  Under 16 Years: £8.00 Email: Telephone: 023 8065 2333




Merry Christmas to all our readers!

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