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Charlotte Chapple

Medium Youth S/S 15

The creative drawing and digital application unit was an interesting project, I had to pick a theme from the title ‘Youth’ and then show a story through the use of different media such as collages, drawings etc. I chose the 80’s skinhead . I also made a folder of different use of drawing that I experimented with, such as live drawing, observational drawing., working drawings etc. I also improved my knowledge on photoshop, in-design and illustrator in which we made our own logos and experimented with typography.

Skinhead 80’s Theme

Autumn leaves white shirt A/W 15

The Creative practice unit was about designing and making a white shirt. It consists of the preparation to making a white shirt, practicing and making toiles on the industrial machines of different aspects of the white shirt. We had the choice of choosing our own collar and cuffs to design and make, to personalise the white shirt. I had to do research on a particular theme for our collar and cuff designs of which I thought of an Autumn leaf theme,. I liked this idea as I could experiment with diffferent effects for my leaf design.

Final Shirt Design

Graveyard collection S/S 15

In the creative realisation unit I had to pick a theme of which I am interested in and then go on to drawing 50 designs from that idea, my idea was spiritualism and I came up with graveyards etc. I then went onto experimenting with samples and choosing the right fabrics to show texture, and experimenting with fabric manipulation. I made a futuristic line up with details of each garment which includes experimenting with 2D-3D and playing around on Lectra programmes such as Kaledo.

Colour Theme and Matching Coloured Fabrics

Final Graveyard Collection

Red explosion A/W 15

In the Digital Fashion unit, I had to choose a brand of which could inspire me to have experimental ideas that I could try out in the dye room, researching and coming up with different ways I could make a print which relates to my chosen brand which is Coca Cola. I experimented with puff binding, batik, screen printing etc. I learnt how to use the Lectra programme and how to make a jersy T-shirt, I gained more experience in using photoshop, illustrator and In-Design. I had to make a T-shirt pattern in the lectra programmes and printed it to make the T-shirt on the industrial machines.

Final Prints for Finished Jersy T-shirt.

Innocent Denim S/S 15

The design process and application unit is our final project. We chose our subject pathway, I have chosen Lectra. The unit is about finding a brand of which I chose innocent smoothies and to design a collection, creating a range plan and making virtual toiles on the Lectra programme using programmes such as Kaledo, Modaris, Diamino and 3D fit. We have to use denim in our designs. I have decided to create a teen/young womens collection due to trying to relate to the brands consumers.

Technical sketch of final 6

Colour Way Range Plan and Technical Sketches

Technical sketches drawn up on Kaledo.

3D fit with my final dungaree design.

Final Design

Desk of stitches to make the virtual toile.

Final pattern created on Modaris.

Final Toile made in Calico


Innocent Denim S/S 15 Final Garment

Charlotte chapple's 1st year portfolio  

This is my portfolio for my first year in Fashion BA (hons) at AUB. The portfolio consists of the 5 units that I have just completed.