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The Bowen School Spring Raffle Prize Book 2013

Full of amazing prizes!

Bowen Spring Raffle 2013 For each item that you want to win, fill out a ticket completely as shown below. Be sure to print neatly – if we can’t read it, you can’t win! Tickets for all raffle items are $2 each. You may buy as many tickets as you wish for each item. Some prizes will have multiple winners!

Please return your tickets with payment (cash or check only) to the raffle table in the Bowen School lobby during the times listed. Please make checks payable to “Bowen PTO”. Thursday, May 9 Friday, May 10 Monday, May 13 Tuesday, May 14 Wednesday, May 15 Thursday, May 16 Friday, May 17 Sunday, May 19

8:15 am – 8:45 am 8:15 am – 8:45 am 8:15 am – 8:45 am and 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm 8:15 am – 8:45 am and 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm 8:15 am – 8:45 am and 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm 8:15 am – 8:45 am and 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm 8:15 am – 8:45 am and 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm at the Spring Fling

We have listed some of our really great items on the back cover to help you sell tickets to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Extra prize books and tickets are available in the school lobby. For every 25 paid tickets turned in by Wednesday, May 15, you will win 5 FREE TICKETS! Payment must accompany the tickets when they are turned in. Thank you for supporting Bowen School by buying and selling raffle tickets. Have fun and good luck!

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to make the Spring Raffle so fantastic. Thank you for the prizes you have donated, thank you for reaching out to friends to get even more donations, thank you for being creative and enthusiastic about it! Many thanks to all of you who are buying tickets for the raffle. Next year, as Bowen gets larger, the PTO will also have to increase the Teachers Fund and the Creative Arts and Sciences Fund. The money raised through this raffle will go towards those funds. A big cheer to everyone in the Bowen Community: kids, teachers, principal, staff, parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents! This year we have achieved a lot together!


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Amusement & Theme Parks


Classes for Kids & Adults


Donated by the Kids


Electronics & Technology


Fabulous Treats


Good Times with Family & Friends


Kids Love These!


Let's Go Shopping


Night Out


One of a Kind


Professional Services




Sporting Events


Teachers & Staff


Vacation & Tours


You Look Marvelous!


Extra Prizes



Amusement & Theme Parks A-1

DISNEY PARK HOPPER PASSES Make your Florida vacation special with these four one-day Park Hopper passes to the major Disney parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Animal Kingdom) in Orlando, Florida. Visit multiple parks on the same day! Donated By: Walt Disney World Co.


WATER WHIZZ PARK RHODE ISLAND Enjoy a day at Southern New England's only water park with these 2 all day passes. Use by Labor Day 2013 Donated By: WaterWhizz


STORYLAND Two passes to Storyland in Glen, NH. Enjoy their story themed rides and attractions, from Cinderella's Castle to the Pirate's Cove. Some favorite family rides are the bamboo chutes and Dr. Geyser's remarkable raft ride! Use by 10/14/2013 Donated By: Stroyland, NH


CANOBIE LAKE PARK Two passes to enjoy over 85 rides, games, live entertainment and attractions! Use by June 30, 2013 Donated By: Canobie Lake Park


Classes for Kids & Adults C-5

SPORTS CLUB/LA CHESTNUT HILL Curious about the newly opened state of the art Sports Club/ LA at Chestnut Hill? This is your chance to try it: get one month free membership certificate valued at $440. To be used by July 1st, 2013. Donated By: Sports Club/LA


CHANGE YOUR BODY BOOT CAMPS One month full access pass to a phase boot camp for you and a friend. Change your Body Boot Camp is a great way to get in shape and boost your energy level, and it is also a lot of fun! 5 LUCKY WINNERS! Donated By: Change Your Body Boot Camps


TOTAL BODY WORKOUT 5 classes‌discover the workout that is transforming bodies nationwide! Donated By: Pure Barre


YOGA CLASSES BY DAWN DAVIS Cultivate a greater comfort in your own skin as well as a increased strength, flexibility and stamina. Certificate for 5 classes on Wednesdays and Fridays 9:30 -10:30 at the Windsow Club. Donated By: Dawn Davis


