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FASH IO N MART Group of I ndonesia: A Favourite For The People of I ndonesia! A Success Story (1888PressRelease) Asia News Express: Authentic Branded Products Sold At 80% Off Regular Prices! Ricky Ahluwalia, B.Sc, PPMT, & Harnish Ahluwalia have captured the Fashion Retail Market of Indonesia, While Becoming The Indonesian Favourite Branded Store, Holding Exclusive Rights To Over 50 Brands For Indonesia!

(1888PressRelease) - FASHIONMART Stores of Indonesia (FASHIONMART, StockJunction, ProFASHION-Line), has over the years proven to be a vital contributor to Indonesia's Fashion Industry. This is because, FASHIONMART is able to provide the people of Indonesia a wide range of "Luxurious Branded Products" at a fraction of the retail price, up to 80% off! How does FASHIONMART do this? Products from the summer catalog collection of various countries (including US and EUROPE) are heavily discounted when the season changes to fall /winter, as the summer collection is of no use for the fall /winter seaon. Neither will the Brands sell the same collection for the following year/next summer. These products serve the purpose of the people of Indonesia (where the season is summer almost all year long), WHO CAN PURCHASE SUPER LUXURIOUS PRODUCTS, AT SUPER LOW PRICES! FASHIONMART is owned and successfully run by the Ahluwalia Family of Jakarta, Indonesia (Ricky Ahluwalia, B.Sc, PPMT and Harnish Ahluwalia), who is now looking forward for FASHIONMART to be acquired and managed by a CORPORATE business who will be able to expand the concept and take FASHIONMART to the next stage of success; multiplied income and at the same time serve a bigger satisfied population in Indonesia. Reuters, Asia News Express. Trackback Url : http:/ / /ricky-ahluwalia/fashionmart-group-ofindonesia-a-favourite-for-the-people-o-pr-394297.html ###

FASHIONMART Group of Indonesia: A Favourite For The People of Indonesia! A Success Story