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There is no doubt, the fastest and easiest way of making money online is via affiliate marketing. An affiliate can make anywhere from 5% up to 80% (of the product cost) per successful sale. Affiliate marketing could be defined as an internet-based pay-for-performance system in which an "affiliate" partner web site is compensated for driving qualified leads or sales to a "merchant" web site. How Affiliate Marketing Works? Firstly you need to set up a clickbank account (the one-stop shop for any affiliate) at Next you need to browse the marketplace for a product that you wish to promote, and ideally have some knowledge or experience with. Once you have selected your desired product/s you are given a 'hop link' which is essentially a unique link which will connect your customers to the merchant's sales page, and therein credit your clickbank account with the appropriate commission. Finally you set up a product review page on your website promoting and reviewing the products. Why Use Affiliate Marketing? Two words: Fast, Easy. If you select the products that sell well (there are various statistics provided for you on clickbank) you are half way there. All you are providing via your website is a 'portal' to direct customers to a very well designed sales page. You do not need to put in loads of work- sure its going to help if your website looks professional and you provide honest and enticing information on the products, but product selection is far more important. Well established products will also provide you with an array of tools: images, catch phrases, testimonials etc which you can simply paste into your site. Mistakes to avoid in Affiliate Marketing! 1) Choosing the wrong affiliate Having said it is important to take in the statistical data provided by clickbank, one should not solely base their decision of choosing an affiliate on its popularity and percentage commission. If you do not have an interest in the product there is no point. If you exude a certain amount of enthusiasm and belief in your product, this will be brought out on your site and more likely attract buying customers. 2) Not purchasing the affiliate product I can hear many of you groaning now at the sight of this, but honestly how are you going to be able to promote what you are selling without knowing what it can do. This is the most common pitfall, and customers will be more likely to buy if you can provide an honest, personal testimonial. 3) Rushing in and promoting too many products When one starts in affiliate marketing, there is definitely a sense of urgency to promote as many products as possible simultaneously. This is not the best approach however. It has been proven statistically that if you concentrate on just a few products to start with, learn which product sells

best and focus your attentions on that, you will be more likely to build up momentum with your earnings. There is no rush- you need to develop the correct techniques before applying them across the board.

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How Can You Cash in on Affiliate Networks?  
How Can You Cash in on Affiliate Networks?  

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