DOWN UNDER YOGA Receive a newcomers' pass good for two weeks of unlimited yoga or $25 towards Down Under Yoga for existing members Donated By: Down under Yoga


Classes for Kids & Adults C-10

ICE SKATING LESSONS Gift certificate for Ice Skating Lessons to be held at the Newton Brighton Daly Rink on Tuesdays at 3 pm during the first session in the fall of 2013. Ages 4.5 through 16. Students need to have their own skates and helmet. Donated By: Bay State Skating School


NEWTON ARTS CENTER This certificate is valid for $100 off a class or workshop. It can also be used towards child or teen vacation programs. Expires February 1st, 2019 Donated By: Newton Arts Center


CHESS TRAINING Our own Bowen chess champion will teach you strategy: openings, middle game and end game. It will be a special session tailored to your current level. Enjoy the game-science! 45 minutes training. Donated By: Mayra Beras


ARTSCHOOL 99 In this step-by-step, starting with a story of an idea brushstroke-by-brushstroke painting experience, learn a variety of painting techniques and joyfully express yourself through art. Find your creative poential with this workshop for 2 at Artschool 99 in Allston. Donated By: Alexandra Rozenman


Classes for Kids & Adults C-14

SEWING 101 Sewing 101 for 2 people. In sewing 101, we will work on a variety of projects to get comfortable reading and using patterns and learning how to use a sewing machine. Classes are for two hours a week and last for four weeks (in Milford) Donated By: Maria Sews a Lot


IN-HOME TUTORING BY TODD BLECHNER The winner can choose from: 1. A month of sessions from a quality, professional individual @ 40% off - $300 value OR 2. Two free sessions for $100 - $150 value OR 3. A free consultation in your home (30-60 minutes long). Plus 50% off first session. Donated By: Todd Blechner Y3K TUTORING One hour of free tutoring of any mayor subject by Y3K Tutor in Home. They teach students from pre-kindergarten through adult and travel to the student's home to give each individual direct one-on-one support. Donated By: Y3K Tutor in Home



ACTIVE MIND TUTORING At ActiveMinds Tutoring students will receive one-on-one tutoring in their home. We tutor all subjects and all ages, prekindergarten through adults. We do not have any contracts or testing fees and our rates are reasonable and affordable! Whether your child attends public or private school or is being home schooled, we can help! This certificate entitles the bearer to 2 Tutoring Lessons. New clients only. Donated By: Active Minds Tutoring


COMPUTER CLASS 1 hour of computer help/class (Bowen community only) Donated By: Purnima Kambli


Donated by the Kids D-19

SWEET TREAT OF THE MONTH Once a month for three month get a delicious treat made by 4th graders Olivia, Cressie and Lottie. Donated By: Olivia Miller, Cressie Blythe, Lottie McLeod


COOKIE BAKING WITH CRESSIE Come bake some delicious cookies with 4th grader Cressie Blythe. Bring a friend if you would like! Donated By: Cressie Blythe


ONE DOZEN DELICIOUS CUPCAKES 12 delicious cupcakes - homemade by a Bowen graduate decorated just for spring. Your choice of 12 vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla icing. Donated By: Naomi Liftman


SWEET TREAT BY JULIANA Juliana will bake for you your choice of: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies or milk chocolate toffee bars (her favorite) Donated By: Juliana Gomez


COOKIES & CUPCAKES BY HANNAH AND JASON Every week until the end of school we will deliver 1 dozen delicious homemade cupcakes or cookies. Donated By: Hannah Masterman Beras and Jason Labell


Donated by the Kids D-24

ARCHERY CLASS WITH OLIVER The winner of this raffle item will come to my house and learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow at a round target in my back yard. Donated By: Oliver Ciric


SKYZONE WITH GABE Enjoy a "fun and free速" trip to Sky Zone with Gabriel Liftman (lunch included). "It's bouncy!!" Donated By: Gabe Liftman


