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19 6 8 SPRING 2016







PLASTIK Trevor Brady


ALENA Kendra Storm Rae

34 DESERT SKY Chris Haylett 42 ILLUSTRATOR Sunny Gu

46 JEWELRY DESIGNER Caroline Néron

50 ARTIST Andrew Dexel

COVER Photographed by Mike Lewis Stylist: Alisa Krost Model: Claire Dawe-McCord - Sutherland Models

53 EVENT Emanuel Ungaro


EVENT IWC Schaffhausen




HOLOGRAPH Victoria Ansell-Gauvin




AMAZON FASHION Chiara Ferragni


RESCUED Javi Salinas



98 4

TRAVEL Santa Barbara




74 1968magazine.com


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1968 Team

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars ROLLS-ROYCE DAWN

NOWHERELAND Photographed by Mike Lewis

www.mikelewisphotographer.com Stylist: Alisa Krost Makeup and Hair: Eduardo Mella Represented by Lang Management Models: Claire Dawe-McCord - Sutherland Models Valeria Efanova - Next Models Photographer Assistant: Julie Riemersma



Left Claire Jacket Noir Kei Ninomiya Pants BCBG Left: Dress Monique Lhuillier

Right Val Top Christopher Kane PVC Skirt North Bound Leather




Scarf Sid Neigum




Top North Bound Leather Skirt Fausto Puglisi

Dress Andrew Majtenyi



Right Claire Dress Fausto Puglisi Left Val Dress Fendi




ALENA Photographed by Kendra Storm Rae www.kendrarae.com Makeup and Hair: Victoria Reuter Model: Alena - Viva Models Berlin







PLASTIK Photographed by Trevor Brady

www.trevorbrady.com Stylist: Carla Pedersen Represented by THEY Rep Makeup and Hair: Talysia Ayala, using MAC Cosmetics Represented by THEY Rep Model: Sabine - Lizbell Agency



Left: Jacket Marc by Marc Jacobs Shirt COS Collar Vintage

Shirt Carven Skirt T by Alexander Wang Shoes Celine Hat, scarf and gloves Vintage Choker Topshop

Shirt bCBG MAX AZRIA Scarf Vintage



Jersey top Jacquemus Shirt COS Wool Skirt Jacquemus Sweatshirt (worn around waist) Vintage Shoes Celine Necklaces Topshop

Jersey Top Jacquemus Shirt COS Necklaces Topshop



Shirt BCBG Max Azria Jeans SEE by Chloe Scarf and shoes Vintage

Shirt Carven Scarf and gloves Vintage Choker Topshop



Jacket Marc by Marc Jacobs Shirt COS Jeans Killah Shoes Celine Collar Vintage

Dress Jacquemus Shirt COS Tie and pin Vintage



Dress Tanya Taylor Purse and scarf Vintage

Nylon hoop dress Angel Lin



DESERT SKY Photographed by Chris Haylett

www.chrishaylett.com Represented by THEY Rep Stylist: Carla Pedersen Represented by THEY Rep Makeup Artist: Ellen Pratt Represented by Judy Inc Vancouver Hair Stylist: Dan Nguyen for LURE Salon, using Oribe Hair Care Represented by THEY Rep Model: Asli - Wilhelmina Vancouver

Black taffeta skirt Cindy Zhuang

Maxi dress Joyce Li Slides Jimmy Choo



Silk blouse DSquared Trouser Zara Platforms Aldo Leather bage Loewe

Corset and hoop skirt Cindy Zhuang Shoes Charles David



Cape and asymmetrical skirt Quinci Wang Snakeskin clutch Givenchy Wedges Ann Demeulemeester

Dress Missoni Fringe belt Italissima Shoes Ann Demeulemeester Earrings H&M



Corset Quinci Wang Dress worn as skirt Joyce Li Shoulder piece Maison Martin Margiela Shoes Joe’s


Sunny Gu


ased in sunny Los Angeles, Sunny Gu is a beauty and fashion illustrator who’s curious about culture. She loves to look for beauty in everything around her and then recreate it in her art. It certainly shows through in her work, which is full of colour, glamour, fashion and ornamentation. Her overall aim is to preserve the beauty she sees around her. www.sunnygu.com When did you realize that you wanted to be an illustrator? I fell in love with doodling since I was two, drawing and painting have always been my favorite things to do. But I never thought about being a professional artist when I was little. I grew up in a very conservative Chinese family, pursuing in art was not in the family’s agenda. My family and I immigrated to the U.S. when I was 13. During elementary school and high school, I had a few teachers trying to persuade me to take this hobby seriously. Upon graduating from high school, my photography teacher pushed me to submit a portfolio to Art College. With no formal training, I was very unconfident. But, to my surprise, I got in! And my dream to become a professional illustrator started. What drew you to fashion and beauty illustration specifically? I learned about the general illustration field during my years in Art College. One day I was in the school library and randomly flipped through a fashion illustration book. I was immediately inspired and knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do! Where do you tend to get your inspiration? I find inspiration in everything, especially flowers, latest fashion runway shows, and the people that are closest to me.


