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INTERVIEW Veronica Sandoval is a teacher in the kindergarten “Rosario Castellanos”, she graduated from “Normal de educadoras” she has been working there for 29 years. 1. What’s your name? Veronica Sandoval Rodriguez 2. What’s your age? 48 years 3. What did you study? Teacher to kindergarten 4. Where did you study? In the school “Normal de educadoras” 5. Where did you work? Kindergarten “Rosario Castellanos” 6. How much have you been working there? 29 years 7. What did you do in your work? Educate preschool children 8. Do you love what you do? Why? Yes a lot, because I get to learn with the children's and they learn about me 9. What is the best thing you like about your work? Teach the children's and make a great future of them 10. What you don't like about your work? Nothing, I like everything 11. What called your attention about your career? Be able to give something about me and teach other people 12. What would you say to people wanting to study that career? That they dedicate a lot of love, patience and above all they like the environment 13. Do you travel a lot because of your work? No 14. If your job required moving out of the city would you do it? Why? Yes, because that way I will get to learn to know more cities 15. What is your professional goal? Make children of good for the future 16. What are the obstacles that may interfere of accomplishing your goals? Not counting with the support of parents

By: Aldo Acosta

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