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Angel On My Shoulder Cancer Support Foundation—2012 Newsletter Angel on My Shoulder ™

Calling All Angels … Founder/Executive Director Lolly Rose Spotlighting our Camps for young people experiencing cancer through loved ones! Angel On My Shoulder opens its arms with compassion and kindness to these remarkable campers who join us for Camp Angel, Camp Teen Angel, and Angel Adventures. We celebrate and support them through various unique camp offerings for each of these special age groups.

campers, but I have become acquainted and stay in contact with many of their counselors, other volunteer staff and, families as well. I deeply treasure these Angel connections and the hope, joy and encouragement they bring to my life. The entire camp staff is volunteer (our Angel Team is unequivocally the “best of the best”) including our counselors who are outstanding role models for these young people. Their enthusiastic spirit and dedication to ensure a safe environment of caring and support speaks volumes about their character. Their camp counseling responsibilities are much more than supervising and participating in camp activities. They are always with them and are there for them to share any feelings and anxieties they may be experiencing.

Camp Angel accommodates ages 8 -12, Camp Teen focuses on ages 13 -15 and Angel Adventures is designed for the older teens– ages 16 -18. We cherish and enjoy having each and every one of these young people join us for experience. their respective camps. Supporting the postcancer healing Program Description (no longer than 7 words) Some are former campers who return as counselors when they The history of these phenomenal support camps is found in the are old enough to “give back” in this positive and meaningful way. Camp section of this newsletter. Through this message, I would They are keenly aware of the cancer journey and the enormous like to give you my own up close and personal perspective. challenges it can bring. A PROGRAM I’ve been truly blessed OF to be part of each and every camp Kudos to Angel On My Shoulder board members, Donna Stone, session since their my Co-Director of Camp Angel and Kathy Mathie, Camp Director inception. Each one of Camp Teen and Angel Adventures. We simply could not do it has touched my without them. They help make our Angel on My Shoulder heart in warm and camps everything they are meant to profound ways. It is be and more. beyond rewarding to Angel On My Shoulder is blessed to be witness these young able to provide our campers the people come rushing opportunity to meet others up with bright smiles Donna Stone Kathy Mathie experiencing cancer through loved even though you ones in a well-supervised atmosphere of love and understanding know that they are and lift them up in a positive way. That is what our Camps are all going through some about. extremely difficult times. Not only have Take Care and God Bless, Lolly with Camp Angel campers…(Check out those smiles)! I had the pleasure of Lolly Rose, Founder of Angel on My shoulder Bowen, Camaile, Lilly (bottom left to right) Tyler, Chemeng, getting to know the Arynn, Meghan and Rashel (top left to right)

Healing Angels

Program Title

(See page 19 for quotes about our camps)

What’s Inside

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Our New Look & Commitment p.2 –Lolly Rose

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Our New Look & Commitment -Lolly Rose Dear Angel Friends, Since the very beginning of Angel On My Shoulder many wonderful volunteers have worked so hard not only helping the families and friends of those facing cancer, but also spreading the word about the work we do. I am very proud to say that Angel continues to grow and we’ve reached a new stage that is challenging our leadership team to more clearly define our mission, scope, and services in a way that more effectively communicates not only who we are, but also what we do—and for whom. Much of this work will take place behind the scenes. But one notable change is happening right here in this newsletter, and will be rolling out across all of our communications efforts over the coming months: our newly revitalized logo (shown to the left).


As you can see, it clearly retains key elements from the original logo: the Angel wings of hope, the golden halo of spiritual support, and a rich purple symbolizing nobility and service. But the logo has been reimagined to include a key idea discovered during our recent effort. One of those surveyed during the process put it very simply—but powerfully: Angel On My Shoulder is about the people surrounding the patient. I couldn’t agree more. As a fiscally responsible charitable organization, we will be slowly rolling this new logo (and all it represents) into our communications as we seek to replace needed materials. I hope you love it as much as WE do, and invite you to let its revitalized energy inspire you as you help us help so many. Thank you for everything you do. You truly are Angels. – Lolly Rose

In addition to our new look, we’ve also developed a new video to help us tell our story. To view it, simply snap the QR tag above.

I do camps year after year because of the kids/young adults. They are faced with challenges and obstacles that often force them to grow up quicker than they should. These camps release them from their burdens temporarily and allow them to act their age. They create an environment where the kids laughter is sincere and their smiles are contagious. The tears are shared and the hugs are warm. These camps makes a difficult situation tolerable. – Brady Hauser

Real Benefit Benefit Seventeen Candles… Angel turns seventeen on February 21, 2012!! The Real Benefit Benefit is celebrated annually on Angel’s birthday!! A unique opportunity to make a positive difference to those living with or affected by cancer while enjoying a quiet evening at home, not listening to entertainment that won’t be entertaining nor speeches that won’t be given!!

take the jet out to fly to another gala event, wear a black tie or high heels to be bored with stiff-upper lip chit chat. It will greatly benefit those in the cancer-affected community.

Carol passed away in July. The last time we went on a trip to Egg Harbor it was made possible through her Angel Wings request to do so granted by AOMS. We appreciated your help. Thanks, Donald H

Side responses received with contributions from “non-attendees”…

PLEASE DON’T ATTEND… reflect on the life of someone who has gone before us, visit a friend or a family member living with cancer, or give a lending hand to a caregiver.

These invitations were the BEST!!

Dear Lolly, I just finished reading your newsletter and was again so impressed with all you do for cancer patients and their families. Your organization does more and more each year. It was also nice to read in the 2011 newsletter of the late John Tollack’s most generous bequest to AOMS (John was a fellow member of Lolly & Nancy’s high school graduating class). Keep up the good work. Nancy H

A donation to Angel On My Shoulder and its programs would be greatly appreciated since you won’t have to sponsor a table,

Last spring, I was so blessed to attend the Healing Angels retreat for survivors. I have recently been blessed with the news that there is no sign of cancer. This past winter there was reason for concern. Now I know that Angels are on my shoulder.” Thank You, Mary H

2 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. –James M. Barre.

Guardian Angel and Angel Halo Recognition In its mission to improve the quality of life A Guardian Angel Story of those living with or affected by cancer, “As my mother-in-law, Linda is more like a Angel On My Shoulder proudly honors and recognizes above and beyond members of mother to me. She was here to take care of me and my kids when I was diagnosed. the care giving community. These genuine At any given time-she simply made herself angels on earth who unselfishly give of available. She sat with me in the ICU themselves, provide (or have provided) and never complained. Now during my unwavering support, comfort and care reoccurrence of cancer she is here again from many dimensions to those living with me. Her heart is real and she carries with cancer. a spirit of “can do” and encouragement. A Guardian Angel may be a spouse, Linda comes to treatments, picks up my sibling, child, family member, nurse, doctor, medications, helps with laundry, shops hospice worker, health care professional for groceries, takes the kids to events–all or a longtime friend. Time is no factor. unselfishly and giving. This all means so A Guardian Angel may have helped much to me.” Thank you – Pepper someone during their cancer journey, perhaps for years, or is just now joining the elite ranks of care givers to make that battle less painful. Guardian Angels receive a “just for you” gift package and a well-deserved certificate of commendation in recognition of their tireless and remarkable efforts.

Angel Halo Recognition… A Special Wing of Guardian Angel Webster describes “halo” as “The aura of glory surrounding a person or thing.” Angel On My Shoulder created its Halo Recognition to honor those that climb that ladder of support a step higher. At one time or another all of us fit that description whether it is out of concern for a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor. A very special acknowledgment goes to these extraordinary Angels of caring.

A Halo Thank You…

“Dear Lolly and All of You at Angel On My Shoulder, I received my Halo Recognition today and was overwhelmed and humbled. We all have gifts that God gave us and mine is working with women undergoing treatment for cancer. I want them to feel in control and pretty again. It’s a pleasure to turn something that’s so devastating into a memorable experience. Supplying wigs and head coverings is, only a part of it… I like to hear each ones’ story and let them know that they are our ‘Heroes’!! Hugs and Thanks.” –Jenny Angel On My Shoulder gratefully salutes our phenomenal angel messengers who prepare and deliver these meaningful gifts of gratitude and appreciation for and to our recipients. Please contact us through the information listed at the end of this newsletter if you know of someone who cares without limits and gives without reservation, someone whose turn it is to be lifted up.

Your Angel Wings are made of Love

Angel Recognition It is a great honor and extreme privilege for Angel On My Shoulder to recognize the following Guardian Angels and Halo Recognition Recipients who have been brought to our attention in 2011. Guardian Angel Recipients: Linda Gort Donna Pankow Betsy Wiltzius Traci Zivkovich Angel Halo Recognition Recipients: Jenny Burns Nancy Hubbard Ginger Rohde

“I made an angel visit to Linda Gort and presented her with a beautiful Guardian Angel basket. The daughters of her former daughterin-law, Pepper, who had nominated her for this recognition were there. They were leaving the next day for Camp Angel so I showed them the pictures from last year’s camp in the AOMS newsletter. The girls also help their mother, Pepper, who is battling cancer and difficult effects of chemo. Guardian Angel, Linda Gort, is a wonderful woman who gives her all to help this family. She was truly deserving of this recognition. It was an unforgettable visit for me”. –Pat Barnhouse

Value the gifts of caregiving. It’s an opportunity to grow in tolerance, patience, compassion and understanding of the limitless power of love.

I am a breast cancer survivor for 27 years. I had a mastectomy in 1984 and spent all of 1985 on chemo. Having walked the cancer journey, I know the value and importance of having support from every source possible. Whether it is someone undergoing treatment or a caregiver – they need to feel the warmth, love and support from people who really care for them. It gives ME such personal satisfaction and joy to bring them an Angel basket. The gifts delivered to the Oncology and Radiology units are so very important. It puts a smile on face of patients during very trying times. Lots of hugs and tears have been shed on my angel visits and I feel so very, very privileged to be a part of this wonderful endeavor. –Pat Barnhouse

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. –Abraham Lincoln

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 3 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Uplifting Angels Angel On My Shoulder implemented Uplifting Angels in 1995 as its very first program. Angel packages are thoughtfully and caringly planned, prepared and coordinated by our Uplifting Angels Director Extraordinaire, Mary Long. Along with dedicated Angel volunteer, Scott Defebaugh, these gifts designed to carry messages of hope, healing and support are delivered to over 84 hospitals and oncology clinics throughout the state of Wisconsin twice a year. Approximately 5,900 cancer patients (young and old alike) receive these now very familiar “little purple bags” created to lift their spirits and brighten their day. We gratefully applaud all of the outstanding Uplifting Angels volunteers who help with our Angel deliveries. Angel On My Shoulder board members Karen Siegmeier and Nancy Schuller enjoy a cup of Angel Coffee with Dan Biehoff at Eagle River Roasters.

Angel On My Shoulder coffees and teas Help support Angel On My Shoulder and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea. Eagle River Roasters has generously provided a line of special Angel Coffees and Teas, with profits going to us. What a warm and tasty way to support our work. They also make great Holiday and Hostess Gifts!! There is a link to Eagle River Roasters website from the Angel website or go to

An Uplifting note from a recipient of our “little purple bag” visits… Dear Angels, Last week, as I was leaving my treatment (radiation) for breast cancer, a nurse gave me a purple bag with an Angel On My Shoulder pin and a very cute troll doll from your foundation. Thank you for cheering up my day. The troll doll sits on my desk at work and my assistant named her “Grace.” We change her hair style every day and it makes us laugh. Grace brings a smile to our face. I wear the Angel pin with pride and am so very grateful to all of you for sharing God’s love. Always Hope, Susan (Aurora Hospital– only 19 more treatments to go)!! :O) H

Shelby shows off adorable hand puppets that were included in some of the “little purple bags” given out to children with cancer.

Just a note to thank you for the gift bag. A very nice thought to know we aren’t alone with cancer. I will visit your website for encouragement. H Thank you for the Fall gifts. They are being well-received… lots of Happy Faces!! – Regional Cancer Center, Waukesha Memorial Hospital H

Being an Angel volunteer means bringing smiles to people who need cheer! Having lost my mother and stepfather both to cancer, I know how much joy a caring touch, word, or gift can bring to someone’s day. Giving a little means alot to so many. –Amy Wiskirchen

Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making

Dear Mary, I wanted to let you know what a big hit the journal/pen sets were with our patients – excellent choice on your part. Thank you again for thinking of us. Please give our warm regards to Lolly. I will keep you in my prayers.

the best of it, without

Connie Worzalam RN, BSN, OCN

knowing what’s going to

Cancer Care Coordinator St. Vincent Hospital Regional Cancer Center

happen next. Delicious ambiguity. - Gilda Radner

4 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. –Robert Brault

Uplifting Angels visits were made to the following Oncology Treatment Centers in 2011 Ashland Cancer Clinic, Ashland Aspirus, Rhinelander Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Wausau Aurora Medical – Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic, Kenosha Aurora/St. Luke’s Medical – GYN Oncology Services, Milwaukee Aurora Women’s Pavilion, West Allis Cancer Team at Bellin Health, Green Bay Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – Constance Walker Oncology Center, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – North Point Clinic, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – Oncology Inpatient, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – Ozaukee Medical Oncology, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – Ozaukee Inpatient, Milwaukee Columbia/St. Mary’s – Ozaukee Radiation Clinic, Milwaukee Community Memorial Cancer Care, Menomonee Falls Elmbrook Hospital, Brookfield Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology, Appleton Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology, Oshkosh Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology – St. Elizabeth Hospital, Appleton Franciscan Skemp Health Care, LaCrosse Froedert Memorial Hospital – Hemotology, Milwaukee Froedert Memorial Hospital – Inpatient, Milwaukee Froedert Memorial Hospital – Radiation, Milwaukee Green Bay Oncology – Door County, Sturgeon Bay Green Bay Oncology – Oconto Falls, Oconto Falls Green Bay Oncology – St. Mary’s Hospital, Green Bay Green Bay Oncology – St. Vincent’s Hospital, Green Bay Gunderson Lutheran Medical Center, LaCrosse Holy Family Memorial Cancer Care, Manitowoc Langlade Hospital Cancer Center, Antigo Marshfield Clinic Cancer Care, Marshfield Marshfield Clinic Cancer Care, Stevens Point Marshfield Clinic Cancer Care, Weston Center Martha Siekman Cancer Center, Appleton Medical Consultants, Milwaukee Meriter Hospital, Madison Michael D. Wachtel Cancer Center, Oshkosh Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc Oncology Alliance – Burlington Clinic, Burlington Oncology Alliance – Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee Oncology Alliance – East Clinic, Glendale Oncology Alliance – Franklin Clinic, Franklin Oncology Alliance – Kenosha Clinic, Kenosha Oncology Alliance – Mequon Clinic, Mequon Oncology Alliance - North Clinic – Medical Oncology, Milwaukee

