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ATL’s Own Hot New Hip-Hop Artist With a Style of his own

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An In Depth Conversation with Apple Bottom’s Founder/CEO


* 20th NAACP Image Theatre Awards An Evening Honoring the Stars on Stage

Read our one on one Interview with LEON, Brian White, Darrin Henson, Obba Babatundie, & Kenny Lattimore. 1CCU Media OCT/NOV ISSUE

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Apple Bottom New Collection Showcase An In Depth Interview with CEO


Nelly held an exclusive showcase for his New apple bottom collection at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC and 1CCU media was there for an in depth interview with the Multi-platinum artist and CEO.

New 2011 Apple Bottom collection

Watch our complete interview Here


20th NAACP Image Theatre Awards

An Evening Honoring the Stars on Stage

On Monday, August 30th 2010, the Stars of Stage, Screen and Theatre came together to honor some of the best in the Theatre Arts. 1CCU Media was there to witness this amazing event and talked with several stars.

LEON – Actor/Musician “Five Heartbeats” and “Women of Brewster’s Place” 1CCU: Are you getting ready for Broadway? LEON: The next project you can find me in is "The Diary of a Single Mom, which is directed by Robert Townsend and I am currently on a Reggae Tour called "For the Love of it Tour" 1CCU: Where can people get tickets? LEON: You can go on Eventful and search for Beres Hammond “For the Love of It” Tour for cities and dates 1CCU: Where can people find more information on you and your upcoming projects? LEON: People can find me on my band's website at

Brian White Actor/Author - "Stomp the Yard" 1CCU: What projects have you been working on lately? BRIAN: I am working on a new movie called "Cabin in the Woods" with Sigourney Weaver 1CCU: Where can we keep track of you? BRIAN: You can find me at Brian White or I Tweet ALL the time at @ActorBrian White? 1CCU: Is that your Official Twitter? BRIAN: Yes, I have a book coming out as well called "Black Carpenter" and documentary and speaking series.


Darrin DeWitt Henson Actor/Choreographer - "Stomp the Yard", "Soul Food TV Series" 1CCU: SO tell us what have you been up to lately? DARRIN: I have quite a few films coming out, I have a film coming out called "Actor" a really deep drama about the effects of 911 and then I have a Horror Film coming out called "After" which is starring Keith David, Myself, Rochell Aytes, Golden Brooks, written and directed by Robert O'Hara who is here tonight and may possibly be receiving an award himself, it was his first feature film and then a martial arts/action film called "Tekken" where I play the part of Raven and there is talk about of me playing the part "Blade" because of the work that I did in "Tekken". 1CCU: Are you doing your own stunts? DARRIN: I did do my own stunts. I am a Martial Artist as well and I did my own fighting in "Tekken". You couldn't be in the movie unless you were a martial artist. 1CCU: For the Horror film, how was that channeling a different character, as it's a different twist for you? DARRIN: Well I play an introverted writer in the film "The Inheritance" and for me I never wanted to do a horror but it was so well written and Effie Brown produced it so I chose to do it. 1CCU: Well that's good; it will be interesting to see you in a different role. Congratulations. DARRIN: Thank you 1CCU: Where can people find you? DARRIN: PM: What about Twitter...Are you "Tweeting"? DARRIN: Twitter is @MrDHen

Obba Babatundie - Actor - "Mr. Bo jangles", Emmy Nominated "Miss Ever's Boys" 1CCU: What an Amazing performance as Sammy Davis Jr. in "Mr. Bo jangles" OBBA: Thank you 1CCU: What are you doing now? OBBA: I am getting ready to do "A Soldier's" play at Malibu Theatre Company that will be running from the10th of September to the 17th of October on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then I have about 3 films that I am working on. 1CCU: Great and congratulations on your NAACP Image Theatre Award win for your role as "Sammy" in the play "Mr. Bo jangles" OBBA: Thank you and continued success. 1CCU: Thank you


