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Pomeranian Puppies for Sale – Good as Toy Dog Breed

Pomeranian puppies are widely popular as toy dog breeds. They have created a craze among the pet lovers with their fox like face, alert dark eyes, luxurious double coats of fur, and thick, furry tails. Apart from that these puppies have some attractive features that make them most popular among the toy dog owners. Pomeranian puppies for sale stores are easily available and one can find out the most suitable puppies by visiting these stores. Pomeranians are called as toy dogs as they only reach an adult size of three to seven pounds and a height of eight to eleven inches. These breeds are classified as a member of both the toy and Spitz groups by the American Kennel Club. The toy reflects the fact of their diminutive size. Basically the Spitz group of dogs including Pomeranian breeds is descended from an area south of the Baltic Sea (today’s Poland and Germany). Pomeranian puppies generally resemble baby foxes. They have their head shaped like inverted triangles. They also possess interesting attire with their dark noses and eyes. They also have thick double-layered coat and furry tail curled over their back. They are small dog breeds with a doll like face as well as powder puff appearance. Although small in size, Pomeranian puppies for sale possess a great personality like a large dog. They are excitable, vivacious, demanding and at the same time are high in maintenance. Because of their nature Pomeranians are not suitable for infants and kids. This is the reason they are not suitable for the home with infants and kids. They are quite impatient to the kids who annoy them. For example: they tend to snap at the kids who pull their tails. At the same time, it is also true that Pomeranians are good family breeds and do well with older children.

Pomeranian puppies for sale – good as toy dog breed