Oncology Alliance - North Clinic – Radiation Oncology, Milwaukee Oncology Alliance – Racine Clinic, Racine Oncology Alliance – Rawson Clinic, Franklin Oncology Alliance – St. Luke’s Clinic, Milwaukee Oncology Alliance, Waukesha Reiman Cancer Care Clinic, Franklin Riverview Hospital, Wisconsin Rapids St. Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac St. Catherine’s, Pleasant Prairie St. Claire Hospital, Baraboo St. Elizabeth’s, Appleton St. Francis Hospital, Milwaukee St. Joseph’s Community Hospital, West Bend St. Joseph’s Hospital – Oncology, Marshfield St. Joseph’s Hospital – Pediatric Unit, Marshfield St. Joseph’s Hospital – Radiation, Marshfield St. Joseph’s Hospital – Sherman Cancer Clinic, Milwaukee St. Luke’s Medical Center – Inpatient, Milwaukee St. Luke’s Medical Center – Radiation, Milwaukee St. Luke’s Medical Center - Vince Lombardi Clinic, Milwaukee St. Luke’s South Shore – Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic, Milwaukee St. Mary’s Hospital, Rhinelander St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay St. Vincent Hospital – Door County, Sturgeon Bay St. Vincent Hospital – Pediatric Unit, Green Bay Sinai Samaritan Medical Center, Milwaukee Sinai Samaritan Medical Center – Vince Lombardi Clinic, Milwaukee Turville Bay Radiation Oncology, Madison UW Cancer Center, Johnson Creek UW-Children’s Hospital, Madison UW Medical Foundation, Madison UW Paul P. Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center, Madison VA Veterans Hospital – Milwaukee Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic – Aurora Bay Care, Green Bay Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic, Two Rivers Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Waukesha West Allis Memorial Hospital, Milwaukee Wheaton Franciscan Cancer Care, Franklin Wheaton Franciscan All Saints Cancer Care, Racine

Angel Perspective By Hailey Rose Created for school and for “Gramma Lolly” with love!

Angels, Angels, Angels, Glittering angels, Sparkling angels, Gold, white, yellow angels, Mini, small, tiny angels, These are just a few, Magic angels, Flying angels, Pretty, beautiful, gorgeous angels, Cuddling, soft, cute angels, Friendly angels too, Quiet angels, Lovable angels, Don’t forget kind angels, Last of all, best of all, I love special angels. – by Hailey

Little Angel Viewpoints I only know the names of two angels. Hark and Harold. – Gregory, age 5 Angels work for God and watch over kids when God has to go do something else. – Mitchell, age 7 My angel is my grandma who died last year. She got a big head start

Long-time AOMS volunteers, Joerg and Terri Kramer of West Bend, organize our “little purple bags” for Angel messengers to deliver to area hospitals and clinics.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. –Thomas Edison

on helping me while she was still here on earth. –Katelynn, age 9

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 5 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Angel Scholarship Program Scholarship Program Helps Students Turn Dreams Into Reality When cancer strikes, it affects the patient’s family as much as it does the patient - just in different ways. Angel On My Shoulder was created to provide help in many ways to families affected by cancer, including camps for children, hospital visits, and support for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Board member Karen Siegmeier had the honor of presenting an Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship to Taylor Ridderbusch, Northland Pines High School in June 2011.

Dear Ms. Rose: Words cannot express how grateful I am to receive the Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship. After my father passed away at the end of last year, I was not even sure that I would be able to afford to go to UW-LaCrosse. Receiving this scholarship will not only help me to achieve my future goals, but has also lifted some of the financial burden and stress off of my chest so that I may enjoy my university experience. Sincerely, Ashley Barnett

In 2008, the Angel On My Should Board of Directors established the Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship Program. The program initially awarded five $1,000 scholarships to students whose families were impacted by cancer. Since the program’s creation, its popularity has grown, and so has the number of scholarships awarded annually. About 400 applications are received each year for the 24 scholarships that are available. To date, 74 students have received a total of $80,000 in scholarships. The Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship Program provides opportunities for students who may not otherwise have access to a college education. Often, the financial hardship that comes with cancer can prevent a student from realizing his or her dreams - but the Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship Program helps give these students new hope. The appreciation expressed by scholarship recipients and their families is incredibly rewarding, and fuels our belief that the scholarship program will prove to be a most enduring effort. We are pleased to announce the 2011 Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship Winners…

A very special THANK YOU to our Angel Scholarship Program Committee: AOMS Board Members Nancy Schuller, Karen Siegmeier and Lois Rogacki and congratulations to these exceptional young people. We know that in the future they will make important contributions to society as a whole.

Dear Angel On My Shoulder: I thank you deeply for awarding me this scholarship. It truly helps me to take my first step at going to college and ultimately achieving my goals. I will continue to work hard and take full advantage of my education. I know my dad would be proud of me and will be watching me as I go to school in the fall. Thank you for helping make it possible. Sincerely, Jess Colton Dear Angel On My Shoulder: I would like to thank you for choosing me as a 2011 Angel On My Shoulder Scholarship recipient. I truly appreciate your very generous gift and guarantee that it will be put to good use as I continue my education in nursing. Thank you again for all that you’ve done for myself and other students. Sincerely, Kelly L. Bender

$1,500.00 Scholarships Ashley Barnett, Blair-Taylor High School Lindsey Herzog, Lakeland Union High School Calandra Houston, Rufus King High School Jacob Maes, Glenwood City High School

$1,000.00 Scholarships Stephanie Baeten, Wrightstown High School Taylor Bailey, Wisconsin Heights High School Kelly Bender, Marshfield Senior High School Hayley Binkowski, Plum City High School

Rebecca Conoley, Sturgeon Bay High School

Trevor Fink, Alma Area Schools Brianna Johnson, Evansville High School Amanda Krautkramer, Marathon High School

Katherine Lasee, West De Pere High School Kyleigh Lesjak, Union Grove High School Troy Othrow, Menasha High School Jenna Pudder, Lincoln High School WI Rapids Taylor Ridderbusch, Northland Pines High School, Eagle River

Debra Borck, Beaver Dam High School

Adam Thill, Peshtigo High School

Trevor Bushinger, Somerset High School

Breeanna Watral, Webster High School

Jess Colton, North High School Sheboygan

Heather Wegner, Parker High School

In 2012, we will again offer scholarships. Log on to for information and applications forms. Deadline is March 1, 2012.

6 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. –Anthony J. D’Angelo

Love, Hugs and Prayers Disc Golf Tournament The 5th annual Love, Hugs and Prayers Disc Golf Tournament was held August 6 and 7, 2011 at the Sugar Camp Disc Golf Course. This tournament was started five years ago after our daughter Jadelynn passed away from a rare brain cancer when she was just 3.5 years old. Angel On My Shoulder followed us through her seven-month battle with her cancer and was always there for support. We are so blessed to be able to have the continued support from friends and family to have such a successful event again this year. We

Lolly accepting the proceeds check from Eric, Masen and Trish Schoeneck.

had 11 two-man teams that competed for cash and six family division teams that competed for prizes. The weather was beautiful both days for flinging discs. Again we had tables full of raffle prizes inside the Sugar Camp Town Hall. These raffle prizes were mostly donated from businesses throughout the area and central Wisconsin. Prizes included a 32” flat screen TV and stays at Mole Lake Casino and the Wild Eagle Lodge in Eagle River. We were so blessed to also have the Canadian Fishing Trip raffle again. This was a week stay at the Raven Lake Lodge in Ignace, Ontario, Canada. For the second year Gayle and Dave Kadlec graciously donated this trip. We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for donating such a valuable prize. The winner of the trip this year was Marcus Gamoke from Plymouth, WI. We also had a custom made disc golf basket donated by Berkelmann Metalworks of Eagle River. This basket was a hole-in-one prize. The basket was not claimed because no hole-in-ones were made so the basket was raffled off to a lucky player in the tourney.

Our total money raised this year was $6680.00. All of the proceeds went directly to AOMS and will be used for kids camps and items for hospital visits. Total money raised over the past five years is just over $38,000. We would like to thank everyone involved in the success of this tournament. We especially want to thank WRJO oldies for their continued support and promoting our event and Amy Linnett for having a live broadcast at our event. Love, Hugs and Prayers, Eric, Tricia, Masen and Baby? And always our Angel Jadelynn Pearl

The AOMS Disc Golf Team… “The Scharf Family”

“We began as volunteers with Angel On My Shoulder to honor the memory of our granddaughter, Jadelynn, and to give thanks for all the love we received from our Angel family. Volunteering with Angel On My Shoulder is one of those awesome experiences where you say, yes, we are helping people going through difficult times and then you realize that you come away a much richer, stronger and better person because you are the one that has been helped as well.” –Otto & Mary Schoeneck

Harnessed for Hope The International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA) held in June 2011 was hosted by the Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club. During the event, the Juniors

Accepting the donation are Camp Teen campers Devin and Miranda with Michaela Marquardt, Kim Schoenrock and Camp Teen Director Kathy Mathie.

participated in “Harnessed for Hope”, a project to benefit a charity. The young mushers chose Angel On My Shoulder to be the recipient because of our camps for kids affected by cancer. The Juniors decorated styrofoam sled dog cutouts. When the sled dogs were complete, they were displayed as a team. A can was placed by each dog and the folks attending the convention voted on their favorite by dropping change in the can. All the dogs got votes and the contest was very close. Michaela Marquardt’s dog received the most donations. Michaela and Kim Schoenrock, of the Wisconsin Trailblazers, drove to our July Camp Teen Angel in Boulder Junction to present us with a check and also the winning sled dog. Our thanks to Kim and Michaela and the generous convention goers.

You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair. –Chinese Proverbs

Lions are Angels Too

The Lions Club of St. Germain, Wisconsin provided a generous donation of $500.00 to Angel On My Shoulder to support those living with or affected by cancer. Receiving the check from Lions Club President Dave Tikalsky, left, were Lolly Rose, Pastor Bill Trosien and Tom Schuller of Angel On My Shoulder.

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 7 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Donating Stock Sometimes, when we look at all we have, we look for ways to pay it forward. We can help ourselves in several ways by donating appreciated stocks or funds to our favorite charities and help avoid paying capital gains taxes as long as we have held the investment for more than a year. We can also receive a tax deduction for the value of the investment donated (see your tax advisor) to the charity. Angel On My Shoulder received generous stock donations from a couple in Milwaukee. Their gifts of stock motivated us to establish an account to accept securities from donors who wish to take advantage of the tax benefits and support our mission. To donate stock, instruct your broker to transfer your stock or other eligible investment (some investments may not be eligible) to Angel On My Shoulder through our broker, Raymond James Financial Services. DTC Clearing #0725. FBO: Angel On My Shoulder; Account #22141120. If you need additional information please contact Jeffrey Boehm, RJFS, Financial Advisor, at River Valley Investment Services, an independent firm. Phone 715 - 358 -3434 or email, Donating stock to charity is a smart approach to philanthropy. Stock gifts have several advantages over cash. When you give stock that has grown in value since you bought it, no capital gains tax is paid. This allows you to give more to the charity at less cost to yourself. Plus, you can take a tax deduction for the larger amount of the donation. Securities are offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, and are: • Not deposits • Not insured by FDIC or any other governmental agency • Not guaranteed by the financial institution • Subject to risk, may lose value. Investor advisory services offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc.

How to Be an Angel We are frequently asked for ways to help us help those living with or affected by cancer. Angel On My Shoulder operates solely on a volunteer basis. To request a volunteer application form we invite you to write, e-mail, call us toll free or obtain one by visiting our website. Angel’s contact infor­mation is listed at the end of this newsletter. Whether it is “hands on”, financially, and especially prayers for those in need, your support is greatly appreciated. We can always use an extra pair of “wings” and it is a wonderful way to give from the heart.

We have compiled the following list of suggested ways of how you too can be an angel: Angel Care/Healing Angels

Uplifting Angels

Retreats and support for caregivers and survivors. Create awareness of these wonderful support retreats.

Visits made to hospitals/oncology units throughout the state to those affected by cancer to offer support and encouragement.

Angel Wings Special requests for support by those living with cancer. Create awareness by informing others of this very special program. Contribute Items for “thinking of you” baskets. See wish list.

Camp Angel/Camp Teen Angel/ Angel Adventures Camp Angel (ages 8 -12) Camp Teen Angel (ages 13-15) Angel Adventures (ages 16 -18) One-of-a-kind camps designed to address the needs of young people affected by cancer through loved ones (parent, sibling or grandparent) or who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one through cancer. • Counselors (age 18 or over) • Volunteers/varied duties (set-up, assist campers, bus chaperones, etc.) • Activities assist campers; provide activity (i.e. snowmobile rides, dog sleds, sleigh rides, fishing-summer & winter, water craft, boat rides-pontoon & speed boat) • Entertainment/demonstrations (all types considered, i.e.: music, educational)

Guardian Angel A program which honors and recognizes exemplary cancer caregivers for their tireless efforts. • Deliver and present gift baskets to recipients on behalf of AOMS • Provide items for gift baskets (i.e. gift certificates, lotions) • Offer services: (i.e. manicures, hair styling, massage)

8 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

• Transport gifts to hospitals

Fundraisers including but not limited to: • Angel Golf Spectacular, St. Germain • Polar Plunge, St. Germain • Cruzin’ for a Cause • Love, Hugs & Prayers Frisbee Golf Tournament • Cathy’s Ice Cream Social, June, St. Germain

A Gift of Remembrance A gift of remembrance to Angel On My Shoulder in recognition of a loved one is a heartwarming and won­derful way to help make a difference to those living with or affected by cancer. This loving gesture of giving back in their honor or memory is truly a beautiful tribute to their life. Their names will be listed in our annual newsletter and on our website. You will receive a very heartfelt card of appreciation. We can provide acknowledge­ments of your kind and generous gift to family members of loved ones who are honored or remembered.

Return to Sender Angel On My Shoulder must pay for return postage on all forwarded or non-for­wardable mail. Notify us of any change in address or if you wish to be removed from our mailing list.