MINIATURE BUNDT CAKES Delicious custom made miniature bundt cakes by Ella Donated By: Ella Bailey


HARRY POTTER TREATS Once a month for three months get a delicious Harry Potter themed treat made by 4th graders Anat, Cressie, Anais and Julia delivered to you. Donated By: Anat Katz, Cressie Blythe, Anais Mobarak, Julia Fulkerson


CUPCAKE DECORATING WITH ELENA AND KATIE The winner and 2 of his or her friends are invited to Elena and Katie's house for a cupcake party, including making homemade icing, decorating 4 cupcakes each, and having fun! We are happy to accommodate anyone's food allergies. Date and time to be arranged. Donated By: Elena and Katie Wellenius


Donated by the Kids D-29

RED VELVET CAKE BALLS 2 dozen delicate globes of red velvet cake and icing enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. Donated By: Tess Ertel


BOX OF FUDGE Your choice of up to 3 flavors of fudge, such as: chocolate (with or without your choice of nuts), cookies n' creme, peanut butter, pumpkin, peppermint, etc. Donated By: Tess Ertel


BRUNCH A LA FRANCAISE Come and enjoy delicious crêpes at the Mobarak's home on a Saturday morning. For your crêpes, you can choose from many different fillings like jams, fruits and Nutella. Crêpes will be made from scratch by Anais and her dad. Donated By: Anais and Toufic Mobarak


ORIGAMI SET An Origami book (in English) and 3 different sizes of Japanese Origami paper packs. Everything you need to create fabulous origami art! Donated By: Kazuma and Yusa Shinohara


Donated by the Kids D-33

JELL-O CREATION We'll create two awesome Jell-O creations. A "broken glass" jello in a color of your choice and rainbow jello. Then we'll deliver it for your party or other special event and wow your guests! Donated By: Arjun Wasan


2 HOURS OF BABYSITTING OR MOTHER'S HELPER Experienced Babysitter and Oak Hill 8th grader Robin Acosta is happy to come and babysit your children. She is a former Bowen student and has been babysitting Bowen students for 3 years now. Enjoy an evening out or have some help on hand while you accomplish a task while Robin looks after your kids! Donated By: Robin Acosta


2 DAYS OF PET SITTING Going out of town for the weekend? Experienced pet sitters and animal lovers, Bowen 5th grader Erin Acosta and her Oak Hill 8th grader sister, Robin Acosta, are happy to take care of your pets for the weekend. All types of creatures have been happy in their care. (Adult supervision included) Donated By: Erin and Robin Acosta


Electronics & Technology E-36

APPLE STORE $150 to use on any Apple product in store or online. Donated By: The Lee and Kelley Families


PHOTO, SLIDE AND FILM SCANNER This high qualityu scanner transfers your images - photo prints and film negatives directly onto an SD card. Pics 2 has a full color LCD screen and works with virtually any computer for optional transfer. $150 value Donated By: The Parsons Family


KINDLE E-READER Easily store up to 1,000 books and take them anywhere you want with this Kindle eReader. $69 value Donated By: The DeFranco Family


Fabulous Treats F-39

HAND ROLL SUSHI ON YOUR OWN Learn to roll your own sushi with the Hayashida family. We will provide sushi grade fresh fish meat, sushi rice, and dried seaweed. You can add anything you like. We will come to your house on a Saturday night and teach you to roll your own sushi. for 4-6 people. Lots of fun for adults and kids alike. Donated By: The Hayashida Family


HOMEMADE KOREAN MEAL First plate: Bulgogi, marinated sliced beef with onions and scallions cooked to perfection. Second plate: Japchae, dry (but cooked and seasoned) noodle dish with beef, spinach, carrots, onions and shitaki mushrooms. These are authentic Korean dishes you will truly enjoy! Donated By: Susan Kim


HOMEMADE ITALIAN DINNER An authentic homemade italian dinner featuring baked ziti with meatballs and tiramisu, prepared by a true italian mama and delivered to your door. Feeds about 6 people. Donated By: The Durazzini-Weiner Family