Lip Couture - Outfit inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier


What motivates you? Drawing and painting! I’m a creature of habit. When I’m constantly creating, I’m motivated and excited, generating new ideas that I’m eager to bring alive. There are times I’m lazy, I get depressed and uninspired, but things start to improve when I pick up my paintbrush. What do you think it is about illustration that appeals to people? Illustration is just like any other form of visual information, it’s a necessary part of visual communication. We all have an innate love for images, because they are processed exponentially faster than textual information. But with the ever evolving technology and countless amazing photographers and animators, it is the illustrators’ job to have their own unique style and individuality; to be different, visually appealing while successfully communicating the information.

Spring Blossom - Inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg SS 2016 Collection

How would you describe your style? My illustrations are always full of vibrant colours, rich details and delightful feelings. When I paint, I am bathed in happiness, I hope my colorful illustrations can bring you some joy too! Has your Chinese background influenced your style? Yes, of course. I can hardly pin point the influences, but I know it’s deep in my roots and unconsciously influenced every aspect of how I think and how I work. How would you describe your creative process? I start working on every illustration from rough sketches, and then draw out different ideas in order to find the best composition. Once I’m happy with the composition, I think about the details. After I thought-through about the image, I start painting. For most of my illustrations, I paint them in watercolor. I love the vibrancy and unpredictable nature of watercolour. Occasionally I use graphite or acrylic paint to render some special textures. I also create digital art for surface design and textiles. What is it about illustration that keeps you engaged? Every illustration is like a journey, I really enjoy the creative problem solving process. It keeps me thinking, constantly looking to learn about new things, and connecting thoughts from everything I know.

Date Night - inspired by Gucci Cruise 2016

What is your favourite medium to work with? Watercolour. Are there any techniques or materials you would like to explore in the future? I’m always open to new techniques and materials. Digital software comes in handy when some clients need vector image or have a preferred medium. I create digital images for the clients who have that preference. I have explored a wide range of traditional drawing and painting materials back in college; I occasionally use different materials when they can achieve the textures that watercolour can’t.

Stay Cozy - Inspired by Sonia Rykiel Pre Fall 2016


Do you have a one favourite illustration amongst your work? No, it will be the next one! After spending many hours on each piece, I get numb looking at my past work. I also learned things I could improve and mistakes I made along the way. I’m most excited about what’s coming next. What do you feel has been your biggest achievement so far? I see growth in my skill and career experience. Do you have a favourite artist (illustrator or otherwise)? I look up to so many artists and illustrators, but Gustav Klimt is my all time favourite.

Pink - Inspired by Rodarte Spring 2016


Looking at your big client list, how does it feel knowing you have worked with so many esteemed brands? I feel more humbled than when I first started out. Because when I was a beginner, most things were unknown. It’s a very uncertain and scary situation. But during that time, I also had a very vague understanding of the field, brands and other talents. As I worked on more projects and collaborations, I started to have a clearer perspective of the field and myself. I realized there are too many things I don’t know, so many aspects I could improve on, and a lot of things I have to learn. Any projects you are currently working on that you can tell us about? The current projects need to follow clients’ confidential terms. But I’m always active on social media, where I will be posting my latest work and news. Do you have any advice for aspiring illustrators? Believe in yourself, learning by doing. What are your goals for the next 5 years in your career? It’s hard to set a concrete goal for the next 5 years. Many things will change, how we work, how we communicate, how the illustration field will evolve. I hope to continue creating illustrations, working with many more brands and companies, becoming better illustrator and person. And hopefully, I can share some joy and inspiration with others at the same time.