We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee. –Marian Wright Edelman

Corporate Giving Programs/ Dress Down Days Angel On My Shoulder grate­fully acknowledges the many corpor­ations that support employees who are involved in charities. Corpor­ate giving programs, contributions from designated Dress Down Days, and special donations to support our programs are warmly received and greatly appreciated. Please let us know if your company has a matching gifts program, or a charitable foun­dation. Grant/giving guide­lines available through your place of business can be forwarded to us using the contact information listed at the end of this newsletter.

Visit Our Website:

Angel Presentations We are pleased to give presenta­tions to schools, busi­nesses, organ­izations and service clubs to provide information and answer questions which will give you a clearer picture of our foundation, its services and programs. We can also offer you suggestions on how you can help us, help others. Our angel presenters look forward to receiving invitations that allow us to create awareness of the programs and services of Angel On My Shoulder.

Charitable Project Stamp drives through groups, schools, or organizations are won­der­­ful ways to help Angel On My Shoulder reach out to those living with or affected by cancer. Individual stamps or rolls of stamps are always needed and gratefully accepted. A breast cancer stamp drive can make your project even more meaningful.

We are always looking for items to fill our gift baskets and supplies for our programs. Some of the items that would be useful and appreciated include:

3 Gas Cards 3 Gift Cards starting at $10 3 Postage Stamps 3 Static Stickers 3 Neon Necklaces / Bracelets 3 Hand & Foot Warmers 3 B everage Coasters We request that all items be new.

GoodSearch Supporting Angel On My Shoulder

Sponsor a Camper

Sponsoring a camp experi­ence for a child or teen affected by cancer through a loved one (parent, sibling or grandparent) is a wonderful gesture of love and caring. Camp Angel (ages 8-12) Camp Teen Angel (ages 13-15) and Angel

Angel Wish List

Adventures (16 -18) provide young people the opportunity to be with others like them­selves in an atmosphere of love and support knowing that their pain is understood. These camps are costly even though they are cost-free to the campers. Our goal is to give as many kids as possible a chance to be part of these fun-filled and inspiring weekend retreats designed to meet their unique challenges. If you are able to sponsor a camper, we (and the young people it benefits) would greatly appreciate your support. The approximate costs per camper are: Camp Angel $350; Camp Teen $550; Angel Adventures $650. Whatever amount (big or small) will truly “make a positive difference!”

Sealed In Hope. For the Breast Cancer Awareness semipostal, the U.S. Postal Service used the artwork of illustrator, designer and educator Whitney Sherman. The price of the self-adhesive, non-denominated semipostal stamp is 55 cents. As a semipostal, it is valid for postage at the First-Class first-ounce letter rate in effect at the time of purchase. As of September 2010, sales of Breast Cancer Research stamps have raised $73.5 million for research since July 1998.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. –Vincent “Vince” Lombardi

What if Angel On My Shoulder earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Or how about if a percentage of every purchase you made online went to support our cause? Well, now it can! is a new Yahoopowered search engine that donates half its advertising revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. Use it just as you would any search engine, get quality search results from Yahoo, and watch the donations add up! is a new online shopping mall which donates up to 37 percent of each purchase to your favorite cause! Hundreds of great stores including Amazon, Target, Gap, Best Buy, ebay, Macy’s and Barnes & Noble have teamed up with GoodShop and every time you place an order, you’ll be supporting your favorite cause. Just go to and be sure to enter Angel On My Shoulder (charity id: 880669) as the charity you want to support. And, be sure to spread the word! If you share this with 10 other people, Angel On My Shoulder could benefit in a big way for something everyone is already doing. Here’s the link… http://www.goodsearch. com/?charityid=880669

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 9 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Angel Wings The mission of Angel Wings is to address the needs of those living with or affected by cancer as a whole. Through its close alignment with the cancer–affected community. Angel On My Shoulder becomes keenly aware of the extremely difficult and great personal hardships so many experience. These overwhelming circumstances seem to have no apparent relief or remedy. We are sensitive to and compassionately understand the tremendous financial needs cancer situations create. Although we would like nothing better, we are not structured or able to provide direct financial assistance (i.e. payment of bills, insurance, rents, mortgages, auto or house repairs, etc. Angel On My Shoulder implemented Angel Wings with the hope of alleviating the stress brought on by the cancer crisis in unique and purposeful ways. Angel Wings volunteer messengers carry messages of love… Specially prepared “thinking of you” baskets overflowing with caring and inspirational “Angel” items are delivered throughout the year to gently lift the spirits of those living with cancer in comforting and positive ways. Many special requests are received from those expressing long distant challenges of getting to and from oncology treatments. Angel Wings has provided greatly needed gas gift cards for this purpose.

Angel Wings recipient Prithvi proudly displays his new Rodgers jersey delivered by angel messenger Scott Sickler.

If you or someone you know would benefit from the tender touch of our Angel Wings, please contact us by the information provided at the end of this newsletter. We consider each and every one of them. Independent verification of underlying circumstances, resources, merit, etc. is established for each request.

“I feel very privileged to be a volunteer with AOMS . I am inspired everyday by this organization and the good it does for those afflicted by cancer. My heart fills with joy knowing that I can do something to help those in need.” –Connie Dillahunt

Dear Lolly & Angel On My Shoulder friends, Thank you SO much for the lovely basket you sent me, what an absolutely wonderful surprise!

Deb and Trini display their Angel Wings baskets.

I was diagnosed last Aug. with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma - after surgeries, chemo, radiation (and more surgery to come...), I just can’t tell you how this brightened my spirits. A good friend of mine has also fallen ill to this terrible disease and I suspect it was probably her thoughtfulness that lead you to me. :) Trini recently completed her last round of chemo and I sent her a little note that said, “if any good has come of this, its knowing that in the end I have found a friend.” (Then we both cried - of course!)  Thank-you for your kind words of love and support - its these kinds of gestures that truly feed my soul and give me strength.

PS: Thank- you also for thinking of my three little stinkers... what a year we’ve had!  It feels like yesterday my 10 yr. old was writing a note that said he thinks he may have had something to do with my Cancer because he “stepped on a crack”, and my 7 yr. old was making “Shhhhh... chemo week” signs to hang around our house, and it feels like yesterday that my youngest was constantly running  for me to put on a hat or my wig.  (She’s 4 and… it made her sad to see mommy bald.)  All along the way my wonderful husband has been there for us, keeping things “normal” while fighting the fight and celebrating completing all those milestones!  They are WONDERFUL kids, so thank you for recognizing how special they are to me.

Most sincerely, Debi S

10 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you. –Peace Pilgrim

Here are a sampling of the heartwarming messages (some in part) we received this year from Angel Wings recipients… “A wonderful woman, Yvonne, sent this great basket to me. What you do for cancer patients and caregivers is outstanding. I give you a huge THANK YOU!! With the great people who help me out in my life, I will keep a positive attitude.” - Rhiannon H “Thank you very, very much for your kindness and generosity in providing my parents and I a much needed time away together. We enjoyed each other’s company and shared laughter at Day’s Inn in Green Bay. We visited and relaxed – I hadn’t seen them for quite awhile. Thank you again for the treat! It warms my heart to receive help at a time when I really need it the most. You are a God send and have made a difference in my life!!” Debra H “Thank you so much for the wonderful care basket-what a great pick me up. All the beautiful items were so touching. It means the world to me to know that there are people like you and your volunteers out there that put in their time and talent to make someone’s day a little brighter. During my journey with cancer, people like you are truly my angels. The love, support and comfort you sent with the basket is a blessing. God bless all of you who make this possible.” Trini H “I would like to thank you and all the supporting, kind- hearted people that made last Friday such a great day; a day of smiles, juice mustaches, carousels, playgrounds, train rides and more. As parents, to watch the kids look in awe at all the animals, answer curious questions, and have some time to walk together on a nice sunny day was great. We arrived at the zoo shortly after the doors opened

and were the last to leave, with Calvin crying to stay and Chase making plans for the next day.” - Thanks again, Matt, Melissa, Chase & Calvin H “Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you for taking care of the purchase of my wig. It fits me well and makes me feel so good about myself. I also want to thank you for the candle, bracelet and little bear – they brought a smile to my face.” God bless and keep you. - Angie H “When I returned home yesterday from one of my appointments, there was a special package waiting for me. Inside was the amazing basket of gifts that included gas gift cards. Cancer is not an easy thing to go through at any age. Knowing that there are “angels” out there willing to help out those in need is a great relief. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.” - Mary, Frank, Ivy and Erin H “Thank you so much, Lolly and AOMS, for helping our patients. You are touching people in the middle of their crisis. It is the need of compassion that people desire that is so often not there. Your mission, efforts and all of you will be in my prayers. If there is anything I can do to help you or your foundation, please let me know.” Blessings, Gina – Froedert Health Care H We cannot thank you enough for all that you are helping Mark and I with… Thank you sooo much for supporting and praying for us. We know that there are people helping and thinking of us who we don’t even know… that in itself is so amazing. Love and this world is a wondrous miracle – and I know that any miracle can happen. Thank You ALL!! - Mark and Sarah H

Janis Stoffel presented a “thinking of you” Angel basket to her brother-in-law Zach Stoffel to lift his spirits and brighten his day. Zach is experiencing an unusual type of kidney cancer. His wife Joan, loving refers to him as “my tuff guy, the love of my life” and asks for prayers of healing, strength and faith that the chemo does what it should.

A Good News Follow-Up Received by the “Angels” at Serve You… In last year’s AOMS newsletter we shared how employees of Serve You Custom Prescription Management helped grant one of our touching Angel Wings requests. As part of their “Giving Tree” holiday tradition employees contribute items to benefit those living with or affected by cancer. Last year, they decided to focus on efforts in fulfilling an Angel Wings request. Lourdes Ramirez-Soto and her family were the recipients of this generous and giving gesture… Lourdes was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma (a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or soft tissue). She underwent Chemo followed by a knee replacement to remove the affected bone and then more chemo and physical therapy to try to regain use of her legs. Serve You wanted to help brighten the holidays for this family and provided them with Christmas gifts as well as gift cards to try to help with expenses. It truly helped make Christmas special for Lourdes and her family. The follow-up… HOPE AND INSPIRATION!!!! In April of 2011, Serve You received a very welcome and wonderful message that we’d like to share with you in hope and healing. In part: Dear Sharon (Serve-You), “Lourdes and her family are doing pretty well. She is making lots of progress and now walking around with the help of a cane, her speech is back – she is wonderful. Last week, after a busy week of scans, MRI’s, etc. we finally got the final result from the oconologist and… Lourdes is CANCER FREE!! She is a SURVIVOR!! God is great – now all she has to do is continue with her life and move on. She is very grateful and doesn’t stop praying for all of the people like you, your employees and me that helped her when needed. What great news… remember at Bellin Hospital you have a friend.” Daniel Caceres Campos - Bellin Health System

“I volunteer for AOMS because I believe it is a great organization and I enjoy helping cancer patients and family members who have to go through this tough time. I understand what they are going through as I lost by brother to stomach cancer at such a young age a few years back. Now I want to give back to such a great organization and help those who really deserve it. All the volunteers are such great people and I believe we all appreciate everything they do to bring a smile to the faces of the patients and their families”. –Karen Martin

You are unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own. – D.M. Dellinger

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 11 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Angel On My Shoulder Golf Spectacular The Fifteenth Annual Angel Golf Spectacular was a huge success with over 150 golfers registered to come out swinging on the St. Germain golf course, the largest and fastest 18-Hole course in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are beyond grateful Angels and give each and every one (sponsors, golfers, participants, volunteers, ALL of you) a tremendous round of applause for your remarkable support and participation. Following a fun and relaxing day on the course, we gathered together for our Cocktail & Hors d’oeuvre Reception, our Awards Ceremony, Dinner and Silent Auction and Angel’s Signature Live Auction at none other than the beautiful White Tail Inn in St. Germain. What an incredible environment for an incredible event – all to benefit those living with or affected by cancer. It doesn’t get any better than that… Three former “Green and Gold” greats, Gilbert Brown, William Henderson and Ahman Green were well received as our “Spectacular” celebrity guests. The golf teams were afforded the unique opportunity of having an autographed team picture taken with these Packer legends.

The Black Bear Lodge in St. Germain was the perfect setting for Angel’s Golf Spectacular Ice Breaker-our Party With The Pack” which precedes the golf event. Gilbert, William and Ahman mingled with the participants and graciously provided autographs. The evening included a buffetstyle steak dinner and an exclusive silent auction that included signed pictures and other sports memorabilia. We gratefully acknowledge Diane Misina, owner of Black Bear Lodge, Managers/Hosts, Joe

and Jenny Minado along with Jo Daniels and the remarkable Black Bear staff. Ron Rose of LeRoy Meats of Horicon along with his fabulous assistant, wife Judy Rose, once again so generously provided the best of the best steaks+ and outstanding service for this annual gathering. Our “Hats Off” to Ron and Judy – we absolutely could not do it without them. Another exclusive Packer opportunity was available to our golfers the morning of the “Spectacular.” The team (or individual golfers) were given the chance to bid on “Breakfast With a Packer” with the highest bid Volm Companies, Inc. of Antigo were a tremendous hit with their unique golf team attire. This year they arrived in style with a “Beyond Spectacular” bagpipe entrance. receiving the honor of joining the Packers for breakfast at the award winning Wolf Pack Café’ in St. Germain. raise millions of dollars over his years as We salute Joe and Kathy Lass (proud auctioneer. owners of the Wolf Pack) for their extreme Special features were The Treasure Chest generosity in providing this awesome (and Raffle (containing $1,000 in coins), the Rose complimentary) offering. Raffle, a precious jewelry piece and the There were a variety of on course Apple iPad2 Raffle. “incentives” to garnish the interest of An endless array of silent auction items filled the golfers including a putting contest the room to the brim showcasing many along with exciting and interesting hole intriguing gift baskets arrangements and in one “take the prize” opportunities at other bid item opportunities. The selection designated golf holes: $10,000 in cash; included: Eagle River Roasters/AOMS sportsmen Package; Atlantis Dream Coffees/Teas; a set of wildlife loon pictures; Vacation and His/Her Rolex’s. WOW!! gift card extravaganza; golf items basket Golfers also purchased “Angel” Mulligans with GPS; hand crafted dream catchers’; with chances for awesome prizes to support Amelia Island Getaway; Basket of Beauty our efforts. Items; Lotion/Candle Basket; Lady Bella Jim Miller served as auctioneer for Miche Bags (Hope) Purses; “House on the our “Spectacular’ evening event. Jim Rock” package; large exquisite hand specializes in auction fundraising for 501(c) crafted wooden Angel for décor; Black (3) non-profit organizations. He has worked & Gold Labradors and Doe with Fawn with organizations of all sizes, helping pictures… the list goes on!!