2 HOME MADE CHALLAH LOAVES Two homemade loaves of Challah bread. All fresh ingredients. Nut free and dairy free. Can be clamed after June 1st. Donated By: Sherene Michlin


THE BEST COOKIES YOU EVER HAD You have never had a cookie THIS GOOD! Ok: I'm about to ROCK YOUR SWEET TOOTH with 5 simple words: Chocolate Chip Cookie-covered Oreos Donated By: Remi Dansinger


HOME-MADE BUTTERMILK BROWNIES A pan of ultra-delicious homemade brownies delivered to you! Donated By: The Mobarak Family


Fabulous Treats F-45

FALAFEL AND ZHUG Receive 2 dozen homemade falafel and homemade Yemenite zhug at a mutually agreed date. Donated By: The Akabayov Family


TWO BOTTLES OF WINE Treat yourself to a bottle of 2011 Bodini and Ca Furlan Prosecco after the kids are in bed! Donated By: Murray's Liqours


JP LICKS $35 to use for an ice cream treat any time plus a baby cake ain a flavor of your choice Donated By: The Gomez Family and JP Licks


DUNKIN DONUTS 2 winners will receive a $25 gift card each Donated By: The Fox Family


FINAGLE BAGLE AND WHITE MOUNTAIN CREAMERY $15 Gift Certificate Finagle Bagel + $10 White Mountain Creamery Donated By: Finagle Bagel and White Mountain Creamery


A GIFT BASKET FOR YOUR DOG A Packabowl filled with lots of delicous treats for your dog, plus a chewing toy. Donated By: Polka Dog Bakery


Good Times with Friends & Family G-51

JCC NEWTON MEMBERSHIP 3 month family membership to the JCC Newton Donated By: JCC


HYDE COMMUNITY CENTER The winner of this prize will receive 2 hours of reserved time at the Hyde Community Center (van be used for a party or sports). Donated By: Hyde Community Center


WINSLOW FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARY Admission for a family of four to the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, a beautiful wooded farm with free-roaming horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens and more! Donated By: The Firoozabadi Family


BELKIN LOOKOUT FARM Enjoy a fun day at Belkin Family Lookout Farm with these (4) passes. Each pass includes entrance into the farm, a train ride through the orchard, use of the Children's Play Area, caterpillar rides and much more. Donated By: Belkin Family Lookout Farm


CHARLES RIVER CANOE & KAJAK Certificate valid for up to one full day of boat rental of one standard canoe, single or double kayak, or stand-up paddleboard at any of our rental locations. The certificate has a maximum potential value of $80.75 worth of boat rental. Donated By: Charles River Canoe & Kajak


Good Times with Friends & Family G-56

SWAN BOATS 10 passes to ride the swan boats Donated By: Swan Boats


PLIMOTH PLANTATION Visit the Plimoth Plantation for a histrorical experience. At the plantation and aboard Mayflower II visitors enter a living recreation of America's past.You will receive 2 admission passes. Donated By: Plimoth Plantation


ECOTARIUM The Ecotarium is a unique indoor-outdoor museum in Worcester, MA. Set in an urban oasis, the EcoTarium offers a chance to walk through the treetops, take a thrilling multimedia journey through a galaxy at a digital planetarium, meet wildlife, stroll nature trails, ride a narrow-gauge railroad and get hands-on with family friendly exhibits. Donated By: Ecotarium


NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM 2 passes valid until December 31st, 2013 Donated By: New England Aquarium


PEABODY ESSEX MUESEUM Four passes to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, value $60. The Peabody Essex Museum presents art and culture from New England and around the world. In addition to its vast collections, the museum offers changing exhibitions, a handson education center, and numerous parks, period gardens and 24 historic properties Donated By: Peabody Essex Museum


Good Times with Friends & Family G-61

NEWPORT MANSIONS Two one house passes to visit the Newport Mansions in Newport, RI. Never expire. Donated By: The Preservation Society of Newport County


