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The Most Awesome Wedding Venues In Mumbai Wedding venues are not tough to find in Mumbai. The usual ones are the banquet halls, open grounds, hotel lawns, etc. The unusual ones are underwater wedding receptions, wedding receptions in the woods, wedding parties in the mountains, etc. Wedding venues adjoining game zones would be a wonderful thing and some wedding halls do have this facility. You need to pre-book the gaming zone in advance. There is an additional cost you will have to bear, but to make your wedding different and classy you may as well book the gaming zone as well. Some gaming zones have wonderful games like bowling. Your guests could enjoy the bowing experience when they attend the wedding. Apart from the usual eating and drinking this would be a different way of entertainment that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. There are other games like cricket simulators that your guest could try not far from the wedding venue.They get to face real bowling actions of legends and play at different levels, amateur,professional, etc. Some wedding venues have the unique property of being pillar-less. Without pillars you have ample space to dance if dancing is a tradition in the wedding held. People could view the podium and the proceedings on the podium with ease without the obstruction of pillars. Also the quality of sound and music improves to a great extent. There is no absorption of sound by the pillars which gives better space for the sound to travel. Also, while selecting a wedding venue one must take into consideration the height, in case you want to build a podium. Then there are scenic places like wooded areas that can be considered as wonderful wedding venues. Wooded areas are great camping sites where you can have your bonfire and dance around to the tunes of music that would be played from battery-charged music systems. Food is something that you will have to get raw and cook at the venue itself. There are hill tops or mountain tops that you could use as beautiful wedding venues. You need to trek to the place with all your baggage. But if you have the money you could get yourself and your guests air-dropped to the venue. Again, if it’s a cold country, then the peaks would be extremely cold in winter and unbearable to an extent. Hence it would be advisable to host your wedding party in summers at such high altitudes. Whereas in warm countries, it would be advisable to host the wedding party in winters, at mountain tops. Wedding venues in Mumbai rarely comprise of such scenic places.

The Most Awesome Wedding Venues In Mumbai