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My favourite animal: Dolphins

Description ď‚— The dolphins are grey and

the stomach is pinkish gray.

ď‚— It can be spotted, it has got a dorsal fin, a blowhole,

, fin, belly, and , mammal.

eye, snout, fluke. It is a

Habitat ď‚— The dolphins live in harbors, bays, lagoons and

gulf. They do migrate if the water isn’t cold enough. They live in shallow water.

Diet  The dolphins usually eat squid and crustaceans

such as shrimp. It’s an Omnivore.

Curiosities  I like the dolphins because they’re considered to be

amongst the most intelligent animals. I also like them because there are many different types and they are very beautiful. The average life expectancy for the dolphins is about 25 years, but some can reach 40 years. These animals aren’t dangerous to humans. Dolphins can jump as high as 5m from the surface of the water.

My favourite animal  

My favourite animal is dolphin

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