It was a great privilege for Angel On My Shoulder to name Mike Derynda as our 2011 Honoree in recognition of his above and beyond giving and generous spirit to support those in the cancer community. Founding AOMS Board member and creator of our Angel Golf Spectacular, Bruce Krier, proudly presented Mike with this welldeserved award.

12 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

“We are like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. We are all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe. Without each of us, the puzzle is incomplete. ” - Rod Williams

Our signature “angel” live auction generated much excitement and energized the room. Among these “priceless” and sought after items were: Golf Wisconsin Package; Cabernet Cabinet (wines); Pirate Ship Adventure; Harley Tour; Vegas Getaway; Super bowl XLV Autographed Helmet; Sundara Spa Experience; 2012 Final Four Tickets-NCAA Basketball Tournament and other exclusive packages. The highest bidder for “Vincent Bunny” was once again Angel’s own, Bruce Krier. The applause for this kind and generous man of giving brought the house down. Bruce as always donated this meaningful and special Bunny back

to raise more monies for next year’s live auction. Bruce holds the title of six time highest bidder of Vincent. GOD BLESS each and every one of you who make our Angel Golf Spectacular the phenomenal event it has become!! Together we are making a positive difference to those who need us. Please contact Angel On My Shoulder at 800-860-3431, e-mail us at info@ or fax us at 715-542-4500 if you are interested in sponsoring a team, golfing, or would like to attend the auctions and award banquet. Donations are tax-deductible. More details are available on our website at as well as registration forms to download.

Our “Spectacular” special guests gather for an “Angel” family picture. Top Row: Danny Thomas, (Lolly), Cierra Duwe, Kari Duwe- Behn. Bottom Row: Dillon Duwe, Karson, Mason and Marshall Thomas

Visit Our Website:

All of us at Angel On My Shoulder hope to see you ALL at our 16th Annual Angel Golf Spectacular. Please mark June 8, 2012 on your calendars!!

“Volunteers Extraordinaire”, Judy and Ron Rose, put the above and beyond flavor in Party With The Pack.

Color Guard, Veteran Ray Franecki, proudly displayed the Flag as “Frisk Miller” honored us with the singing of the National Anthem.

Angel On My Shoulder held a raffle for a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide or $15,000! The winning ticket was drawn during the Golf Banquet by Mason and Marshall Thomas, our special guests at the banquet. The winner was Kirby Webb of San Francisco, CA! Kirby chose the Harley Davidson and we wish him safe and happy journeys on his new motorcycle. Congratulations Kirby! Breakfast With a Packer winners pause for a photo outside the Wolf Pack Café.

Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. –James M. Barrie

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 13 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Angel Golf Spectacular Bracelet Story

The Janice Lewis Story

Bruce Krier, member of the founding board of Angel On My Shoulder, was selecting the jewelry piece for our golf spectacular Rose Raffle at a Jewelry store in Cedarburg. He was telling the clerk about the purpose for the jewelry piece and about Angel On My Shoulder and our work. A very nice woman (another patron) overheard the story and was touched by what she heard Bruce relay about Angel’s support of those affected by cancer. As a kind gesture of caring, she wanted to give something meaningful to AOMS and chose a bracelet with a special charm which she then gave to Bruce in support of our mission. The bracelet originated from the warm heart of a wonderful woman inspired by AOMS. Touched by this woman’s kindness and caring, Bruce then began a heartwarming and meaningful tradition of presenting the bracelet with a charm he added to another of “Angel’s ” Angels. The first year (2009) recipient was our remarkable AOMS board member and cancer survivor, Molly Ahlborn, who then added another precious charm and presented it to Lolly Rose, Founder/ Executive Director of AOMS, at the 2010 golf spectacular. Another charm was then added by Lolly and passed forward to AOMS board member, Kathy Mathie, at the 2011 golf spectacular. Kathy knows the cancer experience all too well through the recent cancer battles and tremendous losses of her dad, sister and sister-in-law. Kathy’s husband, John, is also now living with cancer and Kathy is right there at his side with her love and support all while giving of herself to support those living with or affected by cancer through her hard work and dedication to Angel On My Shoulder.

Angel On My Shoulder does more than help families facing cancer Angel On My Shoulder recognizes that a cancer diagnosis has an earth shaking effect not only on the cancer patient, but also on that patient’s entire family. Through its various programs, AOMS helps people like Janice Lewis and her family get through a very tough time by trying to make life a little easier for them. And as Janice and her family have discovered, the organization has an impact that goes far beyond helping families get through a tough time. “You have helped just about everyone in my family,” she writes. “My daughter, who is 31, is too old for camp and my granddaughter, who is 3, is too young. I guess you can say you helped them as well with a break from the older kids.” Janice herself attended the Healing Angels Retreat in Wisconsin Dells, an event held in the spring and fall to give cancer survivors who are in the recovery stage a chance to celebrate the joy of surviving cancer with others who have undergone similar experiences, and to enjoy a little pampering at the retreats’ minispa sessions. Because those who care for their loved ones fighting cancer also need some special care themselves, AOMS offers Angel Care Retreats. Back row: Tremaine Hawthorne, Calvin Lewis, Takayla Janice’s husband, Calvin, attended this retreat, Hawthorne, Tomieko Hawthorne. Front row: Narel which is also held in the spring and fall in Hawthorne, Janice Lewis, Azariel Hawthorne. Wisconsin Dells. This program offers caregivers the chance to share their experiences with others in the same situation. Caregivers learn how to take care of themselves - an important part of taking good care of cancer patients and other family members during a challenging time. Thanks to AOMS, the younger members of Janice’s family found respite from the trials of watching their mother and grandmother fight cancer. Janice’s son, Tremaine, attended Camp Angel. AOMS even benefited a third generation of Janice’s family, as her granddaughter, Takayla, and her grandson, Azariel, also attended Camp Angel. And all, Janice writes, had a great time at camp. Tremaine, she reports, wants to be a counselor at Camp Angel when he is old enough, and Janice herself plans to do volunteer work for AOMS. Inspiring a desire to “pay it forward,” so to speak, is one of the ways by which Angel On My Shoulder has a lasting impact on so many families. And as Janice and her family have discovered, the attachment to AOMS often remains long after the cancer treatments end.

Inspiring a desire to “pay it forward,” so to speak, is one of the ways by which Angel On My Shoulder has a lasting impact on so many families.

It’s fulfilling to know you’ve made someone’s life a little more comfortable and happier. It’s all good! –Connie Falk

14 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. –Eleanor Roosevelt

Healing Angels Healing Angels is custom designed to focus solely on and address the needs of cancer survivors. This extra ordinary retreat is available to those who have completed their oncology treatments and/or surgeries and are at the gateway of physical and emotional healing. They are seeing the scars as symbols of life made more meaningful and beautiful by survival. The Wilderness Resort and Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells in conjunction with the intriguing Sundara Spa is the perfect setting for those who have courageously weathered the cancer experience to come together in an environment of love, camaraderie, hope, understanding and educational opportunities. AOMS board members, Karen Siegmeier and Nancy Schuller graciously serve as our Healing Angels Coordinators/Directors/Hosts for our fall and spring retreats respectively. Tom Schuller, long time Angel colleague and volunteer, as well as Bill Trosien and Bruce Krier, both members of the founding board of AOMS, also play intricate roles on our facilitating team. Fall Healing Angels Staff, l-r: Karen Siegmeier, Vicki Kitty Sookochoff, herself a cancer survivor, Potrykus, Kitty Sookochoff, Lisa Lammert, and Bruce Krier is facilitator for our fall session. In this comfortable and motivational setting, she gently guides these Healing Angels with her expertise, guidance and direction to realize that alongside the fears and struggles associated with cancer the joy of surviving exists.

Angel is blessed to have Karen Kelley as guest presenter for our spring sessions. Karen is a Healing Angels alumni and shares her very inspirational and personal story with our survivors. She offers “healing tips” in a most beneficial and meaningful way. Lisa Lammert, RD (Registered Dietician) of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has officially joined the Healing Angels team for Spring Healing Angels Staff, l-r: Nancy Schuller, Tom Schuller, Karen Kelley and Bruce Krier the fall retreat. She answers questions and provides information on healthy living after cancer to the participants. Rounding out our elite Healing Angels team is Angel’s very own Yoga Guru, Vicki Potrykus, RCY. Vicki offers healing and peace-filled Yoga sessions (“I AM Happier and Healthier)-Movement for joyful living) to our survivors at both the fall and spring retreats. Individualized mini spa sessions are available to our survivors as an extra and welldeserved treat at these Healing Angels havens.

I am in such a better place, healthier and happier”. Thank you!!! Joan I found the entire experience to be uplifting, enlightening, and spiritually fulfilling. It was great to share our stories of our individual cancer journeys and how we’ve come thru the process. I learned about the resiliency of the human spirit. We’re all tougher than we might have previously imagined. And even though we’ve been thru some pretty serious medical conditions, I thought we all looked very good! Congratulations…

Pete Schroeder

I just want to say “THANK YOU” and how blessed I am to have been able to participate. It was wonderful and I learned so much. Janice H Thank you to the “Angels” for this great weekend! It was wonderful meeting people and sharing our journeys. Dee H It was an outstanding weekend – meeting all the other cancer survivors as well as the leaders. It helps to talk to all people with the same problems and learn how to cope with them. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of Angel On My Shoulder. Annette H Awesome program. Thank you for including me. It was very helpful to all participants. Scott H I am grateful for this opportunity to be in an environment that was relaxing and yet educational. I enjoyed chatting with the other “warriors.” This retreat was of great benefit to me. I wasn’t sad to leave but just felt more relaxed than I had been in eight months. I am so thankful to Angel On My Shoulder and its generous donors. A sincere thank you. Bonnie H This was the BEST experience in my life. I’ve met such wonderful people and additional friends that have been faced with similar situations. A great BIG THANK YOU for everything. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. H This was my first experience with Angel On My Shoulder. I truly enjoyed myself. I learned so much through other participants. Thank you very much. I will pass this blessing on to other survivors. Donya “I’m livin and lovin life”!!!! H Loved it all! Attended almost all Yoga sessions-so beneficial. I was holding onto anger for two years and tried all methods to let go… I did this weekend. H

I most certainly wish to thank those of you that administered the Healing Angels / Angel On My Shoulder program because without your volunteerism, there would be no such program. And Vicki, you taught us to keep our “instrument” (our body) in shape thru exercise, utilization, and a proper attitude for healthy living. It all adds up to make us the people we are today. For that, I am grateful.

From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived. –Fr. Craig Scott

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 15 Angel on My Shoulder ™

The Philosophy of Camp Angel / Camp Teen Angel /Angel Adventures is to help young people realize: • It’s okay to smile, laugh and have fun even though a loved one is hurting. • It’s okay to be sad, angry and frustrated about what they are going through due to a loved one’s illness. • They are not alone, others are experiencing similar feelings.

The Marshfield Clinic system provides patient care, research and education with 52 locations in northern, central and western Wisconsin, making it one of the largest comprehensive medical systems in the United States.

Our Camps Through the co-partnership of Angel On My Shoulder and Marshfield Clinic we are pleased to offer two unique cancer support camps. Camp Angel for ages 8-12 and Camp Teen Angel for ages 13-15 were designed to address the needs of young people affected by cancer through loved ones (parent, sibling or grand-parent) or who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one through cancer. Two outstanding campsites located in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin are the settings for Camp Angel and Camp Teen Angel. Our camps are offered costfree to the campers. These special weekend retreats are well-supervised and provide the campers an opportunity to meet others like themselves, create special friendships and participate in a variety of fun-filled activities. Our camps are safe and joyful places for our campers to share a heartwarming spirit of bonding and camaraderie. Camp Angel for ages 8-12 is offered twice a year: the second weekend of July and the third weekend in January. Camp Teen Angel for teens ages 13-15 is held once a year in late July and offers a four day camping experience. Camp Angel campers may attend two sessions of Camp Angel. Based on their age, they may also be eligible to attend the summer session of Camp Teen as well. Our transportation to and from camp is provided on coach buses from designated pick-up points throughout the state. Parents/Guardians are responsible for transporting their child(ren) to and from the established bus stop locations. Our camps are truly blessed to have a fantastic team of counselors and staff who generously volunteer their time and talents to make a positive difference to our campers. They enthusiastically tell us how rewarding it is to witness these young people come rushing up with bright smiles even though they are experiencing (or have experienced) extremely difficult times. Our Camp Angel/ Camp Teen staff members just can’t help but be touched. If you know of a child or children who could benefit from the loving care and support of Camp Angel/Camp Teen Angel, or for further information, please visit our easy-to-navigate website, complete with photos of past camps, downloadable registration forms and camp checklists or call us toll free at (800) 860-3431. We invite you to contact us via e-mail at

16 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

A person’s a person, no matter how small. – Dr.Seuss

Camp Angel Camp Angel held two exciting camps this past year in January and July. Children 8-12 from throughout the state enjoyed many great experiences with other campers who are going through similar challenges with cancer in their families. Winter camp offered many outdoor activities including sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sleds and sleigh rides. While the weather was on the cool side, it didn’t stop the fun for all who attended. Campers were also treated to a visit by several unique furry creatures from Wildwood Zoo and learned the finer tips of juggling from the man with big yellow shoes. Campers in winter stay in cozy cabins that allow for a great deal of bonding time and even a few cabin to cabin “challenges” and talent shows.

Camp Teen Creativity abounds here. Summer camp treated campers to fun in the sun with swimming, water craft and speed boat rides, kayaking and casting for the for the “big one”. A highlight was the pirate ship adventure on Eagle River’s beautiful Chain O’ Lakes. This was a truly great adventure for Camp Angel “Rocks” the campers and is one they will remember…. Arhh! And as always, Saturday night gave way to the happy feet of kids and counselors alike as they danced the night away to DJ Dan and crowned the limbo champion. These two cost-free camps offer an amazing opportunity for kids affected by cancer through a loved a truly unique experience to be nothing more than kids for a weekend and bond with other campers as well as their counselors. Over the years many wonderful friendships have been formed that still exist today.

Camp Teen is an awesome camp for 13-15 yearolds. Camp Teen is held July 19-22, 2012. This camp rocks with lots of activities including the Pirate Adventure, horseback riding, a high ropes course and even a dance. At this camp we also hold a Sharing Session where campers are encouraged to talk about some of things they are facing and offer advice to each other. Campers are well chaperoned but are also allowed a little more unstructured time to allow them to bond with each other. A lot of our teen campers stay in touch through emails and facebook and some have developed very strong relationships. This camp runs Thursday - Sunday allowing an additional day of fun. Like Camp Angel, it is cost-free and bus transportation is provided along an established route.