Flamingo Love - Summery Gems

What do you think sets your illustrations apart from others? My illustrations can be easily recognized, always painted in vibrant colours and rich details. I also wish to constantly bring new elements, perspectives, feelings into my work. What would you be doing if you weren’t an illustrator? Psychologist. I studied multiple courses on psychology back in school, I still read books on psychology during leisure time. I’m always curious about this field and I love working with people. If you had the chance to work in any other city in the world, where would you go and why? I have lived for over a decade in California, spent my childhood in China, I think working in somewhere I have never been, preferably Paris or London, would definitely bring new perspectives.

Journey - Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016


Caroline Néron


rom a very young age Caroline Néron was determined to become an actress. Her career started in her teenage years where she landed roles in several TV commercials and TV shows which led her to the big screen. Following her major acting successes, the Quebec star put out her first album in 2003, and two more in the following years. By fall 2004, Caroline Néron had switched from one manager to the next, and had still not found the one who would make her dreams a reality. That’s when she realized she would have to take hold of her destiny and do it herself.


She always had a passion for fashion and, accessories and while on a trip to Las Vegas, it struck her: she should create a jewelry line. Once back home, she hired a designer and created 30 models. Three weeks later, she launched her first collection in a major retailer. In 2008, she presented her collection during the Montreal Fashion Week for the first time. Her vision of creating a show rather than a traditional catwalk was met with a standing ovation, an accomplishment which she would repeat for the following three years. In 2011 when she presented her fashion show for the first time in Toronto, critics celebrated her work, naming her the ‘’Victoria’s Secret of Jewelry’’.


She has expanded her range of products by adding a line of accessories including handbags made from genuine leather and a line of sunglasses. In spring 2015, she launched a brand new boutique concept perfectly reflecting her brand “Glamour with a Bohemian Spirit�. If her accomplishments over the last 10 years are indicative of the future, the future looks very promising. On the path to 2018, she expects to have a boutique in every Canadian province, as well as penetrating the American and European markets. www.carolineneron.com

Actress, singer, fashion and jewelry designer…how do you balance them in your everyday life? My main focus now is my company and expanding my brand worldwide.

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc…do you have a favourite? I also do leather bags, sunglasses and perfumes. I’m a jewelry and accessories brand. They are all my favourite.

When did you realize you wanted to be a jewelry designer? In 2004.

Do you have a favourite piece of jewelry from your collections? Yes, my leather and silver toned necklace, the Nuit Blanche.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your jewelry designs? Glamour with a bohemian spirit.

Which styles are the most popular right now? Eclectic earrings and adjustable necklaces and bracelets are super cool.

Can you tell us about your creative process when you design? Everyday is a creative process. What is your source of inspiration? Everything is a source of inspiration! Sometimes a vacation, sometimes a fashion show, sometimes just walking the streets of New York can inspire me. What keeps you motivated? My passion and love for my company’s vision.


What is your favourite material and/or stone to work with? Aren’t diamonds a girl’s best friend? What’s one piece of jewelry every woman should have in her collection? Rings or earrings are a must. I feel naked without them. How would you describe the ideal Caroline Néron woman? She is between 25 and 40 and doesn’t have children yet.


She lives in the city where she is very career oriented and independent, and has a very active social life. She likes to indulge by sometimes going to the spa or salon. She likes to read fashion magazines and interior design, staying active and traveling. What should a woman look for in a good piece of jewelry? Quality, style and uniqueness. You also have a men’s collection; how has the reception been to that? Outstanding! Our men’s collection sells above the average for men’s jewelry lines. Do you create custom pieces? Yes I do; for the private sector as well as special clients. Most recently I was asked to create a special set of necklaces made from 18k gold and diamonds for a charity event in New York City. The 30th anniversary of RAN, a rain forest conservation charity hosted by Chris Noth (Mr Big from Sex and the City).

Who do you most enjoy designing for? Me! But of course for all women and men in general. Do you have a favourite era of jewelry design? No. What I like about all of the eras is that I can mix them all and create a new era with a touch of the past. Are there any jewelry trends you never want to see again? Yes, navel rings! If you could move anywhere in the world and open up a studio, where would you go? Corsica. One day, soon, I will. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? A huge global brand.


