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CHANGING THE GAME FOR DYNAMICS PARTNERS At 1ClickFactory, our business is all about helping you - valued Microsoft Dynamics partners - increase the ROI and profitability of your existing customer base. But even more importantly, 1ClickFactory is dedicated to providing to Dynamics partners highquality services and tools needed to “change the game” - driving even higher revenue and increased profitability from the business you offer customers. As an outsourcing development partner and Microsoft-appointed Dynamics Upgrade Center, we work exclusively through Microsoft Dynamics partners so that ownership, communication lines and accountability is clear - you always remain the owner and primary contact for your customers. So what’s game-changing about our approach? First, we work closely together with our partners in marketing and sales to grow your Dynamics business opportunity, with a special focus on your existing customers. Second, with standardized and easy-to-use services, you can be assured of high-quality solution delivery. Finally, our very competitive prices, highly specialized resources and timely delivery all combine to increase the profitability you drive from your existing customer business.


Your Existing Customer Business

1CLICKFACTORY PARTNER SUPPORT AREAS FREE Upgrade Assessment for your customer Dynamics solution The Upgrade Assessment that we provide free of charge enables partners to make smart decisions about upgrading their customers from the current version to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 or AX 2009. The assessment findings help Dynamics partners and their customers to understand the technical and economical consequences of the upgrade as well as to create a detailed plan of the steps the partner must take in order to complete the Dynamics solution upgrade.

Manage your projects more efficiently to cut costs We serve partners with highly productive ERP development services that enable them to implement and deliver Dynamics projects more efficiently, on time and usually at a lower cost.

Gain access to experienced, flexible resources to free up your capacity By engaging with 1ClickFactory, you will get immediate access to experienced resources. 1ClickFactory staff is certified and has a high level of knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics products. This means you can trust our competencies to the same extent you trust your own resources. We would like to be your extended team. Involving yourself with1ClickFactory usually means that your organization will become agile enough to respond to new customer opportunities.

Take advantage of a highly professional upgrade concept

Upgrading is a powerful way to support Dynamics customers in achieving their business goals. Our focused expertise and highly professional concept around upgrades, that we have developed together with partners, enables our partners to deploy upgrades faster and with a level of quality and productivity that secures customer satisfaction. In addition our unique Upgrade Subscription offering enables your customers to convert relatively high upgrade project costs into fixed operational costs that make the upgrades more affordable and predictable.

Provide a strong BREP and Upgrade value proposition to your customers Selling upgrades to enough customers in your base can be challenging. Part of the strategic cooperation with 1ClickFactory is empowering partners with unique sales and marketing tools that provide a compelling and affordable upgrade value proposition to customers and increase the win ratio on your upgrade projects.

Augment experience with the newest technology Our experience mostly lies in upgrading customers to the latest technologies in which we have a deep knowledge. We are pleased to share this knowledge with partners in a full range of trainings that we, as a Microsoft appointed Partner Development Center, provide to partners to help them build a growing business around Microsoft Dynamics products.

Highly professional upgrade concept

Increased win ratio of upgrade projects

Partner to - Partner

We provide end-to-end development services for Microsoft Dynamics partners that are looking for a more efficient, flexible and predictable way to manage their development costs.

Services Core development >

Our CORE Development services are based on proven, global experience. The development is carried out according to Microsoft Dynamics Development Guidelines and standardized methodologies (including SureStep) and includes documentation to ensure high quality and consistency in every step of service delivery. We apply our innovative and proprietary LightTouch development methodology to ensure better solution customization isolation from standard Microsoft Dynamics objects, and provide solutions that can easily be upgraded in the future, bringing considerable financial benefits.

Upgrade > As a Microsoft appointed Upgrade Service Center, we work on mastering the upgrade methodologies and tools that decrease the complexity and increase the efficiency of upgrade projects. The innovative optimized upgrade concept that we have developed allows for a more intelligent approach to evaluating the future costs of maintaining highly customized solutions. In addition, the unique Upgrade Subscription offering enables you and your customers to convert relatively high upgrade project costs into fixed operational costs that make upgrades more affordable for your customers to invest in.

Localization > Our Localization services are based on our access to all Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM versions, including all language versions, and a pool of development and external translation resources to deliver software services globally and in any language.

Partner Development Center Partner Knowledge Transfer:

Technical and user documentation

ISV Services > The Solution Quality Assessment service we provide enables Microsoft partners to get an independent opinion about the quality of their existing add-on solutions or complex core solutions developed for their customers. The RTC Upgrade Workshop enables your development team to transform your Microsoft Dynamics application to the RoleTailored environment and build your in-house RTC competency.

Partner Knowledge Transfer Activities > As a Microsoft appointed Partner Development Centre, we provide a full range of courses to help partners build a profitable and growing business around Microsoft Dynamics products. There you will improve your in-house expertise in business and leadership, sales and presales, project management and technical development areas. Our extensive international experience and a strong technical background enable us to be a valuable business development partner for Microsoft Dynamics partners that are looking for a predictable way to accelerate their Dynamics business.

