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Abram Jimenez of Castle Park Urges Parents to Consider Extracurricular Activities to Boost Academic Achievement (1888PressRelease) Abram Jimenez, Assistant Principal of Castle Park High School has dedicated his career to education. Abram Jimenez has served in various educational based positions throughout his career, including: teaching, testing coordinator and assistant principal. (1888PressRelease) Chula Vista, CA - Abram Jimenez, Castle Park Assistant Principal, is reaching out to remind parents of the numerous benefits children receive by being involved in extracurricular activities. Studies have shown that students who take part in extracurricular activities perform better in the classroom than those who don't and Abram Jimenez has witnessed the benefits firsthand through his work with the students of Castle Park High School. While serving as Assistant Principal of Castle Park, Abram Jimenez was witness to the benefits of extracurricular activities when the high school boys' soccer team won the CIF San Diego Section Division III boys championship. "Here at Castle Park High we always strive to be the best in everything we do, starting in the classroom," stated Castle Park's Assistant Principal at the time of the victory, Abram Jimenez. "You get students who are great people in and outside the classroom into the field and they become great athletes. The lessons they learn in the soccer field will help them with their lives after they graduate." Involvement in extracurricular activities helps to increase academic achievement levels and parents can play a vital role in guiding their children toward activities that are individually beneficial. If a child excels as an athlete, after school sports are an excellent option. For those children who aren't gifted athletically, pursuing an activity such as music or photography could give them a direction in life they might otherwise have missed. "Students who are involved in athletics," explained Abram Jimenez, experience the added benefit of physical fitness and the building of social skills." About Abram Jimenez Abram Jimenez earned a Bachelor's Degree from UCLA and earned both his teaching and administrative credentials from the University of San Diego. Abram Jimenez also holds a Master's Degree from the University of San Diego. For additional information, contact: Digital Broadcast Network Trackback URL: ###

Abram Jimenez of Castle Park Urges Parents to Consider Extracurricular Activities