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Interview In this interview, Monica Rodriguez, a 23 years old industrial engineer was asked about her career and job, with the purpose to know more about the career so students can be aware of how it can be in university. 1. Where did you graduated from?

CETYS University 2. How can you rate that career at that school?

Really great 3. What can you say to students that want to study that career?

It is a career full of opportunities and always gives you something different to solve. 4. Is it true that industrial engineering is a very hard career?

I believe that if you love your career nothing is difficult. 5. Are you specialized in something?

Logistics and Operations 6. Do you think this specialty is an advantage at your job?

Yes, thanks to this I see my environment with a different focus than other people. 7. Where do you work as an engineer?

Materials department at Honeywell Aerospace 8. How long have you been working there?

2 years 9. What is your function in that company?

Expedite material from vendors and provide support to customer service. Would you like to work there forever? No, I like what I do but working at a factory is very stressful and demanding, I wouldn´t like to live this way forever.


By Diego Hernandez