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Buying real estate properties in Singapore Buying a real estate Singapore property is often a daunting experience. It is simply because the real estate market is often a complex space to manage. It is therefore recommended to arm with certain smart tips and tricks to crack some of the best residential or commercial property for sale deals. The following are some of the best tips to find a right property in Singapore. Let’s check them out.

Hire a good real estate agent: First thing first, you need a good real estate agent if you are keen to crack a good property for sale Singapore deal. These people are skilled professionals, who have the right knowledge and experience in dealing with different kinds of properties found in the market. All you are supposed to do is to research over the web to find out a competent realtor in the market or get reference from your friends or family to find out the right man for this job. A professional agent can help you in many other things of any property deal, thus making things simple for you. Decide upon your property: As per your choice, the real estate agent would show you a number of options. He will call you to show certain potential house for sale in

Singapore. During your visit, make sure you check things like the furnishing, fixtures and several other special arrangements. Do not hesitate in negotiating for things like price and renovation; in fact, your agent would be helping you in this. Investment in any property is called as a long term thing so make sure you move on very much consciously. The right option to buy: Once you find a property of your choice arrange one percent of the purchase money for the owner in order to find the 14 days cooling off period to decide upon the final deal or arrange the rest of the amount. In the mean time you can request your agent or lawyer to draft the papers of purchase for the real estate Singapore property deals along with stating down the clear price along with the terms and conditions. Finish your transactions: Once the above step is competing it’s time to complete transaction. Still you have the option of reviewing the hdb Singapore property one last time. Once you do that make sure you ask your lawyer to go ahead to finish the paper work after you sign the papers in 14 days of Option to Purchase. You are supposed to pay the required fees to the Revenue Authority of Singapore along with bearing up the legal cost as well. The bank loan: You being a foreign investor, you have the option of getting the loan from any Singaporean Bank of around 80 percent of the chosen Singapore property market price. You can find this loan at the interest rate of 3.5 to 4 percent, which is very much less as compared to the other cities like Hong Kong where the interest rate is 6.5 percent. for more on any property like condo for sale singapore deal visit the site

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