PAINT BAR Gift certificate for 2 for a fun painting experience at the Paint Bar. Donated By: The Paint Bar


LASER TAG AND MINIATURE GOLF Four Laser Tag passes and $10 in game tokens to use at Fun and Games indoor amusement center on Route 9 in Framingham PLUS four games of miniature golf at the Village Green on Route 9 in Natick. Expires 10/31/13 Donated By: A&C Associates


SKYZONE PASSES Jump around with these (5) 1 hour passes for any walk-in open jump time at the Boston facility Donated By: Skyzone


MONSTER MINI GOLF Five passes for 18 holes of glow-in -the -dark mini golf. Good anytime! Donated By: Monster mini Golf of Norwood


Good Times with Friends & Family


ESPIONAGE OR 20,000 LEAGUES Four passes to New England's most interactive entertainment experience! Your chioce: Crack the code with Esponiage or journey into Captain Nemo's Nautilius…why sit home and play video game whne you can be in one? Donated By: 5W!ts


PAULETTE'S BALLET STUDIO DANCE CONCERT Two tickets for Sunday, May 25th at 2:00 pm, at Casey Theater in Regis College in Weston. New Students only. TWO WINNERS Donated By: Paulette Harwood


IMAX Experience 3D Movies at the Imax Theatre at Jordan's Furniture, 4 passes Donated By: Jordan's Furniture


SKYWALK OBSERVATORY AT PRUDENTIAL TOWER Visit the Skywalk Observatory, Boston's only sky-high vantage point for sweeping 360 degree views of Greater Boston and beyond. Donated By: Top of the Hub


LANDMARK THEATRES Four passes to Landmark Theatres. Not good during special engagements or when "no pass" policy listed. Use by December 31, 2013 Donated By: Landmark


Kids Love These! K-71

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL OF THE YEAR "SAIGE" Saige Copeland™ loves the arts and her horses. But when both of her passions are threatened, she turns to her creative side. With imaginative solutions, she proves that one girl can make a difference. Donated By: Anonymous


HIPSTITCH SEWING PARTY Win a sewing party for up to 10 people! Donated By: HipStitch


THE HOBBIT LEGO SET: THE GOBLIN KING BATTLE Save The Company of Dwarves! The goblins have captured the heroic Dwarves and imprisoned them deep inside their filthy caves. Help Includes Gandalf the Grey and 7 minifigures exclusive to this building set. Discover the cave’s functions, secrets and hidden treasures as you fight your way to freedom by firing the catapult, collapsing the rope bridge, lifting the bucket crane, tipping the ladder and finding the map. Donated By: The Firoozabadi Family


LEGO R2D2 Everyone's favorite droid from the Star Wars galaxy! Features fantastic detailing, such as retractable third leg, front panels that open to reveal a universal computer interface arm and a circular saw, rotating head and 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms. Donated By: The Scharf Family, the Harris Family and anonymous


Kids Love These! K-75

THE ART OF THE BRICK Nathan Sawaya is a New York-based artist who creates aweinspiring works of art out of some of the most unlikely things. His recent global museum exhibitions feature large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks. LEGOÂŽ bricks to be exact. . One winner will receive a signed copy of his book "The Art of Nathan Sawaya", one winner a signed copy of his book "The Art of the Brick". Donated By: Nathan Sawaya


K'NEX FERRIS WHEEL This set is motorized for realistic performance that takes the seats around the wheel! Comes with over 400 parts, primarily rods & connectors, to build a K'NEX thrill ride that stands over 1.5 feet tall Donated By: Galina Perlin


MARBLE RUN VORTIS BY QUERCETTI This supremely durable 70-piece set features several wowworthy accessories like a center vortex which sends marbles whirling, and two spiral tracks for marbles to whiz through! And when you’ve set up the marble run exactly the way you want it, plop marbles in the double entrance funnels to start the race. Donated By: The Ho Family


Kids Love These! K-78

PIRATES OF PENZANCE PIGGY BANK PIG absolutely adorable and unique! And will be personalized with winner's name! Donated By: Scribble It