Andrew Dexel


ndrew (Enpaauk) Dexel is an artist from the Nlakapamux Nation who is known for the innovative fusion of graffiti art and Indigenous symbolism, characteristic of his paintings and prints. Dexel enjoys using bold, unconventional colours and abstract elements in his compositions. The artist’s aim is to create unique transcultural works and to compose modern day interpretations of traditional forms, stories and teachings to inspire future generations. www.visualmedicine.ca When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? I started doodling around with graffiti about 20 years ago; since then it’s been a pretty natural process. How would you describe your style? A creative expression of shapes and colours. How has your First Nations heritage influenced your work? I think of myself as being indigenous, we are all indigenous to this earth in some way or another, once you have that connection to where you are it becomes who you are. My heritage and my interest in my heritage is the focal point, in which everything I do stems from. Do you have an artist statement? “My work relates my spiritual path; my journey. I express the inspiration lovingly given to me through teachings and stories from my elders and mentors. My work embodies the powerful visions that I have been given through these teachings. I am grateful. My work is a modern expression embodying the symbolic abstract inspired by my home: Coast Salish Territory.” Inspiration can come from many places, but is there someplace specific that yours comes from? My inspiration comes from nature and the natural laws of this earth.


Stein Valley and the Spirit of Purification


Change of Seasons

What is your favourite medium to work with? I use mostly acrylics, and I use spray paint from time to time. Is there any other medium you enjoy working with? I like to make digital images in illustrator. What are your favourite themes? I find myself always going back to nature, and my paintings are my own creative interpretation of the wind, fire, earth and water, and the different animals and supernatural beings. Can you tell us about the significance of the circles in your paintings? Many different indigenous teachings are based on things that are so simple that you could easily overlook their significance.

Is there a message you wish to communicate with your art? I want to create images that are appealing to look at, and compose an image that has never been seen before, that gives you a good feeling and that may take the viewer to a good place and inspire their own vision and how they see things. I could type away all day but that’s not my job, I do art and hope that it would speak for itself. How would you describe your creative process? I like to experiment, I like to be flexible and open to what is about to take place. What does your work mean to you? My work is a part of my own healing process; there was a time that I wasn’t good for much, other than to do my art, and that took me to a good place.

Star Nation

Raven Child

Art can take on so many meanings for different people; how do you personally define “art�? Art is a visual creative expression, anyone can do art.

What was your first solo exhibit like? Very good, it came together quite nice. It was at the Grunt Gallery.

Do you have a favourite piece of art amongst your work? My favourite is Raven Child, it represents my son.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists? Enjoy yourself.

Do you have a favourite stylistic period in the history of art? I like symbolism, whether it be pictographs in caves, graffiti on the street, or totem poles.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? Right now I am studying pictographs from my traditional area, I want to rebirth and interpret some of the messages that my ancestors left behind.

As an artist, what has been your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement is yet to come. I wish to better express myself in relevance to who I am and where I come from.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Happy and healthy. All my Relations



Emanuel Ungaro

Leila Ndabirabe and Jing Wen

Olga Polienko and Frederique Bel

Kristina Basan

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the iconic brand Emanuel Ungaro, the Maison hosted a stellar group of celebrities and press from the fashion world to celebrate the launch of the new perfume “La Diva” at the famous Petit Palais in Paris.

To introduce the new elegant and voluptuous fragrance “La Diva” was Michele Norsa, CEO of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, through a spectacular 3D projection on the facade of the Petit Palais with the protagonist Charlotte Free as the new face of the perfume licensed to Ferragamo Perfumes.

Fausto Puglisi, the Creative Director of the House, along with its President, Asim Abdullah, welcomed 600 guests to discover a virtual history of the brand in images, from haute couture to prêt-à-porter, choreographed and created by Ali Mahdavi to an original score created by Monarchy.

Strong moments during the evening were the showcase of the French group LEJ and the DJ set of Marie-Amélie Seigner who fired the dance floor until late in the night.



IWC Schaffhausen

Rosamund Pike, IWC Schaffhausen CEO Georges Kern and Adriana Lima

Marc Forster, Scott Eastwood and Chris Evans

At the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) watch show in Geneva, IWC celebrated the launch of its new Pilot’s Watches collection. The Pepe Lienhard Big Band from Switzerland, a dance ensemble from England and an exciting mix of jazz and swing took around 800 guests back to the golden age of the flying pioneers.

“Captain America” actor Chris Evans, German actors Elyas M’Barek and Moritz Bleibtreu, Chinese actress and singer Zhou Xun and Swiss Hollywood director Marc Forster. The guest list also included many stars from the world of sport, among them Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg, and Swiss racing cyclist Fabian Cancellara. Also honouring IWC with their presence were the two supermodels and IWC brand ambassadors Adriana Lima and Karolína Kurková, bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho and former Supertramp musician John Helliwell.