Kenny Lattimore: Singer/Songwriter 1CCU: What was your experience like tonight presenting at the 20th NAACP Image Theatre Awards? KENNY: I had a great time presenting. I am inspired by being in a room with such great talent with people that I have admired pretty much all my life and the NAACP tends to bring out this caliber of entertainer, I've always gone to the Image Awards only. I have won an Image of Award and been a part of that ceremony but this is the first time that I have been to the Theatre Awards and this is so important because this really hits the community and is a little different from of some of the other national things. I like the fact that there is a local award as well as the equity award that they give so that we are recognized and we can continue to be inspired and find funding and attention for the product that we put out. I think it’s very important. 1CCU: Well you are indeed a great talent? KENNY: Why thank you. 1CCU: So what do you have coming up next, any projects that you are working on? KENNY: Actually I am getting ready to do a play, it's not a long run its a single night, it’s a play on September 11th it’s called "Heaven Bound" it's going to be at the Wilshire E. Bell in Los Angeles also starring Vanessa Bell Calloway and Dorian Wilson it’s a comedy fun for the whole family. 1CCU: It's going to be great seeing you in a comedy. KENNY: Oh yeah, yeah 1CCU: So where can we find out some more information on the play? KENNY: Probably at the Wilshire E. Bell Box Office or the playwright at Don B Welch Other than that, new music is coming as well as there is a television show is coming because my brand seems to be about Love and Couples because people want information about how to be successful. 1CCU: And we need to see that image. KENNY: I think that I have become a candidate not because my relationship is perfect but because we're in it and I believe and I am an advocate of marriage and "Black Love". *laughing* 1CCU: How is your wife Chante Moore by the way? KENNY: She's good 1CCU: Are there any projects coming from her? KENNY: She wants to do a Gospel CD and its funny because when are not out "together" as much, we did the duet album it was interesting because people began to look at us as an "Act" as opposed to being married. So we spent about a good year and a half after that on not showing up in the same places, it was weird but we wanted to get our individuality in place so that we could continue to grow as artists. 1CCU: Well thank you so much Kenny.


New Music Trey Songz

New Album Preview: Trey Songz "Passion, Pain & Pleasure"

Here We Go Again (Intro) 2. Love Faces 3. Massage 4. Alone 5. Bottoms Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 6. Pain (Interlude) 7. Can't Be Friends 8. Please Return My Call 9. Made To Be Together 10. Pleasure (Interlude) 11. Red Lipstick 12. Unusual (Feat. Drake) 13. Doorbell 14. Passion (Interlude) Play 15. Unfortunate 16. Blind 17. You Just Need Me



Willow Smith

Debut Single

“Whip My Hair” Daughter of Celebrities Will and Jada Smith, Willow has now thrown her “crown” in the ring of entertainment as she drops her first music single titled “Whip My Hair”. The official video for “Whip My Hair” will be shot later this month. Miss Smith is officially signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. According to Will and Jada, they found Roc Nation to be a good home for Willow Smith because of the label’s passion and integrity. According to Jay-Z, Willow Smith is one-of-a-kind, thanks to her display of obvious talent at her age. He says, “We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow,” said Jay-Z. “She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious.” The HOT, Rihanna-like track is a great choice as a single. At first listen you would not believe it’s a 9 year old singing, with a strong sound, confident and sassy lyrics with a swag appeal that even a grown woman can relate to. Look out for great things from this young talent!


New Artist Spotlight “Chosen One”

Hip-Hop Artist - Writer - Producer - Model - Actor Who said that you had to be in the industry for ten years or more in order to get noticed? To shine light on this HOT phenomenon that the world is now being introduced to and will soon be a major fan of, picture this…Summer late 2009, in just five short months Chosen One began his career in a group called 3MG that had produced over 75 tracks, acquires almost 600,000 hits & plays collectively between two major social networking and music promotion sites; hosted a weekly YouTube shown known as BlamTV; had two major smash singles, title “I’m Famous” and “Fantasy” featuring Swazy Baby and had played on over 350 national and international airwaves; had over 5m246 purchased downloads; and have been honored to collaborate with some of today’s hottest artists such as Trey Songz, Yung Joc, Young Dro, Pleasure P, Juney Boomdata, and B.O.B., just to name a few. Not to mention the numerous interviews, state-to-state promotional tours, regional performances, and fan base that grew by the second, and let me not fail to mention he was only 18. Now as a solo artist, Chosen One, born Michael McCoy in Douglasville, GA is back carrying a street cockiness that is firmly backed by his talent. With a distinct freestyle, flow, and delivery that is amazingly magnetic and virtually seducing. With his certified wily-type swag, Chosen One produces, and writes songs with a certain cleverness and appeal. Recognizing his talents as a rapper during school and community freestyle battles, Chosen One knew his life’s purpose was to create songs that everyone would love. Chosen owes much of his musical influences to some of today’s hottest artists such as T.I., Jay Z and Young Jeezy. With those influences, Chosen One still is quick to let you know that his style is very unique. “I (label) my style of rap as “unidentified” simply because it’s no one [else] that sounds like me or my music”, proclaims Chosen One. When writing, producing, and performing, Chosen One gives his audience 150% because he knows and believes that maintaining a high level confidence will resonate through his work and all the world over will soon come to recognize, love and respect him for what he does, how he does it, who he is, and why he works so hard. “I am very confident in myself”, Chosen One states, “because I feel like I am the next Big Thing in America and it’s no way people will respect my work if I don’t have confidence in myself and my music.” Currently releasing his new Mix tape “My Way of Life” Chosen One is showing he can not only stand on his own but can stand strong and offer the industry what they need, originality, versatility, and great music. 8|Page

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1CCU Media's 1st Issue of it's Inside Guide to Entertainment News & Reviews. Check out our interview with Nelly and our coverage at the NAAC...

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