Avast, me hearties! Lend yer ear t’these words. The phenomenal Strauss Family of Pirate’s Hide-Away in Eagle River, WI continue to make Camp Angel and Camp Teen Angel an intriguing adventure for our campers. With our campers aboard, Camp Steve and Quarter Master, Steve-O, set sail to navigate the beautiful Chain O’ Lakes on their “awesome” Pirate Ship. Our campers have the unique opportunity to mingle with the pirates and enjoy an exciting and memorable excursion. The smiles it brings to their faces says it all. A huge round of applause goes out to the Strauss Family for their unending giving to make a positive difference in the lives of these young people. We need more people in the world like our favorite Pirates… Captain Steve and Steve-O!!!! Pirates are “Angels” too!!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. –Hellen Keller

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 17 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Winter Camp Angel Camp Teen Angel Both the July and October Camp Teen Angel sessions, as well as the January Camp Angel session, are held at: Camp Manito-Wish YMCA P.O. Box 246 Boulder Junction, WI 54512-0246 Phone: 715-385-2312 Fax: 715-385-2461 From U.S. Hwy. 51 north of Woodruff, take Cty Hwy M to Boulder Junc­­tion. In Boulder Junc­ tion County M will come to a “T” intersection with­ out a stop sign. Turn left and follow Hwy. M through the main strip of Boulder Junction. At the end of the strip there is a 3-way intersection; veer left to join Hwy. K. Proceed on Hwy. K about 3/4 mile and continue past the large Musky painting on the propane tank on the right. The next right will be the back entrance to Camp Manito-wish YMCA. (There is a wooden sign.)

Summer Camp Angel Angel Adventures Angel Adventures and July Camp Angel camping sessions are held at Camp Luther 1889 Koubenic Road  Three Lakes, WI 54562 Phone: (877) 264-CAMP or (715) 546-3647 Fax: (715) 546-2396 Email:

History of Our Camps In 1995, I founded Angel On My Shoulder in memory of my late husband, Dick, who fought a courageous battle with cancer. My hope was that it would become an emotional backbone for the canceraffected community. After forming a Board of Directors, of individuals from throughout the state of Wisconsin, who had been affected by cancer, it was time to determine the best ways of helping to improve the quality of life of those living with or affected by cancer. I began meeting with various individuals in health organizations to explore possibilities for offering comfort and support. During a discussion with a hospice social worker, the suggestion of a cancer related camp for kids came to light. I was truly inspired and remembered all too well how Dick’s cancer journey had affected our own grandchildren. My hope was to create an environment of love, support, and understanding for young people, who many times, unavoidably, become sideline kids. To the best of my knowledge, there was not a camp that addressed their needs. I presented the concept to the Angel On My Shoulder board members who overwhelmingly supported implementing this program. Shortly thereafter, a meeting took place with Marshfield Clinic to explore their interest in partnering with Angel On My Shoulder to create Camp Angel. The Clinic was extremely receptive, and saw this as an opportunity to help care for the entire family, not just treat the disease.

Marshfield Clinic would provide input to the camp’s design, funding, and help recruit a majority of the children who would eventually attend camp. In July of 1997, Camp Angel, a one-ofa-kind support camp for young people experiencing cancer through a loved one became a reality and changed my life forever. Angel On My Shoulder and Marshfield Clinic created a family of care, directly from the heart. As Camp Angel continued to grow, we decided to improve and expand the program to ensure the best experience possible for these very special young people. In January 2001, Angel On My Shoulder and Marshfield Clinic proudly introduced Camp Teen Angel for teens, ages 13-15. Camp Teen Angel, a wing of Camp Angel, is designed to meet the needs of young teens. It has become a source of strength and camaraderie for this unique age group. In 2009, in an effort to reach out to more young people, we developed Angel Adventures Camp for 16 to 18-year-old high school students. With the generous financial support of Serve You Custom Prescription Management, Inc., our first Angel Adventures Camp became a reality. Our goal is to provide each age group with the opportunity to have fun, share experiences, and perhaps gain some insight and coping skills, while bonding with other people in situations similar to their own. - Lolly Rose

Camp Luther is located approximately 2 miles north of Three Lakes, WI off Hwy 45 on Cy Williams Road.

Visit Our Website:

18 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. –Dr. Haim Ginott

Angel Adventures Angel Adventures Camp is tailored for 16 to 18-year-olds affected by cancer. Our first camp was in 2010, and though we are still a work in progress, both the staff and campers have had a blast. We have gone cross country skiing, tubing, played broom ball, rode in a horse-drawn sleigh and even took a martial arts class. Best of all, we’ve all gotten to know some very special people. Our 2012 session will be held February 19-22. Enrollment will be limited to 12 campers. Campers, who are experiencing cancer through a loved one, must be attending high school. Coach bus transportation to and from camp will be provided from designated pickup points throughout the state. Campers will arrive Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday will be filled with activities and Campers will begin their trip home Monday morning. This camp is scheduled to coincide with a Monday holiday. Like Camp Angel and Camp Teen Angel, Angel Adventures hopes to address the needs of healthy young people in a family affected by cancer. This camp mixes fun, physical activities with sharing session chats that will allow the campers to share their experiences and feelings and learn empowerment skills.

Jerry’s Kids… Sometimes angels come in packages as big as a bus - literally. We would like to acknowledge Jerry the bus driver of Lamers Bus Lines. His calmness and wonderful sense of humor help make our campers’ long bus rides, as well as our field trips, very enjoyable. We request Jerry to drive the bus for our camps whenever he is available. It takes a special person to drive a bus full of kids. Thanks Jerry!

For more information, check out our website:; phone 800-860-3431; email:

After hearing my fiance, Nikki, talk about the great experiences she had while at Camp Angel, I knew I wanted to give other kids the chance to have that same experience. When the opportunity arose for us to be counselors for Angel Adventures, we didn’t even think twice. This year was awesome, and I can’t wait to be a counselor again next year. – Andy King

Here are just some of the heartwarming notes and comments that I have received throughout the year that truly made my day. “Thank you for having me back as counselor, Lolly. These camps have truly been some of the best experiences of my life. You are an Angel to these kids and those who know you.” BJ Camp Counselor

H Dear Camp Angel Staff, “I just wanted to tell you thanks so much for the blessings of these camps for children of cancer patients. Both of my children, Brianna (Camp Angel) and Joseph (Camp Teen)

had a wonderful time. This really is a blessing to the kids and to us parents. Keep up the camps and blessing people! Thanks so much.” Brian and Krystal H

you in the last 4 days. I feel like you’re my

“Thank you so, so, so, so, much!! I had a blast these last few days!! The memories that were created at camp were spectacular. I’ll never forget all the laughs, card games, activities, and the dance!! Everything was so perfect. I was never bored. Every moment was fun-filled and full of opportunity! It was amazing to be able to open up and know that I wasn’t the only one struggling with this heavy burden. I am looking forward to next year to see all the friends I made. I grew so close to all of

“Dear Lolly and staff, WOW!! What fantastic

Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to stand back up. –Mr. Han, The Karate Kid

other family. Thank you again SO MUCH for EVERYTHING!!“ Sydney, Camper Camp Teen Angel H weekends you plan for our kids-so many wonderful touches. Thank you for creating a weekend that made Paige feel so special.” Catherine, Camper Parent H “Hi Lolly and Camp staff, my boys are STILL talking about camp!! What an absolutely amazing experience for them. Thank you all for being a wonderful sunny spot in their memories and they hope to see you at their next camp.” Deb, Camper Parent H

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 19

Angel on My Shoulder ™

Serve You Helps Grant Angel Wings Request Milwaukee, WI - Employees of Serve You Custom Prescription Management recently teamed up to grant an Angel Wings request. Serve You specializes in managing prescription drug benefits. The company, comprised of more than 45 employees, has adopted Angel On My Shoulder as its corporate charity. Several years ago, Serve You established a Giving Tree as part of its holiday tradition.  Each ornament on the Giving Tree features an item that employees could purchase to help an Angel Wings family.  This year Serve You was honored to help Emily Devillers and her family have a great holiday this year.  

Greg and I also want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gifts you sent to us, to my parents, and to my sister. You have a very generous company, and please know that you made our holiday extra special!!!  We thank you SOOOOOO much!!!” In this season of giving, Serve You is proud to support Angel On My Shoulder as its corporate charity. We hope you will join us in supporting this worthwhile cause as well.

Emily, a teacher, is battling leukemia and she and husband Greg were spending time at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee while the children stayed with her parents outside of Green Bay. Emily’s sister Kenzie was also available and helping with the kids. As luck would have it, Emily was released by her physicians at Froedert so that she could go home for the holidays and celebrate with the whole family. She was especially excited as it meant she would be able to see her children’s holiday pageants. Serve You staff stepped up when they heard Emily’s story and once again provided each member of the family with gifts picked just for them. From books to craft supplies and dance clothes, each member received gifts from Santa. Emily sent a note to Serve You employees after the holidays saying: “The kids were SOOOOOOO excited to see all the presents under the tree... they still haven’t stopped playing with everything:)

Greg and Emily relax with their children in Emily’s room at Freodert Hospital. The Serve You tree loaded with gifts picked out especially for Emily and her family.

Cancer is Not Black and White by Jennifer Goodman Linn Posted by: WebMD Blogs Before I became a part of the cancer community, I used to think very naively about the disease. You either got cancer or you didn’t. And if you were unfortunate to receive a cancer diagnosis, you were placed on a treatment regimen (chemo, radiation or surgery) and you were either cured or you lost your battle. I think most people who are fortunate enough to not be touched by the disease think this way. How many of us know that there are millions of people in the US alone who are living with cancer without an “end date”? Now if only our well-meaning friends and family members would get on board and help us manage through this tough situation. One of my pet peeves is when people say, “So when are you going to be done with treatment?” For most people, living in a black and white world makes life easier for them to digest your disease. What they are really saying subconsciously is, “I don’t want

to worry about you all the time, so it’s easier for me to know when you will be done with this cancer.” If only it were that easy. I do understand why people ask this naïve question. They hate to think of me, or someone they love suffering, and they would love nothing more than to simply put an “end date” on their calendars. Ironically, many think that when you’re done with treatments you’ll be good to go and life will return to normal. And don’t get me wrong, having a doctor tell you “the plan” or provide what he/she hopes is an end date often serves as a great motivator for patients. “OK, I can handle this knowing that in four weeks or four months, I will be able to move on”. But let’s be honest, anyone who has gone through the cancer experience is never quite the same. Whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually, you’re never truly “done” with cancer. It is true, however, that for many cancer patients, the experience is black and white. They go through one surgery or six

20 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

radiation cycles followed by surgery and they are told that they are free of disease and to come back and monitor themselves accordingly. But for an increasingly growing number of us, there is no “end date”. We are told with every heart-breaking relapse that a “cure” is no longer in the cards; we are just hoping to stabilize the disease so you can live with it as a chronic illness. This is a hard pill to swallow, but it does help adjust expectations. My husband and I no longer hope for an “end” to treatment but rather for new research to find treatments that I can tolerate for long periods of time. And don’t get me wrong, I still hope for a cure but if I spent all my time focusing on this unlikely scenario, I wouldn’t have the strength to handle the reality of my day to day. As my doctor once said, “Year by year, all is unclear, day by day we find our way”. If you are a caregiver anxious to help someone you love, please help embrace the shades of gray. Stop asking, “How long will this treatment be?” or “When will you be done?” and partner with the patient to appreciate the gift of every day.

Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent. –Arthur Conan Doyle

Stress Rescue Kit

American Cancer Society Hope Lodges Offer Lodging, Hope to Cancer Patients

Stress or feeling overwhelmed can make us gravitate to “quick fix” stress relievers that ultimately leave us feeling worse -- like overeating, binge drinking, spending too much shopping, or making a bad call in a relationship. To rescue yourself from stress in a healthy way, have an arsenal of ready-to-go de-stressors on hand so you can get immediate relief and keep feeling good.

Cancer treatment carries an emotional burden. When that treatment is found in a facility in distant city the burden grows, and a financial burden is added. The American Cancer Society is making this difficult situation easier through Hope Lodges – free, temporary housing facilities for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment as well as their caregiver. Bernette Petermeier-Finken is fighting acute myeloid leukemia. Her husband Wif is her caregiver. “We were looking for a place to stay after consolidation chemotherapy for her condition,” Wif said. “When we took a tour of the facility we were in awe.” Staying at the Hope Lodge meant not having to make the 200-mile round trip drive from their home to treatment each day. Hope Lodge guests often acknowledge that the financial benefits are tremendous, but the supportive environment and the relationships made and nurtured by a common purpose provide the greatest benefit to cancer patients. “We have been overwhelmed by the staff and what Hope Lodge offers, including support groups and many activities to meet others and share.” Wif said. “We have made so many friends as we laugh and cry together.” There is a Hope Lodge in Marshfield which accommodates more than 1,500 guests each year. Accommodations and eligibility requirements may vary by location. To find a Hope Lodge and to learn more about a specific facility, call the American Cancer Society at 1-800227-2345 or visit

The Myers Family When one of your children is diagnosed with cancer, every memory stays very fresh in your mind, from the date of diagnosis and then throughout the journey. Just thinking about it makes the emotions very raw. I remember a defining moment early on in the process. It was one in which our then 15-year-old had received a book about having a sibling being diagnosed with cancer. I remember joining him for dinner late one night out on the patio. I had come inside to gather up everything and continue into the evening, but yet he hadn’t come in. He was still sitting out there on the patio alone, so I decided to go back out and join him. When I came upon him for the second time, he had been sobbing. It was so heartwrenching that I began to cry as well. He was incredibly crushed in spirit thinking that he might lose his little brother Drew. Our son Dylan was old enough to know what circumstances we had been faced with. It was at that moment in time that I realized that our kids were suffering too. It had been so easy for me to wrap myself up in my own fears and my own emotions that I had forgotten theirs. There is so much to deal with during treatment, so many uncertaintities, and thus so many fears. As parents we try to be everything to everybody, trying to hold it

all together, but the bottom line is we can’t possibly provide every need to each of our children. Our tanks can run empty very quick just by the pure nature of the crisis. We are so very grateful to Angel On My Shoulder and its volunteers and their efforts with the outreaching that’s done through the camps. It’s a place for our kids to land where they have an opportunity to not feel lost in the shuffle like sometimes they may at home. They matter too. They can let down their guards and be amongst their peers and have fun. I know that Derek, our second son, had developed a sincere friendship with a couple of the young men who volunteered as youth counselors. Those experiences and relationships have left a lasting impression on his heart. Thank you so very much for this incredible journey that you’re on that you call your mission. God’s blessings upon you. The Myers Family

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! –Audrey Hepburn

Tune Out You know what songs speak to your soul. Compile your playlist ahead of time and have it ready to stream on your phone -- or in your car -- so that you can get to a happy place fast. It doesn’t take much time to take the edge off stress: according to the American Psychological Association, even just 10 minutes a day all to yourself can help your body’s stress response slow down.

