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Author's New Novel, Sere From the Green, Takes Readers on a Fantasy Adventure with Its Young Heroine

1888PressRelease - Sere From the Green, the first in a new series of fantasy adventures, offers startling writing by first time author Lauren Jankowski. San Diego, CA - First Book in Series, The Shape Shifter Chronicles, Blends Author's Passion for Great Storytelling and Strong Female Characters By Focusing on Bonds of Friendship and Sisterhood Sere From the Green, the first novel in a series entitled The Shape Shifter Chronicles, marks writer Lauren Jankowski's debut in the world of fantasy adventure stories. Available now on CreateSpace (, Sere From the Green focuses on a young woman who discovers her extraordinary heritage in the midst of investigating a murder mystery. What's happening to the people that vanish without a trace? Who's watching her from the shadows? And what exactly is the key that everyone seems willing to kill for? Sere from the Green follows Isis, a young woman unaware of her extraordinary heritage. When a murdered woman completely vanishes and is seemingly forgotten overnight, only Isis seems to remember anything about it. Her investigation leads her to her own unknown past. As she discovers her destiny, Isis soon finds that her new life comes with many new questions ‌ and even more dangers. Drawing upon her background in classical mythology and passion for great storytelling focusing on resilient female characters, Jankowski has written a fascinating tale of intrigue and adventure that leaps off the page to enthrall readers and leave them wanting more. Sere from the Green features many strong female characters, which is unique in the fantasy adventure genre. The book holds appeal for female and male audiences alike. About The Author Lauren Jankowski is a writer with a lifelong passion for reading tales featuring strong heroines. Her writing career includes contributing to sites such as, The Next Family and Planet Fury. She attended Beloit College, where she majored in Women and Gender Studies. Her background in and fascination with classical mythology led her to pen Sere from the Green, the first novel in her series, The Shape Shifter Chronicles. Media contact: Karen Kalis St. Somewhere Marketing

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Author's New Novel, Sere From the Green, Takes Readers on a Fantasy