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1951 In 1951, an 8 year old girl, Linda Brown, was forced to take a bus to a distant school, despite living within walking distance from another elementary school. This reasoning was that she was colored, and the nearby elementary school was for white kids only. Later on, her parents eventually tried to sue for the ability to their child to go to the nearby, better, white-kids school. Linda Brown’s story is one that shows on how people are starting to desire equal civil rights, especially for African Americans. As more of these situations and events arise, pushes for more rights become apparent, and resistance against it also strengthens.

1956 In the year of 1956 in January, the white people were angry because of the montgomery bus boycott bomb. four of the native american churches a bunch of their homes. with the white people being angry about the boycott bomb he government emitted the first african american student to a white school the university of alabama to be specific. the white people would refuse to go to school or make it so they couldn’t go to school. The white people hated the black so much that they wanted separate everything separate water fountains separate schools and that the black people had to give up their seats for the whites but what they didn’t know is that the only difference between whites and blacks is their skin color. Some people that were involved in the boycott were: Samual Gadson, Thomas Gray, Thelma glass, and Urelee Gorden with so many more. there was only a few whites in the boycott. On november 13th the alabama government ruled on the side of the boycotters. The Montgomery Bus boycott finally ends in december of 1956.

1957 In January 1957, Martin Luther King helped the foundation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference or the SCLC. It was established to fight for civil rights in the south. They had elected Martin Luther King as the first president. This group was huge on civil disobedience and mass boycotts, and marches. The SCLC admired Gandhi and his ways of a peaceful rebellion. They organized marches, speeches and boycotts. With the SCLC established, the civil rights movement happened much sooner. Little Rock Nine 1957 9 black kids were to be held in the school of little rock central high school and was to be treated as if they whites kids. it made civil rights history when 101st Airborne division of the us Army helped them enter the school with the orders of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. today the Little Rock is considered a city of radical and cultural diversity.


1958 In 1958 is the age of elvis presley or the king of rock and roll. He began his career in the 1954 in memphis. he was in 33 successful movie productions. also he won 14 grammy nominations. There were two underwater bombs that went off. their names were umbrella and wahoo they were set off. Wahoo was set off on may 16th and the bomb depth was 150m deep. Umbrella was set off on June 8th and the bomb depth was 50m deep.

1963 In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King made his “I Have a Dream� speech. He also led a march on washington which brought the civil rights movement to the forefront of the national conversation. President Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963. after President Johnson considered the civil rights. Kennedy was assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald. then he was shot while he was on his motorcade riding through Dallas.

1964 In 1964 the civil rights movement was passed. Italy also ask for help to stabilize the leaning tower of pisa. The leaning tower of pisa was created in 1174 and was worked on for another 200 years. The warren report on JFK’s assassination was issued. it was made public on september 27th 1964.This included that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing kennedy. this issue also says the Oswald wounded the texas governor John Connally. The beatles became popular at this time. People from the 60s mimicked them and all the did including cloths haircut etc. The band members were John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo starr. Ringo’s real name was Richard Starkey.

1965 New york had a great blackout. There were over 30  million people and 80,000 square miles were left  without power for about 13 hours. this blackout  involved Ontario in Canada and Connecticut,  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island,  Vermont, New York, and  New Jersey in the U.S.   Los angeles gots riots. it was on August 11th, a  21­year­old black man, was arrested for drunk  driving on the edge of Los Angeles’ Watts  neighborhood. This arrest made a riot go for 6  days. the long lasting riot resulted in 34 deaths,  and over 1,000 injuries. it also caused nearly  4,000 arrests, and the destruction of property  was over $40 million.                                                   

1967 There was a day six war in the middle east. this war was  also its called Third Arab­Israeli War or june war. On May  14, 1967, Egyptian forces in the sinai are forced to mobilize.  On May 30, King Hussein of Jordan arrived in Cairo to sign a  mutual defense pact with Egypt.  In 1967 an australian prime minister disappears.                     

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U s history1950 60scivilrights