Walking the red carpet was a host of stars of the silver screen, such as double Oscar winners Hilary Swank and Christoph Waltz, Dev Patel of “Slumdog Millionaire”, American actor and son of Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood,



Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

Karolína Kurková

“Many of us have shared a fascination for aircraft and flying since our childhood years. IWC’s Pilot’s Watches bring this passion to people’s wrists and are popular with watch devotees all over the world,” says Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, summing up the significance of the legendary watch family. The Pilot’s Watches, with their characteristic dial design and technical highlights such as a soft-iron cage to protect the movement against magnetic fields, have held a firm place in the Schaffhausen based manufacturer’s collection for 80 years.

With a clear focus on technology and development, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has been producing timepieces of lasting value since 1868. The company has gained an international reputation based on a passion for innovative solutions and technical ingenuity. One of the world’s leading brands in the luxury watch segment, IWC crafts masterpieces of haute horlogerie at their finest, combining supreme precision with exclusive design.


Chiara Ferragni


mazon Fashion has appointed founder of TheBlondeSalad.com and digital fashion icon, Chiara Ferragni, as its European brand ambassador for Spring/Summer 2016. Chiara will feature in Amazon’s advertising and social media campaign for fashion across Europe, and the items worn by Chiara in the campaign will be available to buy from Amazon’s five European websites. Chiara visited Amazon’s state of the art European Fashion Photography Studio in Shoreditch, East London, to shoot the campaign with photographer Cass Bird. “Chiara is a smart business woman with a strong sense of personal style and is a great advocate for our ‘Don’t look like me, look like you’ campaign” said Juliet Warkentin, Director of Brand & Creative, Amazon Fashion Europe. Fashion is one of Amazon’s fastest growing categories and during recent years large numbers of brands have partnered to sell their items on Amazon’s websites, such as: Mango, French Connection, Hugo Boss, New Balance, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Gucci watches, and Missoni shoes. What do you love most about being Amazon Fashion’s ambassador? I’m so happy to be the Ambassador of a brand I really love. It is essential for me to have a connection with the brands I work with. The staff are amazing and the atmosphere chilled and productive. Thanks to online retailers like Amazon, fashion is more accessible than ever, which is really exciting as fashion inspires a lot of people. Nowadays you don’t need to live in a fashion capital of the world, have lots of money, or to be able to shop during certain hours. With online retail, it’s possible to browse and shop for fashion anytime of the day, from pretty much anywhere.


What is your favourite piece from the Amazon Fashion’s current collection? There’s an electric blue leather jacket I really like, I’m obsessed by leather jackets! I don’t even know how many I have bought in my life! How would you describe your style? I’m now in an experimental phase of my life, I like to try more in terms of style, makeup and hair.


What is your staple wardrobe piece? Leather jackets and jeans. What is your favourite trend this season? Hats in general, they always add an extra touch to your look. What is your favourite season to dress? (SS/AW) I can’t choose, I love the idea of a seasonal change of wardrobe. Who has been your favourite designer so far at this season’s Fashion Weeks? There are many collections I’ve loved but I look forward to seeing what will be presented in Milan and Paris! What city is best suited to your style? Los Angeles is now the perfect place for me, that’s why I moved there.

What trend do you wish would make a comeback? My style is not only about trends but more about what I like and I feel comfortable in, that’s why I feel free to wear whatever I like without being part of a trend. Heels or flats? Absolutely flats. What are your tips to achieve the best Instagram pose? A good light is all you need for a nice picture or selfie. Where will The Blonde Salad be going next? There are many news we will communicate in the next few months, the team is now becoming bigger and bigger without loosing the beautiful “crew” attitude. We are so proud of the success and the results we have achieved.

GIRL’S NIGHT IN Photographed by Mark Binks

www.markbinks.com Stylist: Joelle Litt Represented by Judy Inc. Makeup and Hair: Robert Weir, using MAC Cosmetics Represented by Judy Inc. Model: Lauren - Plutino Models



Left: Dress Greta Constantine Earrings MM Crystal

Dress Christopher Paunil Boots Opening Ceremony Cuff DVF

Dress Greta Constantine Shoes Alice and Olivia Ring Vince Camuto Earring TopShop Bracelet Stylist Studio



Dress Greta Constantine Shoes Stylist Studio

Dress Narces Choker The Leather Atelier



Dress Narces Earrings MM Crystal

Dress Christopher Paunil Jacket Pink Tartan



Blouse and trouser Andrew Majtenyi Shoes Abel Mu単oz

RESCUED Photographed by Javi Salinas

www.javisalinas.com Makeup Artist: Juan Fortun, using Nars Cosmetics Hair Stylist: Belen Velasco Retoucher: Julia Okaro Model: Yulia - Delphoss Models









