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Abram Jimenez, Principal Educator Volunteers for House Build in Mexico (1888PressRelease) Abram Jimenez earned a Bachelor's Degree from UCLA and earned both his teaching and administrative credentials from the University of San Diego. Abram Jimenez also holds a Master's Degree from the University of San Diego. (1888PressRelease) Chula Vista, CA - Abram Jimenez, a principal educator from Chula Vista, California, recently announced that he will be traveling to Mexico in late 2011 to help build a housing facility for a local orphanage. Abram Jimenez, a longtime principal educator and advocate of volunteerism has signed on to assist with the alleviation of suffering by building homes for Mexico's poor. Abram Jimenez will travel to Mexico in late 2011 in order to assist with the project. The house build will focus on constructing a home for children living on the streets or who have been put out of other orphanages. Abram Jimenez understands the importance of a solid foundation and is dedicating to providing that to others. Throughout his life and educational career he has experienced the benefits and rewards of support and a strong foundation. This support has help facilitate Abram Jimenez's desire to become Principal Abram Jimenez in the near future. Abram Jimenez has dedicated his career to helping children and this trip to Mexico serves as an extension of his determination in providing children and young adults with the foundation they need to succeed. Abram Jimenez, through his various educational positions including assistant principal of Castle Park High School and Scripps Ranch High School, understands the importance of providing our youth with a stable environment in order to facilitating their mental and emotional growth. When asked if he was willing to join the house build volunteer project earlier this year, Abram Jimenez responded immediately with a yes. "I'm looking forward to visiting Mexico and meeting the team that will help facilitate this project, "explained Abram Jimenez. "I am happy to be able to assist and provide these children with a place to call home." About Abram Jimenez Abram Jimenez has dedicated his career to education and has served in various educational based positions throughout his career, including: teaching, testing coordinator and assistant principal. For additional information, contact: Digital Broadcast Network Trackback URL: ###

Abram Jimenez, Principal Educator Volunteers for House Build in Mexico