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are part of the current contract, and prohibits plans from including administration cost in the capitation rate of a physician who is individually capitated. Status: Failed pursuant to legislative deadline. AB 2109 (Pan): Childhood Immunizations California is one of 20 states that allows for the broad use of the personal belief exemption (PBE) from immunizations that are required for children to enter school. In California, obtaining a personal belief exemption is simple–parents are only required to sign their name to a two-sentence standard exemption statement on the back of the California School Immunization Record or provide a signed written statement. Over the past decade, the number of parents choosing to exempt their children from school immunization requirements has increased significantly, leading to more school children left vulnerable to preventable diseases. Parents have the right to make choices about immunizing their children; however, these choices should not be based on misinformation or lack of information. AB 2109 requires a parent or guardian seeking a personal belief exemption for their child to obtain a document signed by themselves and a licensed health care practitioner. The document will state that the health care practitioner has informed the parent or guardian of the benefits and risks of the immunization, as well as the health risks of the diseases that a child could contract if left unvaccinated. Status: Enrolled and sent to Governor. Signed into law 9/30/12. SB 301 (DeSaulnier/Cannella/Pavley/Rubio/ Strickland/Yee): Healthy Families This CMA-sponsored bill was substantially amended in August at CMA’s request to include language to both (1) extend the Managed Care Organization (MCO) tax by one year, and to use the funding for the Healthy Families program, and (2) eliminate the transition of Healthy Families enrollees to Medi-Cal (done through the budget this year, thereby preserving the Healthy Families program). This bill is a critical part of CMA’s ongoing push to protect the successful Healthy Families program. Status: Failed pursuant to legislative deadline.

SB 1318 (Wolk): Influenza Vaccinations for Health Care Providers in Health Facilities On a daily basis, health care workers come in contact with vulnerable populations such as seniors, young children and others with certain health conditions who may have depressed immune systems and cannot afford to catch the flu. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to have every health care worker vaccinated for the flu. Health care workers who get vaccinated reduce the transmission of influenza, staff illness and absenteeism, and influenza-related illness and death, especially among people at increased risk for severe influenza illness. Unfortunately, despite the benefits, many health care workers still voluntarily go unvaccinated. During the 2010-2011 influenza season, coverage for influenza vaccination among health care workers was estimated at 63.5 percent. However, those health facilities that had policies in place that required their health care workers to be vaccinated had a compliance rate at 98.1 percent. This discrepancy shows the great success of the required flu vaccination programs; programs that should be emulated. SB 1318 requires all health facilities and clinics to implement measures, including vaccine education programs, to help maximize influenza vaccination rates among their health care workers and medical staff. Workers who decline the vaccine will be required to declare in writing that they will adhere to the policy determined by the health facility or clinic to be the most effective measures to prevent workers from contracting or transmitting the virus. Any facility or clinic that fails to achieve a 90 percent or higher influenza immunization rate by January 1, 2015, will be required to adopt the model “mandatory vaccination policy” determined by the California Department of Public Health to be the most effective in achieving the 90 percent or higher goal. Status: Enrolled and sent to Governor. Vetoed 9/30/12. SB 1416 (Rubio): Physician Workforce This proposal would lay the groundwork to create the Graduate Medical Education Trust fund, to be administered by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for the purposes of administering grants to expand the state’s residency programs. As


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