Pick a Peaceful Pose Learn a simple yoga stretch, and pause to put it into practice when the stress levels are high. The American Academy of Family Physicians cites exercise as a good stress reliever: it’s a healthy way to release stored-up tension and energy. Yoga has many positions for people of all fitness levels, so practice one that works for you.

Pause for Pampering Always have a new nail polish on hand. A bottle of nail polish is not a big splurge, so buy yourself the fun color you’ve been wanting to try. If you store it someplace visible like your dresser or vanity, it will serve as a bright reminder to take a moment for yourself and give you something fun to look forward to in the future.

Bury Yourself in a Book Buy yourself a fun fiction book even if you don’t have time to read it right away. It’s good to have your next relaxing read lined up so that all you have to do is crack it open when you need a stress-free escape.

Chat It Up Call an old friend to get caught up. Don’t worry if you haven’t spoken in a while: it just means you’ll have more to talk about. Sharing what’s going on in your life and hearing what’s going on in someone else’s can help you put your stress in perspective and help you see the big picture. in part from

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 21 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Lost & Found By Anita Domnitz, RN, MS, ND One of my clients, let’s call him Mark, asked me, “How does it make you feel when you find something you’ve lost?” “Fabulous,” I quickly responded. I immediately thought about a ring I’d “lost” for several years. It was especially sentimental because my brother, Jeff, had left me some money in his will and I used it toward the purchase of the ring. When I found it I cried because it reminded me of Jeff. As I got to thinking about Mark’s question I realized that there are things we lose that are much more important than material things. Let’s examine a few of them. RESPECT The definition of respect is to honor, to show consideration for, and to appreciate. In many ways being respected can feel stronger than being loved! Think about it; honored, held in great esteem. Sounds and feels great doesn’t it? Losing respect is being unappreciated/disrespected and can be likened to feeling unimportant or worse, invisible. When your feelings have been passed over, made fun of, or disrespected, it feels awful. How do we lose respect for those we care about or ourselves? Not living the life we want to live is a good start. Being someone we are not often results from a desire to please others, to achieve recognition, money, power, or perks. The media is full of people who seem to have it all and poof! Away it flies when values or ethics are compromised. Inside each of us are many parts that assist us in knowing how to conduct ourselves and behave towards others. Paying attention to those intuitive and obvious feelings will assist us in first, respecting ourselves and second, respecting others. The elderly are often disrespected because they seem out of touch, dated, problematic and bothersome. If we can imagine how their worlds have changed and the challenges they face everyday to keep up with the speed of modern technology and changing philosophies, perhaps we can remember that they deserve our respect and admiration. JOY Feeling delight, happiness and pleasure. Joy is about as good as it gets folks! “Jumping for Joy,” is a great image that pretty much describes the words’ meaning. It feels great to be in joy. Free, lively, energetic all seem to go well with this beautiful word. How often do you truly feel joy? I hope you said: “often, lots, as much as I can!” If someone asked me what life is all about I would say - JOY! If you are not in joy for much of your life, I ask you to take a look at, “Why?” Whatever the reason, and being in touch with AOMS probably means that you are dealing with cancer or cancer through a loved one, I want to share something vitally important that I have learned through that experience. ALL WE HAVE IS TODAY!! In our Angel Care Retreats we discuss the gifts/lessons we have learned living with cancer, be it ourselves or our loved ones. The recurrent theme of being happy in the moment is what always surfaces. The strength and wisdom of people with cancer is truly amazing. They seem to be able to bottom

line it saying, “Live for today, forgive everyone everything right now, enjoy the moment, don’t worry - be happy!” I couldn’t say it better myself. Thank you to all who have taught us this lesson. GRATITUDE Appreciative awareness, thankfulness and kindness. Being in gratitude means that we are in the moment and appreciative of this precious gift called life. Being ungrateful means that we have lost something very special. We have lost the gifts of appreciation, faith and trust. When life gives us lemons and we are unable to make lemonade we need to find the juicer. I’m not joking. We need to find a way back to gratitude. When bad things happen to good people the best road to travel is one of faith and trust. Wherever you find your faith and trust is fine. It may be from organized religion, from feeling connected to spirit, from nature, music, dance, art, sports, or any number of places. Just find it! Start with small things if that makes it easier. Be grateful to wake up each morning, to take a breath, feel the air on your skin, have a glass of water, look up at the sky. So many people forget to look at the sky - is it clear or cloudy, what are the colors, are there birds, can you see the sun? There is beauty around us wherever we live. As we begin to notice and acknowledge the “small stuff,” more reasons for gratitude are revealed. Write a gratitude journal for one week and you will be shocked at the volume you will compose. Seek out people that are kind, positive and thankful. Be aware of how you feel when you are with different people; are you buoyant or popped! PEACE Harmonious, content, calm, free and serene. Being able to relax, breathe easy, enjoy the day to day with an ease and knowing that all is perfect. This is sounding very New Age and that is great - take it easy, slow down, smell the flowers, put your bare feet to the earth, hug a tree! Those roots go deep into the earth and connect with all the other trees all over the plant. Be a part of the whole because whether you realize it or not, you are! If we would all realize that: “everything is taking its’ proper course,” we would be at peace. That is not always easy, believe me I know that from my own losses, heartaches and breaks, but what is our choice? Do we stay in misery, in loss, or do we move into the

Anita Domnitz is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and naturopathic doctor in private practice in Milwaukee, WI. She is a Nia White Belt. Her specialties include personal development, empowerment coaching, nutrition, weight and wellness, and Bach flower remedies. “Nita” is on the Board of Directors of AOMS. The opinions expressed here are her own. She welcomes comments and questions, 414-276-5265.

I believe in the power of positive energy and the healing it can have on all peoples of the world. Give it a go! You know the image of all races of children standing on the earth’s circumference holding hands. Be one of those children because truly - you are :) Go forth and multiply peace! BEAUTY Grace, loveliness, harmony of form or color, and originality. Ohhhh beauty doesn’t it just make you swoon. Beauty is a delicate and delightful approach to living. It is melodic, angelic, and nature driven all in one. We wouldn’t want to lose our beauty and appreciation for it - ever! It would be a very dull and dreary world without Beauty. How do we protect the inner and outer beauty of ourselves, others and mother earth? Paying attention and homage to it would be a good start - don’t you agree? And how do we do that? Taking good care of ourselves for certain! Physically that would be the obvious: fresh organic food - fruits and veggies, good water, deep breathing, regular exercise, and solid sleep. Mentally beautiful would be: free of worry, possessing positive thoughts, wanting the best for all knowing that there is enough to go around. Spiritual beauty would be: connecting to spirit in whatever way feels best to you or not if you believe in a random universe, no judgments, total trust. Protecting mother earth from loss means treating her like we would a precious child, garden, temple or gem. Keeping her shining, bright, oxygenated, colorful and watered. I think you get the picture - pretty isn’t it!

Only you can create a peaceful existence for yourself. It comes from within you and the information that you interpret from outside of yourself. quiet with patience and wait and listen for guidance from spirit, angels, literature, movies, mentors, nature et al. The signs are all around us. We need to pay attention to what we see, feel, hear, smell, taste and intuit. Only you can create a peaceful existence for yourself. It comes from within you and the information that you interpret from outside of yourself. I believe with all my body, mind and soul that peace is attainable for everyone on earth. It begins with the individual and is transferred to everyone we meet, greet and think about.

22 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

So what do you think? Would you like to lose any of the above concepts? I sure wouldn’t. There are so many more incredibly important principles to covet: LOVE, TRUTH, PATIENCE, FAITH, HEALTH, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, INTUITION, SYNCHRONICITY, FORGIVENESS are just a few more examples. I invite you to add to the list and add to your understanding of the ones I’ve explored with you. May your losses be few and your finds many.

Have a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts. –Charles Dickens

Angel Care Retreats The purpose and mission of our Angel Care retreat for cancer caregivers, is to address the needs of these special “angels” on earth and afford them the opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves while they provide (or have provided) the best possible care and support for family, friends and other loved ones living with cancer. Those outstanding caregivers who sacrifice (or have sacrificed) their time and energies to care for those living with cancer can learn techniques that enable them to reduce fatigue associated with physical, mental and emotional stress brought on by their above and beyond care giving efforts. The overall objective of these retreats is to bring these exceptional caregivers together to share their experiences and focus on relaxation and education in a safe, nonjudgmental and nurturing environment. For some of these “Guardian Angels” the gift of caregiving comes naturally and for others it is a trained profession. Burnout is a serious threat, risk and reality, no matter the reason, whether it may be a duty, obligation or family necessity. Facilitator, Anita (Nita) Domnitz, R.N., M.S. N.D is the architect and backbone of the Angel Care retreats. She specially designs this program and is right there with our caregivers, and for them, to lead and help them gain insights into self-care and healing in a gentle, sensitive and positive way.

There are only four kinds of people in the world. Those who have been caregivers Those who are currently caregivers Those who will be caregivers Those who will need caregivers. Rosalynn Carter, Helping Yourself, Help Others

We gratefully salute owners, Chuck and Dianne Thompson and Julie and Bob Johnson along with Shirley Lewandowski and the Wintergreen staff for their over the top service and for providing the perfect gathering place for our cancer caregivers. We are truly proud to call the Wintergreen Hotel & Conference Center in Wisconsin Dells, the “Home of Angel Care”.

Angel On My Shoulder is a great organization. I feel honored that I was able to volunteer for them and they will always be apart of my life. Having lost my grandma and dad to cancer, I was able to connect with the teens very well. I am excited to continue to work with AOMS in the future. –Sarah Breyer, Camp Teen Counselor

“This was an absolutely life changing experience. I would do this again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the love and caring.” Dawn “What a wonderful time! I gained so much emotionally, spiritually-there was so much strength in that room.” Sharon H

“Wonderful, Wonderful – this helped so many people. Keep up the good work. Very uplifting-very committed to helping others.” Theresa H

“I believe the inner reflections were very beneficial as it allowed the opportunity for one to realize or bring forward issues that we sometimes hide or bury. Listening to the stories of others allowed the opportunity to take a coping strength away.” Shannon H

“The retreat was great – loved Nita.” H “I didn’t know what to expect. I could not have asked for a better facilitator or group with their stories and expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. Well done! Jim H

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength. –Unknown

“Challenging and rewarding. Thought provoking –this retreat exceeded my expectations.” Cathy H “It was informative, enjoyable and fun. I really enjoyed the experiences and the interaction of the people attending.” Larry H “Thank you for allowing me to attend. I am truly blessed by this group.” H

Visit Our Website:

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 23 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Cathy’s Thirteenth Annual Ice Cream Social There’s always room for ice cream!!!! Cathy’s Thirteenth Annual Ice Cream Social at Cathy’s Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe in St. Germain, WI once again went over the top (or topping) by raising an amazing $1,300.00 at this tasty event. Mark and Leslie Hiller along with Cathy and David Clark were the hosts and presenting sponsors of this fun festival created to benefit Camp Angel/Camp Teen Angel/Angel Adventures - camps that greatly benefit children experiencing cancer through loved ones. The games, raffle prizes and 32 flavors of ice cream enhanced the excitement of the day. Cathy’s and Leslie’s special treat this year was the addition of a dunk tank. “Angel’s” own, Pastor Bill Trosien, served as the very gracious personality to be dunked and certainly enticed “dunkers” to step right up to take the “dunking” challenge!! Also so willing to “take the dunk” to support these unique and amazing cancer support camps were Dylan Wood and Cameron Tracy. Our fabulous Angel emcee, DJ Dan Scafaro, once again provided the perfect musical flavor for this “fun” raiser!!

We gratefully salute our volunteers who generously gave of their time and talents to make Cathy’s Thirteenth Annual Ice Cream Social a “sweet” success. Carol Deines Connie Falk Laurie Nystrom Dan Scafaro Jayne Stenstrom June Vogel Stephanie Wells Tillie Wells Chuck Wilfer Darlis Wilfer Along with our “scoopers”: Alicia Farrow Lindsey Wells Roannah Vogel-Tlusty We acknowledge with deepest appreciation the businesses that provided donations and prizes for our raffles and games. A big THANKS to… Marlene’s “Fresh Start”/St. Germain Ray’s Landing Hawk’s Nest Canoe Outfitters The fantastic Angel duo of Leslie Hiller and Cathy Clark, along with all of us at Angel On My Shoulder, hope you join us for Cathy’s “Fourteenth Annual Ice Cream Social. Please mark your calendars for… SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2012!!




Many “angels” give generously of their time to help families affected by cancer. Angel On My Shoulder is also honored to acknowledge donations from the following fund raising events: Judy’s Ride, Do Drop In, LLC, Pence, Judy Valenti, coordinator Christmas tree and wreath sale proceeds from Custom Caretaking and Landscaping, LLC, and proceeds from the Sixth Annual Brandy Lake Ice Fishing Contest, Brad Schillinger, coordinator Ride With the Champs, Cindy Miller, coordinator Outagamie County Home & Community Education, Linda Biese, coordinator The Mercer Lionesses held a “formal” car wash Strike Out for Breast Cancer bowling tournament, Judy Fidler, coordinator

24 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born. –Dr. Dale Turner

Cruzin For A Cause Hits New Heights T he 4th annual Cruzin For A Cause was held on February 19, 2011 at the Arbor Vitae Town Hall, there was approximately 380 people in attendance for the final event. The local bars and restaurants sold approximately 450 passports for the passport run from bar to bar; if the participant made it to all twenty five bars they were in the running for a $1000.00 grand prize and thousand of dollars in other prizes and cash at the final event. The final event attendees David & Dennis Herman presented Lolly Rose with a check for $20,127 for Angel On My Shoulder. were treated to a spaghetti dinner donated by Trigs food, an open bar and music by Tuscan Road. There were multiple raffle tables including a trip to Las Vegas, Packer tickets and many other items that were raffled off at the final event. All proceeds from the final event and from the passport sales went to Angel On My Shoulder. On March 13, 2011 at the Shamrock Bar and Grill in Lake Tomahawk, Dennis and David Herman presented a check to Lolly Rose of Angel On My Shoulder totaling $20,126.00. This is by far the largest amount of money raised by Cruzin For A Cause, and they are setting their sights on even a larger amount for next year. The passports for next year’s event will be on sale starting around Dec 1, 2011 and the final event will be on Feb 18, 2012 at the Arbor Vitae Town Hall. Tuscan Road has already committed to playing at the final event next year. We would like to send out our heartfelt thanks to all of the bars and restaurants that participated in this year’s event. To all of our sponsors, there is not enough gratitude in the world for what you have done for us. Our major Sponsors were Wild Eagle Corner Store, Trigs, Woodruff Ace Hardware, Lakeland Times, WJFW Channel 12, WRJO Oldies 94.5, Trademark Graphics, Lee & Associates, Wilson Mutual and Sun Printing. We would also like to extend our thanks to our other sponsors also. We look forward to seeing you all at next year’s event and we promise you a great time and maybe a surprise or two. Please feel free to contact Cruzin For A Cause with any suggestions or comments at or on facebook Cruzin For A Cause.

