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Brian Alfaro, P resident of Alfaro Oil and Gas to Utilize Advanced F racking Techniques in Eagle Ford Shale Exploration

(1888PressRelease) Alfaro Oil and Gas remains dedicated to returning a profit to its program joint venturers and their commitment to this process is achieved mainly through the use of 3-D imaging technology, prestacked time migration and AVO imaging technology as well as drilling in proven fields.

(1888PressRelease) - San Antonio, TX - Brian Alfaro, President of Alfaro Oil and Gas recently announced that Alfaro Oil and Gas intends to use advanced fracking techniques in the Eagle Ford Shale. It is believed that the shale formation in South Texas has an estimated 3 Billion barrels of shale oil reserves that could add up to 420,000 BOPD to United States oil production. In December 2011, Brian Alfaro announced that Alfaro Oil and Gas had acquired approximately 450 acres in the exclusive and much sought-after Eagle Ford Shale. Historically, Eagle Ford Shale completions have proven to be substantial oil and gas producers and ConocoPhillips, the third largest integrated energy company in the U.S. and the fifth largest refiner in the world, expects to triple its output in the next few years. Companies including Forest Oil Corporation, EOG, Rosetta Resources, Chesapeake, Marathon, and Cabot are also active in the Eagle Ford Shale. Brian Alfaro, an innovative leader in oil and natural gas exploration, and his company, Alfaro Oil and Gas plan on utilizing use advanced fracking techniques such as Halliburton's RapidFracTM technique in exploration of the Eagle Ford Shale. In light of the numerous benefits associated with advanced fracking techniques and Brian Alfaro's ongoing commitment to providing Alfaro Oil and Gas partners with the highest quality oil and gas prospects available, the company will likely opt for Halliburton's RapidFracTM System. The RapidFracTM System, an alternative to the "plug and perforate" process, allows for continuous pumping of multi-zone treatments, helps reduce completion cycle time and improve production, and reduces water requirements as compared to "plug and perf". Traditional methods of fracking include the use of hydrochloric acids and other chemicals. The ability to crack shale rock via fracking has led to increased domestic energy production as well as an increased concern regarding water contamination. The advanced fracking technique from Halliburton; however, reduces water requirements and is one of the most innovative and environmentally safe solutions ever conceived. Brian Alfaro and Alfaro Oil and Gas intend to utilize this technology for the numerous environmental benefits as well as the considerable savings in completion time and improved efficiency. Eagle Ford Shale EOG Resources believes that the Eagle Ford Shale is one of the most significant discoveries of oil in the last 40 years and according to recent analysis by the Texas Railroad Commission, Eagle Ford Shale oil production from the end of 2010 to August 2011 has increased by over 214%. Alfaro Oil and Gas plans on utilizing advanced fracking techniques in the Eagle Ford Shale and expects the project to earn 70% net revenue on associated leases.

About Alfaro Oil and Gas Alfaro Oil and Gas, a longtime leader in the industry, is committed to providing their partners with the highest quality oil and gas prospects available. Alfaro Oil and Gas is continually pursuing partnerships with other highly regarded companies to drill and develop potentially productive properties, giving them a clear-cut advantage on the competition. For additional information, contact: Brian Alfaro Alfaro Oil and Gas, LLC 21022 Gathering Oak, Suite 2103 San Antonio, Texas 78260 (210) 490-8200 Brian ( @) alfaroenergycorp dot com http:/ / Trackback Url : http:/ / ###

Brian Alfaro, President of Alfaro Oil and Gas to Utilize Advanced Fracking Techniques