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What is Affiliate Marketing? So you're new to Internet Marketing and you're looking for a home based business and you hear the words Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a product for a merchant (the person selling their own product) and an affiliate ( a person willing to promote other people's products). This means when someone purchases the products the affiliate receives a commission. These commissions can be from 10% - 90%. The average seems to be around 50%. It is similar to networking marketing in that you are paid for one level or maybe 2 levels. It is not multi-level marketing. You are not building an affiliate team. However, the sale can produce a lead for your network marketing business. This is accomplished by linking to affiliate products that are related to your network marketing opportunity if you have one (services, information products, books, training etc.) Affiliate marketing has become very popular over the years because of its simplicity and low start up or investment costs. The opportunity to make cash flow quickly without hours spent initially creating your own products. Adding affiliate marketing to your own network marketing creates an empowering model by generating income up front and at the same time developing prospects for your MLM. It has now become so popular especially in this time of financial world crisis that people are setting up in an affiliate marketing businesses as a full time opportunity. How Affiliate Marketing Schemes help Network Marketers. By locating products and promoting products that are applicable to your niche market it can help network marketers gain extra income whilst they build their business. How to attract prospects to your pages? You do it by creating content, reviews, videos and audios. Often times the merchant or merchant company will supply you with the text and the web site ready to go. With affiliate marketing you minimize the risks involved in setting up a new business whilst increasing your profits. By putting all your eggs in one basket you are not in control of the situation if the MLM Company gets shaky, as one did with me. The CEO was actually given a custodial sentence for tax fraud. This did not close the company but had a huge adverse effect on the confidence of the distributors. By adding affiliate marketing to your network marketing business can generate cash flow to reinvest into your primary business. The merchant company is paying commissions into your bank account on a monthly basis and keep your business fluid until your residuals begin to kick in.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing as part of your Business Plan. Where and How?. There are a number of companies who have thousands of products for sale and you gain up to Affiliate Marketing is: 1. Pay for Performance by producing sales for the merchant. Regular monthly payments made direct to your bank account or Pay Pal account. 2. A legitimate business and in some cases big business. 3. A long established business model. Amazon was one of the first in 1996. 4. Internet based. All tracking and processing is done through the Internet. 5. Open to anyone. No special qualifications and you don't need to be an internet genius. What it is not.0 1. Creating or selling your own product. 2. Becoming a spammer. 3. About earning $20,000 over night. Pardon my rants a little here, but in case you hadn't noticed walking into the work from home/ make money on line can be like walking into shark infested waters. Here's the real scoop: There are no magic overnight success formulas. Sure there are people doing very well out of affiliate marketing but they have been working hard for some time and planning their campaigns like any other normal business. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. The profit potential of the net is growing at an amazing rate and the list of people becoming involved in cyber- commerce is getting bigger every day. If you are looking for an low start up opportunity to begin working from home this is an opportunity worth investigating. So I invite your to join a great Home Based Business Opportunity to secure your financial future. Why wait until 2009?

This article has been written by Judith Atkinson. Judith spent many years in education and teaching arena and she has a passion for helping people to find their niche and develop both themselves and their businesses. Judith likes to break things down into bite size pieces of information that non-techies can understand. She has also had an active career in opening, organizing and operating her own businesses and

working them both from outside and inside the home environment. Always looking for a new challenge and direction, this s has led to Attraction Marketing and Mindset via the Internet. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who grasps the big picture and really is prepared to go for it. Judith sees her role in pointing people in the right direction to short circuit some of the pitfalls that she has overcome. She coaches, mentors and is a solutions provider to Newbies and BabyBoomers on how to develop their Work from Home, on- line businesses. Your success is her success. How can she help you? Find our more about her an go get your free reports: [] Skype: Judith070842 Mobile:626 051 693

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How do I find an Affiliate Program?  
How do I find an Affiliate Program?  

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