Date With An Angel Dec. 15, 2011 - Feb. 18, 2012 - Cruzin For A Cause Saturday, January 7, 2012 Polar Bear Plunge January 20-22, 2012 - Camp Angel Winter Retreat February 17-29, 2012 - Angel Adventures Camp February 21, 2012 - Real Benefit; AOMS’s Birthday Spring 2012 - Uplifting Angels visits May 11-12, 2012 - Angel Care Spring Retreat June 1-2-3, 2012 - Healing Angels Spring Retreat June 8, 2012 - Angel On My Shoulder Golf Spectacular June 10, 2012 - Cathy’s Ice Cream Social July 13-15, 2012 - Camp Angel Summer Session July 19-22, 2012 - Camp Teen Angel August 14, 2011 - Be An Angel Day Fall 2012 - Uplifting Angels visit TBA - Healing Angels Fall Retreat TBA - Angel Care Fall Retreat

True Spirit of Christmas Each Christmas Season my wife, Nancy, and I offer an opportunity to each of our grandchildren to make a choice as to where they would like a monetary donation made in their name. We offer this opportunity in the hope that our grandchildren, in the true spirit of Christmas, will consider those other than themselves. This year we are forwarding to you a check in the amount of $100 for you to apply as needed to Angel On My Shoulder. This donation is being given in the name of our one of our grandsons, Harrison Beschta. Your work at Angel On My Shoulder is to be highly commended. We hope that this donation will further your efforts in helping those in need. We extend warmest wishes for a truly meaningful Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.

Saturday, January 5, 2013 13th Annual Origial Northwoods Polar Plunge Check our website to confirm dates and other events as they become available. Registration forms for most programs are available online. Golf Registrations can be made online this year.

Sincerely, Jack and Nancy Beschta

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. –Dr. Seuss

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 25 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Liz’s Story

Hints for Friends & Relatives Food is love. When taking food to your friend (and to the family too), ask what they would like and can eat. Use a dish that does not need to be returned. Try to help out more than once as treatment lasts months. Make trips fun. Combine a required trip to the physician or therapist with a fun activity. Make arrangements to go out to lunch, stroll a mall, or do whatever he or she would like to do. Keep your friendship a two-way street. Although you will no doubt spend time listening to your friend, talking about your own life (both good and bad) will allow your friend to feel needed and to contribute something in return. Touch or hug your friend at every appropriate opportunity. People who are sick rarely get enough hugs. Cancer is not contagious. Greeting cards, postcards and humorous emails are another way to express your love. Avoid “Get Well Soon” messages unless that is the case for sure. Use the same language as your friend uses. If he says cancer, you can say cancer. If he says tumor or malignancy, use those words. Everybody’s battery needs recharging. If you know someone caring for a loved one with cancer, take over her duties for an afternoon to give her a chance to do whatever she wants to do. If you are that caregiver, give yourself adequate time off. Leave any guilt you might have behind and have a good time.

Hello Readers, my name is Liz Buerger and I am an 18-yearold who’s life/ family has been affected by cancer. My mother, Joan Buerger, was the most inspiring and remarkable person around. She looked at each day as a brand new day, and another day she was given to live her life. My mom taught me so many things throughout the course of her battle with cancer. She taught me the importance of living your life and not taking a single moment for granted. My mom’s cancer, was a very scary and dark time but It was also a chance for a learning experience and a wakeup call. And this is where our story begins, in May of 2008 Mom was diagnosed with, Stage 3 small intestine duodenal cancer. It was very heartbreaking and traumatic day on us all, but my mom promised me that everything was going to be okay and that we were going to get through this together. I remember finding out and running to my mom screaming, “I can’t lose my best friend mom! I can’t lose my best friend.” My family was petrified, I had no clue what was going to happen, all I knew was that my mom couldn’t die. The doctors went in an did the very first surgery, which after sometime my mom became very familiar with the operating room. After the surgery was complete my mom started chemotherapy. It wasn’t until my mom started chemotherapy that this all became surreal for me and others. Our whole life was turned upside down and had to be reorganized and accommodate the cancer. I remember saying to my mom, “I just want life to go back to normal, Mom.” And she said to me, “This is our new normal now, Liz” It’s conversations like these that I will never forget with

26 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

my mom. Throughout her first round of chemotherapy she continued to work and live her everyday normal life. My mom was able to face her cancer diagnoses with a smile, she say the bright side of things. She tried her hardest to make life as normal as she could for us, she knew I was having a hard time at school and found out about Angel On My Shoulder, and how they offered Camp Teen. She signed me up as fast as she could, and the next thing I knew I was on a bus surrounded by kids my age who have/had a loved one with cancer. I never felt more at home, I finally felt that I could relate with someone and someone could relate to me. Both Camp Teen and Angel On My Shoulder helped me get back on track and see the light when I felt I was stuck in darkness. All seemed to be going well until one fateful day in January of 2010 my family found that my mom’s cancer had returned and this time more aggressively. I couldn’t believe it, I just looked at my mom and felt my heart breaking. I looked at my family and saw all of their hearts breaking too, it killed me inside. Although it was very hard and scary moment, the doctors were hopeful and felt that this new chemo they would try would really work. So back to the operating room my mom went and back to the chemo chair she went as well. Things seemed to be going pretty well, until my mom started having complications and had numerous trips in and out of the hospital. But regardless, my mom continued to fight and she fought long and very hard. She told me, “I will fight until I can’t fight anymore Liz, I will not let this beat me.” Hearing this I felt so much comfort, it was comforting to know that my mom was willing to fight for her life and wasn’t going to give up. She continued to live her everyday life and was a “stay-at-home mom” which I just loved. I came home every day for lunch my junior year of high school and she would have lunch already made and was sitting there waiting for me. We had so many talks and she taught me so much during my short 45 minute lunch. She truly was my best friend; I was able to tell her things that I couldn’t even tell my friends. She listened and understood which is what so many people liked about her. Even if she didn’t know you she was willing to listen and give you her advice and comfort. Life seemed to be on my mom’s side all of my junior year and the beginning of my senior year. We went up north, which was a blast in itself. Seeing my

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” - Oprah Winfrey

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart…I’ll always be with you.”-Winnie the Pooh

was so hopeful and positive you couldn’t help but be positive and hopeful when around her. She truly is gold and will be missed by so many. She touched so many people’s lives and made a huge impact on some. Even on the darkest days, I know that I will always have a piece of sunshine living in me because of my mom.

mom get on a jet ski and hearing her laugh from across the lake just made me feel like everything was going to be okay. Until the September of 2011, my mom was taken to the hospital due to complications. She was in the hospital for what seemed like forever and we found out that my mom’s cancer had reached the final stage and had become too aggressive to fix. The day my family found this out we all just started crying, we couldn’t believe that this was it, that my mom’s life could be over in a few short weeks. We knew that this day would come but we never thought that it would be so soon and right in our face. It was like time stopped and no one could move, we didn’t know what to do. All we knew was that we needed to be with our mom/wife as much as we could. We were fortunate enough that my mom was able to have Home Hospice. She was at home for a little over a week and was sent back to the hospital where she would take her final breath on September 27th, just one day after her projected “death” date. As I said before, my mom taught both me and my family so much throughout both life and her battle with cancer. She never once gave up, she fought until the last final day- she was our little scrapper. The cancer had taken a serious toll on her body and she still fought and fought. Her goal was to make it both to my graduation and my sister’s wedding in June. She told my family numerous times that the reason why she was fighting so hard was because she was fighting for us. We were the most important thing to her and she truly lived and breathed for our family. She was the best mom out there, there is no denying that. Never once did she lose hope either. Even in the darkest of times she still saw the light and kept holding on to it. And since she

My advice to those who are battling cancer, is don’t give up. Find the hope and sunshine within yourself, even if it is the tiniest bit, hold on to it and don’t let it go. And my advice to those who have a loved one that has either passed away due to cancer or are battling cancer right now-stay strong, even if you are in the darkest part of your life right now, it won’t be like that forever. You have so much to look forward to in life and right now it’s a rough road but it will get easier. Also look at cancer as a wakeup call, not a death sentence. Although sometimes it seems like all cancer does is take people’s lives, it also is a wakeup call, it reminds us the importance of living life and loving those around us. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Angel On My Shoulder, I would just like to personally thank you for all that you have done for my family. You provided me with hope when I felt completely lost and hopeless at Camp Teen, and you provided me with comfort and a great network of friends at Angel Adventures. I will be forever grateful for all of the advice, fun activities, friends, and life experiences you all have given me at Angel On My Shoulder, I’m not sure where I would be without you guys. Thank you also for providing my mom and dad with comfort and peace of mind at Healing Angels. You guys really have been angels to my family and provided us with a great deal of hope. Thank you again! “Be Strong. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.”

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again. - Alex Tan

Angel volunteers Chuck Wilfer and Jackie Wilfer delivering an Angel thinking of you basket to Jackie’s brother, Art Hewitt. Art and his wife, Claire, have been making numerous trips to cancer clinics and hospitals for surgeries and treatment. They are grateful to AOMS for giving them a little sunshine and smiles in their “very often” long, long days.

The Trinity Lutheran Church Group P.E.P (People Enjoying People) in West Bend, WI was interested in and welcomed an Angel presentation to their group with open arms to learn more about AOMS. Angel volunteer, Chuck Wilfer, received a donation from Leader, Merle Boos, who arranged the presentation.

Betty, with her son Dana, daughter-in-law Tina, and baby grandson Chase. AOMS helped Betty make the trip to Jensen Beach Florida to spend some time with her family and meet her new grandson. Dear Lolly and Angel On My Shoulder, “I have planted a Forget Me Not in the garden of my heart for you. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories”. Betty

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 27 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Breast Cancer Advances, 2011 Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women with about 230,000 cases estimated to occur in 2011, about 30% of all female cancers. Breast cancer is second to lung cancer in deaths due to cancer among women, causing about 39,000 deaths nationwide and 630 in Wisconsin this year. However, the good news is that the breast cancer mortality rate has been declining at a rate of about 1.6% annually over the last 20 years, resulting in an overall decline of about 30%. The 5-year survival for breast cancer, including all stages, is now 89%. What is responsible for this dramatic improvement in outcomes? A number of factors have contributed. First is continued application of screening for breast cancer, resulting in early detection of cancers when they are most likely to be cured. Secondly, in the late 1990s it was recognized that post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with estrogen plus progesterone was associated with an elevated risk of breast cancer, and there was a subsequent dramatic decline in the use of HRT. It is believed that this has contributed in the past decade to a decline in breast cancer incidence. The remaining factor is development of new treatments for breast cancer that have resulted in a decrease in deaths from this disease. Breast cancer, like all cancers, is really not one disease, but a heterogeneous group of diseases with different degrees of aggressiveness and response to therapies—

what we consider to be “biological characteristics” of the cancer. A major advance in the care of patients with breast cancer is our ability to better define breast cancer subtypes, and utilize therapies that specifically target a particular biologic characteristic of the cancer, or in some cases avoid the use of toxic treatments that are unlikely to benefit a particular patient. The first example of more “targeted” therapy is the use of drugs that alter hormonal interactions in estrogen receptor positive breast cancers, which account for about 60% of all breast cancers. In these “ER-positive” cancers, we have utilized agents such as tamoxifen, which blocks the growth-promoting effects of estrogen on breast cancer cells, for many years. More recently, another very potent group of drugs, Aromatase inhibitors (AIs), were approved initially for the treatment of advanced cancers, and in 2002 for prevention of recurrence in early breast cancers. These are oral agents with relatively favorable side effect

William Hocking, M.D. Hematologist-Oncologist Marshfield Clinic

prognosis. However, in the late 1990s an agent to target this protein and inhibit it’s activity, trastuzumab (Herceptin), was approved after clinical trials demonstrated that this agent improved the response to chemotherapy and the survival rate of women with advanced breast cancer. In 2006 trastuzumab was approved for use in early Her2-positive cancers based on clinical trials that demonstrated an approximate 50% reduction in deaths for these women. Another group of breast cancers that have been more clearly defined in the last 5 years are those that do not

Each new agent provides new options and hope for patients with breast cancer. profiles that can reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence by approximately 50% in post-menopausal women with ER-positive cancers. Another advance in patients with ERpositive tumors was the development of gene-expression testing to characterize the behavior and prognosis of tumors. These tests analyze the activity of a panel of genes in the individual patient’s breast cancer, and can predict the prognosis as well as the likelihood of responding to chemotherapy. Using this approach in selected patients allows the oncologist to avoid prescribing toxic chemotherapy for patients who stand little chance of benefit, but who may benefit from hormonally directed therapies instead. Ongoing clinical trials utilizing this technology will further clarify the best use of this approach. Another major advance in the treatment of breast cancer is the recognition that 20-25% of breast cancers produce a protein on the surface of their cells, Her2. These patients tend to have a more aggressive form of cancer and generally worse

28 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

express hormone receptors (ER or PR) or Her2—so-called triple negatives. These cancers also tend to be more aggressive, and do not respond to either hormonal therapies or Her2-directed therapies, so that chemotherapy is the only option for the systemic treatment of these patients. The biology of these cancers is now being intensively studied and there is hope that new targeted agents may soon become available to add to our armamentarium for triple negative cancers. Research continues in all of these areas, and there are a number of new targeted agents under investigation, some of which should soon be available. Each new agent provides new options and hope for patients with breast cancer. While the last 2 decades have seen tremendous progress in breast cancer, much work remains to eliminate the suffering from this disease. Continued research into the biology and clinical aspects of breast cancer is necessary to achieve this goal. William Hocking, M.D. December 2011

If someone is too tired to give you a smile, leave one of your own, because no one needs a smile as much as those who have none to give. –Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

Hi Lolly,

Memorials Angel On My Shoulder is extremely blessed to receive many donations throughout the year in memory of loved ones who have gone before us or in honor of loved ones today. These special and meaningful tributes of love and honoring are warmly received and gratefully acknowledged.