HOLOGRAPH Photographed by Victoria Ansell-Gauvin

@victoriaansellgauvin Makeup and Hair: Holly Kurmis of Hot Makeup Models: Gemma - Next Models and Emily - Plutino Models Clothing: Hawke Hwang









STRIKE A POSE Photographed by Jorge Cal

www.jorgecal.com Stylist: Ines Tavares Makeup and Hair: Margarida Santos Model: Maria Vvedenskaya - L’agence Stylist Assistant: Sofia Neto



Top Kaoa the 39th Concept Store Strap Intimissimi Tights Calzedonia Glasses MaxMara Bracelet and Mala Furla Boots Burberry

Shirt and suitcase Burberry Socks Calzedonia Necklace and earrings Boutique Minimaliste Bracelet and shoes Furla



Bra Intimissimi Velvet pants ZARA Tights Calzedonia Necklace and bracelets Bijoux Indiscrets Handbag Burberry Shoes Zilian

Leather jacket with fringes Sushi on 39th Concept Store Vest Intimissimi Bikini underwear and socks Calzedonia Necklace Furla Necklaces and bracelet Not Just Clothes Suitcase and ankle boots Burberry Guitar Production



Leather jacket Salsa Sweater ZARA Tights Calzedonia Necklaces and bracelets Boutique Minimaliste Bag Furla Boots Zilian

Blazer ZARA Body Intimissimi Tights Calzedonia Sunglasses Marc Jacobs Necklace and earrings Boutique Minimaliste Bracelet Furla



Top income ZARA Necklaces and bracelet Furla Ring and body chain Boutique Minimaliste

ALL THAT GLITTERS Photographed by Anthony Turano

www.anthonyturano.com Represented by FH Studio Makeup and Hair: Melanie Viger Models: Alex S, Aerin Venema, Andrea DeLuca - Plutino Models Post Production: Cecilia Buxton










Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore

T 98

he only ocean front Four Seasons resort located on America’s West Coast, Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is a showpiece of Spanish Colonial architecture that has long been a hideaway for Hollywood elite.

Spread across 22 acres with lush, tropical gardens with fountains and parabolic archways framing views of the Pacific Ocean, the resort, built in 1927 and infused with modern luxury, features 207 guest rooms, including 41 located in private bungalows separate from the main buildings.


Antiques, satillo tile floors and wall murals dominate the decor, including the signature Bella Vista Restaurant with an expansive ocean front terrace that is home to one of America’s top 100 brunch experiences. Ty Lounge boasts Spanish and Moroccan accents and is the resort’s entertainment hub, with live music and sumptuous tapas menu.

The resort is one of the only Four Seasons hotels in the world to be recognized as a “wine country hotel”, located minutes from the luxury tasting rooms located along the paseos of historic Downtown Santa Barbara, and just 30 minutes from the vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley, known for worldclass Pinot Noir.

Guests of the resort also enjoy the adjacent Coral Casino Beach and Cabanas Club with specialty seafood experience presented at its ocean front Tydes Restaurant and Coral Reef Aquarium Bar.

Executive Chef Alessandro Cartumini takes full advantage of the fresh seafood brought in daily at the active Santa Barbara Harbour and presents California cuisine with a distinctive California flair.

Access to the club’s Olympic-sized pool is complimentary with premier room categories or higher and can be accessed by all guest rooms for a daily fee. The resort is located directly on pristine Butterfly Beach and is walking distance to the shops and restaurants of Montecito’s Coast Village Road.

The ocean front Spa also reflects the bounty of Santa Barbara through its botanical products and treatments, and features 11 spa treatment rooms, including four day suites complete with fireplaces and soaking tubs.


For more information: www.fourseasons.com/SantaBarbara


FOUR SEASONS RESORT The Biltmore Santa Barbara www.fourseasons.com/SantaBarbara

Profile for 1968 Magazine

Issue 16 - Spring 2016  

This issue features fashion editorial stories from recognized photographers Mike Lewis, Kendra Storm Rae, Trevor Brady, Chris Haylett, Mark...

Issue 16 - Spring 2016  

This issue features fashion editorial stories from recognized photographers Mike Lewis, Kendra Storm Rae, Trevor Brady, Chris Haylett, Mark...