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2012 Jan.

“The feel of Under the ground” In the beginning of this year I initiated the idea of making a series of short films, using the subway for the manifestation. In the beginning of the idea, I just wanted to show the feeling that modern traffic gives to people. So I thought of the subway, one of the metro’s most used general public transportation modes in a modern city, as a way to explore some of the feelings of the people in the "underground city". I tried to use 3D, synthesis, photography, special effects; any and all such technology and knowledge as I have learned up to the present time of this theme. I also began to work with my friend Kong Mo, a Chinese contemporary young artist. This is cross-border cooperation; the art form is varied and also gives rise to a lot of artistic spark.


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Part 1: the "anxiety" First, the subway as a public environment, along with a wide range of voice: The sound of noisy chaos on the site, the train friction on the tracks filled the whole environment.

At the same time, whether you are on the way to work or on the way home, or a student dragging your tired body, or you are just freely riding, all will be in such a noisy environment, and you feel "anxiety�.

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Secondly, living in Beijing, or even in any one of the major cities of the world, Crowded will always be the word used when people describe the subway.

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About how to present "crowded�; my idea - using sculpture

It is necessary to demonstrate the feeling squeezed but also non-figuratively, as it looks more like an expression of art, and with the use of models posing, one can learn an experience from the success of similar works completed before. After a discussion with Kong mo, we finished the design of this sculpture. It is such a humanoid shape, an extrusion sense, embodied in the body structure of distortions, and pulled to the module so that it crippled and created a sense of volume models. Later, I actually put it up in a real photo to make it more in line with the theme of the subway. When designing the scene we thought of putting the sculpture in an exhibition hall to give the viewers the immersed feeling.

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As a video clip of an experimental nature, some of the lens were the result of the completion of a very careful design, to better show this work and to make it more artistic, and to express a stronger sense. Following this footage, for example, in the transition design from real scenes to animation, I slowly pulled away (by the tiny pixels to the exhibition of human eyes) then from the head of the "sculpture" a mirror mapped out the completion of the transition of the actual situation of the real and animated scenes.

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Finally from the head of the "sculpture" a mirror mapped out the completion of the transition of the actual situation of the real and animated scenes.

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In the design of the surroundings of the virtual exhibition hall, I fully adopted recommendations of others, including lots of Beijing subway environmental elements, such as lime walls, and the floor with words, platform with mirroring material, etc ... which makes the sculpture’s overall performance very prominent in the picture.

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Work done on the lens Video This footage repeatedly plays, continuously up to 4 times, making for a long time, allowing viewers to visually reach fatigue and restlessness.

Audio The subway ‘door closing reminder beep’: when played, this footage beeps, repeating at the same time, to feel the sound of visual fatigue with repeat giving a restless sense.

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At the same time, the series of the second portion of the clip is discussedďźŒ Maybe you are curious about what can be visually shown in a subway?

My answer: the smell It would be very interesting to express sensory things by visual form.

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lens Video This is not limited to some specific subway taste, because in such an environment, the taste is mixed. So I would like to use it in the form of silent film, shooting an experimental piece; it is exaggerated, but also a little absurd. I think this tactic can be a very good interpretation of the"Smell of Subway ".

Audio The background music is from m.i.a., I thought it fit very well with this video from the moment I put her music into it

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The following is a screenshot of some of the fragments, which include some elements such as shoes, perfume, dirt, lemon, and even wiggly worms. These elements composed of figurative or abstract taste, to perform the taste by mixing them together for experimental purposes.

lens of video:

lens of video:

lens of video:

lens of video:

lens of video:

lens of video:

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Taste The second part of the design, at some extent, is short of the subway element, but on the whole contacts with the first portion, and still gives a psychological feeling to viewers.

Overall, this is just experimental which certainly has a lot of inadequacies; but at least a very special expression, and the achieved purpose of what I wanted to express.

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