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1BSTB FRG Newsletter The Home Strike Inside This Issue:

Crystal Cavalier Volume 1, Issue 2 October to December

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What has been happening in the Devil Strike Battalion? We have had a lot going on back here at Fort Bragg in the Devil Strike Battalion to keep us busy. First, we finished out September with a Daddy Doll Event. In October we had our 1st Annual Trunk or Treat Event held in the Brigade parking lot. During the event the BSTB hosted a hot dog fundraiser for the Christmas party – both were a huge success. In the month of November we hosted a Deployment

Bingo, and the families and spouses all had a great time and ended up with some great prizes from ACS! Finally, in December we closed the year with a Family of the Year Nominee from the BSTB and our 3rd Annual Holiday Social and Chili Cook-off!

Trunk or Treat Hotdog Fundraiser Deployment Bingo Family of the Year BSTB Holiday Social

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Operation Hug a Hero In September, the Devil Strike Battalion was given 500 Daddy Dolls from Operation Hug a Hero to pass out to our families and kids. So we decided to create an event for families to get together, socialize, and interact with these daddy dolls. We had a very lovely soldier (PFC Wong) be our model for

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Operation Hug a Hero

the paper replica of the Daddy Dolls, and CPT Riccitiello did an excellent job of tracing him! So after that excitement was over we had our junior devil strike troopers write messages of love and hope for their parents downrange. In the process each child got their very own personal Daddy doll, attached a

picture to it and gave them several hugs and kisses. Now these lucky kids have their parents with them!

Devil Strike

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Trunk or Treat Where else can ordinary Fords, Toyotas, and Jeeps turn into Pirate Ships, Monsters, Haunted Mansions, and Ecto 1? At this year’s Brigade Trunk or Treat event! On a beautiful Friday afternoon on the day before Halloween, the Brigade parking lot was transformed by a circle of scary and wacky vehicles from all units across the Brigade. And to top it all off were Ninja Turtles, ghosts, Superman, Spiderman, witches, bumble bees, pirates, and princesses. Families had the chance to bring their children, even the really little ones, and enjoy some Halloween spirit (literally) with other families and the Rear Detachment. Children went trick or treating between all of the vehicles that were decorated for the event, gathering way too much candy than was good for them. Near the end of the event was a costume contest for all ages hosted by the Brigade. Several families in the BSTB helped put together a fundraiser to raise money for our Christmas party, selling hot dogs and drinks to everyone. All in all, the event was a scream for all those that participated.

The BSTB Hotdog Fundraiser during Trunk or Treat This year, to keep things simple, the BSTB FRG Leaders and Advisors decided that a fundraiser was needed for our 3rd Annual Holiday Social. The BSTB held a hotdog fundraiser during the Trunk or Treat event and collected over $250 for the Battalion Holiday Social. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all the volunteers who participated!

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Devil Strike

BSTB Deployment Bingo The evening got off to a great start as a few families took a trip to the Airborne PX for dinner as a group, and then brought it back to the conference room while we waited for ACS to arrive. A few moments later Buddy Henderson of ACS arrived to help us with the Deployment Bingo. As I quote Buddy, “This is not your ordinary Bingo game; here the goal of the game is to get

families to discuss their feelings and bond with other families.” The game started out slow, but the ladies in Alpha Company were soon racking up all the prizes, yelling “Bingo” every five minutes. So that put intense pressure on the families from the other companies to step up their game and participate. After about an hour into the game, everyone in the room

had won a round of Bingo, and almost lost their voices yelling “Bingo!” The event was a great success, as each person that participated got a chance to talk about the various topics under discussion: stress management, deployment worries, children, relationship tips, and more. We think that everyone who came left with a little more knowledge than before!

Rochel at the beginning of the game! .

Brooke with her Grand prize from ACS!

Fort Bragg Family of the Year Nominee This year, 1BSTB decided to nominate The Johnson’s from Bravo Company for the Fort Bragg Family of the Year. All of us were amazed at Mrs. Johnson’s dedication to the Army, the Army Community, and PTA: doing all of this as a spouse of a deployed soldier. Joining the military has brought a whole new meaning to the word family for the Johnsons – in their eyes, their military family extends far beyond the traditional family bond. Separations (that are so frequent in the military) have enabled the Johnsons to understand the value of the Army community. The Johnsons have raised four beautiful children while they

were in the military, all the while stationed many miles away from their immediate relatives. Like many military families, they fully appreciate the many resources and support that is available to them. Over the years, being a proud military family has taught the Johnsons resilience. Having their military community stand with them, beside them, and behind them for support has given them strength, understanding, patience, respect, and a sense of connectedness – and most importantly it has inspired them. Without this community, family readiness

groups, and the entire network of support, deployments (and, yes, even reunions) would have been unbearable. In the words of Monica Johnson, “In order to receive, you have to give back to the community, no matter how small a contribution it may be.” This is just one of the many life lessons that the Johnsons live by, and they are a stunning example to everyone around them.

Family of the Year Nominee with CPT Riccitiello

BSTB Annual Chili Cook Off/Holiday Social

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On December 12, 2009, Burt from HHC taking home the many BSTB families from grand price for the Best Chili in across the battalion came 1BSTB! All through the event, together to celebrate our families were able to socialize 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off with other Devil Strike families and Holiday Social. We had while the children engaged in craft time and games. 7 volunteers provide wonderful crock pots full And what Holiday Social would of chili: ranging from mild be complete without a visit to extremely hot – all of from Santa Clause!? With them fantastic! Family candy canes in hand, Santa member of all ages were provided just the right holiday able to participate in the cheer for all the children (and event, as some enjoyed adults) alike. We finished the preparing chili while night by passing out wrapped others enjoyed the games gifts donated by Operation provided. The BSTB Home Front and wrapped by decided to hold three Mrs. Burt. Thank you all for categories for the chili: your help and support! Best Overall, Hottest and Most Unique, with Mrs.

devil strike family news letter DEC 09  

devil strike family news letter DEC 09

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