The Way to

Upgrade By engaging with 1ClickFactory you will leverage a high-level upgrade offering that will provide you with broad opportunities to increase the value and scope of your Dynamics upgrade business.

Streamline your upgrade business by taking advantage of the 1ClickFactory upgrade offering: Upgrade Assessment > Before starting the upgrade process, you will be provided with an Upgrade Assessment, which enables you to understand the technical and economical consequences of the upgrade. It also helps you to create a detailed plan of the steps you must take in order to complete the upgrade and can greatly minimize the amount of work required. The Upgrade Assessment is available for FREE for Dynamics partners who have entered into a partnership agreement with 1ClickFactory.

Standard or Optimized Upgrades > Depending on your solution customization volume and how well customizations have been isolated from standard objects, we suggest the optimal upgrade methodology for your solution. The optimized upgrade concept that we have developed provides a more intelligent approach for evaluating the future costs of maintaining highly customized solutions.

Upgrade Subscription > The unique Upgrade Subscription offering enables you and your customers to convert relatively high upgrade project costs into fixed operational costs that make upgrades more affordable for customers to invest in. It is an option to buy future application upgrades as a yearly subscription fee that ensures a low and predictable cost for keeping your customer’s Dynamics solutions on the latest version of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Upgrade Expertise Increase > In addition to delivering upgrade capacity, we provide Dynamics partners with technical and soft knowledge, plus skills that partners can master in a wide range of our upgrade workshops: • •

Technical Upgrade Workshop will teach you proven methodologies and tools that save time and investment in your upgrade efforts. The RTC Upgrade Workshop enables your development team to transform your Microsoft Dynamics application to the RoleTailored (RTC) environment and build your in-house RTC competency. What’s new in Dynamics training will give you a clear overview of the benefits of newly released versions and will show you how to upgrade your customers efficiently.

Sales and Marketing Support > In case of strategic partnership, 1ClickFactory and a partner work closer together to grow partner Dynamics business especially towards existing customer. We support Dynamics partners with unique sales tools and marketing campaigns designed to help drive customer demand for Microsoft Dynamics upgrades projects. Using 1ClickFactory ROI sales techniques you will increase your sales team win ratio in this difficult market and build a stronger competitive edge.

What do our

Partner Say

“1ClickFactory was able to use the best people, strong leadership, excellent recourses, and to deliver very satisfactory experience for both the partner and the client.“ Kerry Pate, Project Manager, OmniVue “By outsourcing to a company like 1ClickFactory we have moved to a more agile and scalable business. Now we can augment in-house capabilities and meet urgent customers’ needs without making any long-term commitments or large investments,” Anders Larsson, Key account manager, Medius “After being introduced to the Upgrade Sales ROI tool, I feel that I have now ’upgraded‘ my thinking about how to successfully manage the upgrades’ sales process.“ Arne Kaasik, Sales Director and the Member of the Board, Columbus IT Partner Eesti AS “The 1ClickFactory RTC Upgrade workshop was a very productive, rewarding and valuable experience. In just five workshop days, our development team, guided by 1ClickFactory professionals, transformed 98% of our existing add-on forms to RTC pages, considerably increasing our in-house RTC transformation competence.“ Gianluca Scevola, Product manager of the Dynamics for Shoes solution with AIVEBS

“Using 1ClickFactory’s upgrade services, our customer achieved 46% financial savings of the total project’s budget. The upgrade project was delivered on time, within budget, and at the agreed quality; and most importantly, we gained a satisfied customer who received a better solution faster and with a lower total-cost-of-ownership than other comparable solutions.” Henning Lund, Vice-President of PartnerPower International “The benefits of outsourcing the projects to 1ClickFactory have been impressive all around - enough to speed the project’s implementation time. <…> By partnering with 1ClickFactory, we have experienced a very professional approach to upgrades and the partnership itself. Working with 1ClickFactory, our company was introduced to a quality upgrade service and methodology together with strong communication and professional collaboration.” Patricia Lanca Grais Pereira Baptista M Maia, Senior manager, Link Management Solutions “By partnering with 1ClickFactory, we were able to not only shorten the development time for this project in a good way but also bring the product to market much faster than developing it in-house.” Peter Thorstensson, ECL Connect


Our global approach makes us ready for business anywhere in the world!

1ClickFactory Denmark (Headquarters)

1ClickFactory Netherlands

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Address: Christianshusvej 193, DK-2970 Hoersholm Denmark

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Phone number: +358 45 345 3210 Email: Website: Address: Lars Sonckin kaari 14 FI-02600 Espoo Finland


1ClickFactory is a Microsoft Dynamics outsourcing development partner for Microsoft Dynamics Partners around the world, delivering high-qual...

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