IN MEMORY OF THOSE WE HAVE LOVED, IN HONOR OF OUR LOVED ONES TODAY, AND IN HOPE FOR THOSE WE WILL LOVE IN YEARS TO COME! IN LOVING MEMORY OF: Lorraine Justman Sgt. Ryan Adams Frances Ahlswede Bernie Arieff Bobby Arieff Mildred Bear Kealie Beilke Bruce Breyer Joan Buerger Hy Domnitz Jim Falk Bill Forrer Jonathan Friedman Nate Garber Caroline Gesler Ed Gesler Rive Goldman Adolph Gottlieb Joe Gottlieb Patricia Halla

Mavis Harmon Patti Herr Brian Herzog Bobby Jewett Dolores Jewett Jeanne Joy Harry Kane Jeffrey Scott Kane Lawrence “Larry” Kane John Kappell Irma Kaufman Barb Kieffer Edward Kieffer Ann Keup Ken Kocher Shirley Kroll Carol Kuehn Paul Langerman Howard Lass Jim Lewis Sandy Lipp

Agnes Marek Ed Marek Anna Menebroeker Jim Meyers Michael Meyers Virginia Mills Jim Mohelnitzky Louise Pearson Barbara Reuteman Dick Rose Larry Rassel Harriet Russell Mark Rutberg Caden Safer Linda Sanchez Anita Sernoe Mel Sernoe Dottie Schmidt Ron Shreck Jim Shukur Joan Schumacher Dolores “Dee” Smith

Norman Springer Shirley Springer Arthur Strauss Dr. John Tollack John Van Beckum Chuck Vogel Gene Wagner Jeannie Wood Ardis Zarem IN HONOR OF: Mary Jane Adamczewski Kim Camp Bob Kendall Mindy Lowe Stephanie, Amanda & Emma and in celebration of Kiki from Russ and Amy Kitsemble

My wife, Joan, passed away in September, 2011. She was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer in May, 2008. Joan attended your survivor retreat (Healing Angels), and our daughter, Liz, has benefited greatly from your camps (Camp Teen and Angel Adventures). Angel On My Shoulder has been a very important part of our lives since 2008 and I have enjoyed watching both of my daughters and future sonin-law participate in the Polar Plunge. In planning Joan’s funeral, she asked that memorials be designated to Angel On My Shoulder. In addition, our daughters and I decided that any memorials given to our family would also be given to Angel On My Shoulder in memory of Joan. Lolly, over the past 3+ years, Joan has referred to you as our Angel On Our Shoulder, now we have an Angel watching over us in Heaven. Thanks for everything, Ron

Angels Always with Denise Starr

“Angel” Holli with Mom, Denise Sometimes life can throw some real curve balls, as so many of the people involved with Angel On My Shoulder have learned. A cancer diagnosis itself is earth-shaking, but for Denise Starr of Greenfield, her diagnosis in 2008 was the beginning of a tumultuous journey. Fortunately, Denise did not have to face her battle with cancer on her own. She found that Angel On My Shoulder was an invaluable source of emotional support as she fought the disease, and she had a stalwart ally in her battle - her daughter, Holli. Going through chemo was tough, but with encouragement from Holli and Angel On My Shoulder, Denise completed her treatments. Mother and daughter even traveled to London

after Denise’s treatments and before her surgery to visit with friends. They also had a special celebration planned for the time when Denise would be declared cancer-free. “Through it all, we would get these little gifts from Angel On My Shoulder with kind words and encouragement,” Denise wrote. “I always felt special when I got these gifts and cards. This helped me so much through my treatments and emotions that I told my daughter when I got through this and had an all clear on my follow-up, she and I were going in and getting the heart logo you use tattooed on my shoulder.” And in June 2008, that’s exactly what they did. Later Holli even made a trip home to have a mother/daughter picture taken with their meaningful tattoos.

cancer free news. And using your emblem was perfect, as you were there with us.” And AOMS is still there for Denise, who shared the following poem from Holli’s service: I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one, I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when day is gone. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times, and laughing times, and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun, Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

Sadly, Denise’s journey took a shattering turn that no one could have foreseen. On April 3, 2011, Holli was killed in a tragic car accident.

No one can ever know why, just when the future

“I am so glad I had that time with her then,” Denise wrote to AOMS. “She was my angel during my cancer treatments and surgeries, always there to hold my hand or lay next to me in bed.

thing seems certain: The tattoo on Denise’s

“My little girl was my life,” Denise continued. “Getting the tattoo was her idea to celebrate the

reminder that Denise has a very precious angel

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. –Hermann Hesse

looked so promising, a cruel twist of fate took Denise‘s cherished daughter from her. But one shoulder, originally intended to signify her victory over cancer and the role of AOMS in that fight, now has an even deeper meaning. It‘s also a watching over her.

Angel On My Shoulder 2012 Newsletter | 29 Angel on My Shoulder ™

Twelfth Annual Original Northwoods Polar Bear Plunge The score board lit up reflecting the remarkable amount for this year’s plunge of $34,140 raised to benefit Camp Angel/ Camp Teen Angel, Angel Adventures and other programs of Angel On My Shoulder. WOW and then some… There were 101 brave plungers taking on the frigid waters of Big St. Germain Lake coming from far and near including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Carolina. A few television notables graced us with their presence (actually “plunging presence)… Emmy Fink, Host of Discover Wisconsin, as well as Marisa Lampe and Lyndsey Stemm of Channel 12-Rhinelander “jumped” at the chance to support those living with or affected by cancer.

These dedicated and creative “angels’ gave the “thon” a supportive twist this year by designating the monies raised to sponsor 30 campers (an estimated $350 per camper) for our January, 2012 Camp Angel retreat. We are beyond grateful to this amazing team of Angels who reached their goal and then some. A genuine THANKS to each and every one of the caring “listeners” and “contributors” who so graciously and generously opened their hearts and resources to sponsor these children. Drum roll please… mission accomplished!! The prestigious PBP 2012 “Guardian Angel” award was presented to 12 year Polar Plunge veteran… Matt Koser of Underground Sounds. He may be with “Underground” but he’s an“Over the Top” sound guy in our book!! A tremendous thank you to Matt for his continued commitment to keeping the “Plunge” on (sound) track!! A very big “THANK YOU” to each and every

Town of St. Germain; the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department; the stand-by ambulance provided by the Plum Lake Ambulance Crew, and members of the BoBoen Snowmobile Club for security at the plunging site. Special thanks to Bill Nichols of Timber Bay Sport & Dive who was on site to assist the plungers safely in and out of the water and the ice cutting crew led by George Schroeder of Northshore Dirtworks. A well-deserved HIGH FIVE – to all of the “PLEDGERS”… You definitely added to the huge “splash” the Plunge made to support those living with or affected by cancer. No pledges – no plungers… that says it all. You can revisit the 12th Annual Polar Plunge by checking out the websites of www. or

The ultimate “plunger”, Moses Huizinga, courageously led the way-taking the plunge not once but TWICE!! BRRR!! Sleepless in Eagle River… to benefit young people affected by cancer!! For the fifth consecutive year, the dynamic WRJO Radio personalities, Mike Wolf and Amy Linnett did Angel proud by cohosting the renowned “Pledge-A-Thon on their station. This dynamic duo along with exceptional Angel volunteer, Eric Schoeneck, stayed on the air for 30 hours + to raise an incredible $10,650 in pledges to enhance the proceeds of the Plunge. Dick Lemke, another fabulous Angel volunteer, also participated in this red eye event. It simply doesn’t get any better than that and we are beyond grateful to this amazing team of passionate Angels. A real “eyeopener” to their commitment to helping others.

Linda Helmick/For

We enthusiastically invite you to join us for the 13th Annual Original Northwoods Polar Bear Plunge. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, January 5, 2013. Hope to see you there!!! one of the Polar Plunge volunteers for giving of their time, talent and energies to make this chilly event everything it is meant to be and more!! We absolutely could not do it without them!! We gratefully acknowledge the sponsors of this fun and frosty festival: WRJOldies 94.5fm, Fibber’s Bar & Lodge, Business Connection, First National Bank, Trademark Graphics, White Pine Printing, The Lakeland Times, Sam’s Rental, Radio Shack of Eagle River, St. Germain Lodge, Lakeland Lawn, The Pool People, Northwoods River News, Northshore Dirtworks, Pier of D’Nort, Shoeders, Timber Bay and Underground Sound along with a big boost from the fabulous media… Lakeland News, Northwoods River News, Vilas County News Review and Channel 12 of Rhinelander.

Please contact us by using the information listed at the end of this newsletter if you are interested in being a “plunger”, volunteer, spectator, donator or sponsor.

Linda Helmick/For

Special thanks to Pier of d’North Corporation for providing the access ramp and elevated platform on the ice to ensure the safety of those taking the plunge. A big round of applause to the SAFETY SUPPORT GROUP for all that they do to keep us all “Polar Bear Plunge Safe”: the Linda Helmick/For

30 | 2012 Newsletter Angel On My Shoulder

Laughter is the closest distance between two people. –Victor Borge

With “warmest” appreciation we accredit the phenomenal “Polar” awards to: (Based on Cumulative total collected by each plunger over the past 12 years)

Glory Board ($1,500-$2,499)

By Mike Wolf So what will people do to raise money for a charity they believe in? Go for a run or walk on a nice hot summer day? Take a nice bike ride? Dribble a ball? Jump a rope? What will people do to raise money for Angel On My Shoulder? They will jump into the thirty-two degree water of Big St. Germain Lake in St. Germain, Wisconsin in January. Now that’s commitment! The Northwoods Original Polar Bear Plunge to Benefit Angel On My Shoulder started twelve years ago in the most Wisconsin way possible. It was an idea thought up of over a fish fry at Fibber’s in St. Germain. Mike Wolf and his wife Wendi, and Fibber’s prior owners George and Lois Ruediger came up with the event to have a little fun and raise money for a local charity just getting started. I don’t have to say that the charity is Angel, do I? The first year of the event was questionable. Would anyone show up? Will this be a flop? What did we get ourselves into? After much begging and pleading, 10 plungers were guaranteed to enjoy a nice mid-winter swim on January 8th, 2000 at high noon. Plunge time came and it was incredible. The 10 plungers grew into 40 with hundreds of spectators turning out to watch an event that was going to be the first of many plunges. That first year, the plunge, raised over $8000.00 thousand dollars. In our after plunge meeting the question simply was…”do we try it again?” The answer, “sure, got nothin’ else goin’ on that time a year. So it was said, so it was done. Year two came in with $14,000.00 and over 60 plungers. “I guess we got something here, let’s keep it going”. Years three through ten saw many changes to the plunge. New owners of Fibber’s Rob and Kaye Manthei took over where George and Lois left off. A heated outdoor tent was added to Fibber’s to help with the ever-growing crowd. Shuttle busses now run from two locations in St. Germain, the Community Center and Whitetail Inn. A dock system from Pier of D’Nort was added to the hole to provide greater plunging distance as well as to make for a larger splash while entering the water. We even have seen plungers get engaged on that dock before taking the first of two plunges.

George Ruediger................................ $1,503 Gayle Peters........................................ $1,540 Fritz Richter.......................................... $1,599 Steve Soltwedel.................................. $1,615 John Soulier......................................... $1,620 Cecil Stewart....................................... $1,666 Tom Whitman...................................... $1,686 Becky Whitman................................... $1,689 Deb Carlberg...................................... $1,878 Ron Manthei........................................ $1,770 3 Lakes School.................................... $1,970 Dan Ojala............................................ $1,993 Ann Kakacek...................................... $2,010 Alison Castro....................................... $2,100 Brian Stoffel......................................... $2,170 Charlie Taylor...................................... $2,230 Courtney Draeving............................. $2,313 Larry Braasch....................................... $2,351

Angel Board ($2,500-$4,999) Sue McCutchin................................... $3,391 Trig’s..................................................... $4,500

Halleluiah Board ($5,000-$9,999) Emmy Fink............................................ $5,165 J.J. Johnson......................................... $5,485 Pete Adams........................................ $6,640 Schoeneck Family.............................. $7,765

Golden Wings Board ($10,000+) Dick Lemke........................................ $12,075 Russ (Moses) Huizinga....................... $16,028

We volunteer to try and make a difference in the lives of others and to honor those that we have loved and lost. The funny thing is that by volunteering, all of the people that we have met along the way have made a huge difference in our lives. One of the greatest feelings in the world is to see the pure joy and happiness on the face of a child particularly one that carries so much on their shoulders – Dick Lemke and Amy Linnett

Last year, plunge number eleven; brought something we never thought we would see, the breaking of the $250,000.000 mark. How can this be? IT’S A HOLE IN A LAKE IN WINTER?

Special recognition and “hats off” to:

The event is now in year number twelve. No matter how long the event goes on the question remains, will anyone show up? We sure hoped so. (Editor’s note: 101 jumpers showed up.)

Veteran Plungers (Took the Plunge Each Year): Moses Huizinga and Dick Lemke!!

This year’s latest additions to the plunge were two, twenty six foot heated camper trailers from Shoeder’s Marine to serve as new changing stations on the lake shore. This event proves every year that people will do just about anything to support and raise money for a great organization like Angel. There is no doubt that taking a dip into the somewhat cool water of Big St. Germain Lake is a bit exhilarating, but just seeing the look of happiness on the faces of all the plungers, before, during and after, the event is the payoff. When people ask Mike Wolf about the plunge, he admits to them it is cold but also lets them know, that it takes Less than One Minute to take the plunge, but it provides a Weekend full of fun for the kids at Camp Angel.

Laughter is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice with it. –Author Unknown

Plungers who brought in OVER $1,000 this year: Emmy Fink/Discover Wisconsin.......... $5,165 Moses Huizinga................................... $3,030 The Schoeneck Family Team............. $2,425 (Commemorating the life of little Angel, Jadelynn Pearl Schoeneck, who passed away from cancer in 2007). This outstanding family team also played a major role in organizing and contributing to the plunge.

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