HIGHLIGHTS 1-Year Subscription to High Five (ages 2-6) or Highlights (ages 6-12, to be redeem by June 9th, 2013. For more details see Donated By: Highlights for Children


MUSIC BY DAVID POLANSKY 5 winners will receive one of David Polanskys popular CDs Donated By: David Polansky


ANDREW MILLIER AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO An 8x10 autographed photo of this famous Red Sox pitcher! Donated By: Red Sox


LEARNING EXPRESS A $35 gift certificate for the Learning Express in Newton Donated By: Learning Express


VILLLAGE KIDS One thing is for sure: it will rain eventually. Be prepared with these rain boots for girls from Angels, NY. Size 3. Donated By: Village Kids


Let's Go Shopping! L-84

AMAZON Maximum flexibility and convenience with $150 gift certificate for Donated By: The Hsu Family


NEWTONVILLE BOOKS Indulge your love for reading at one of the area's best independent book stores, owened by two Newton residents. Use your gift card for children's books, cookbooks, travel books, toys, cards, gifts ... whatever inspires you! 2 winners: first one wins $100 gift card, second one wins $50. Donated By: The Springer Family and Jennifer Walsh


IKEA Leave your kids in Sm책land and buy some new furniture or accessories with this $150 gift card! Donated By: The Luchars Family


BARNES & NOBLES $125 to spend on great books at Barnes & Nobles! Donated By: The Collins and Kelley Family


PASSION FOR FASHION Summer is right around the corner - treat yourself (or someone you love) to some NEW FUN clothing with this $50 OLD NAVY gift card! Or save it for "Back to School" Shopping! So many great options! Donated By: The Dansinger Family


Let's Go Shopping! L-89

MILTON'S A $50 gift certificate to Milton's. The store for Men Donated By: Miltons


THE GOLDSMITH AT CHESTNUT HILL $50 gift certificate for the Goldsmith at Chestnut Hill. The Goldsmith offers design, alteration and repair services on any type of jewelry. You may also choose to design and create your very own custom jewelry by working directly with expert staff, or select something from their giftware collections. Donated By: Ruben Gathan


LEGACY PLACE Spend a fun day at Legacy Place in Dedham. Includes: Make Meaning – Four Passes, Kings – 1 Free Bowling and 2 Free Shoe Rentals, New Balance - $15 Gift Certificate, Showcase – 2 Kidtoons Passes, PF Chang – Free Appetizer ($10 value) SalonCapri – Complimentary Blowout ($40 value), Qdoba – Free Entrée ($8 value), JP Licks - $5 Gift Card Donated By: Legacy Place


POLARN O. PYRET USA 4 Lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card to Polarn O. Pyret children's clothes. A store is openning soon in Chestnut Hill! Donated By: Polarn O. Pyret


CHRISTMANS TREE SHOPS A $20 gift card for the Christmas Tree Shops Donated By: Christmans Tree shop


KOHL'S AND TARGET $25 to spend at Kohl's and $25 at Target Donated By: Eva Kovacs and the Kelley Family


The Bowen Creative Arts and Sciences Committee thanks you for your PTO donations which allow us to provide curriculum-enhancing programs In 2012-2013 we brought the following programs: Science -- Discovery Museum Author/Illustrator – Suzy Kline

Grade K Theater – Len Cabral Author/Illustrator – Scott Magoon Science -- BugWorks

Grade 4 Author/Illustrator -- Brian Lies Science -- Discovery Museum Author/Illustrator -- Mitali Perkins

Grade 1 Theater – Len Cabral Author – Susan Goodman Science -- New England Aquarium

Grade 5 Science -- Henry Massar Science -- Geodome Science -- Wingmasters

Grade 2 Social Sciences – Woezo! Author – Suzy Kline Theatre – Len Cabral

All Grades Music -- New England Percussion

Grade 3 Music -- Eine Kleine Konsort Recorder Ensemble

*****And still to come in May***** Grades 2 – 5 Presenter from the Civil Rights Era


Let's Go Shopping! L-95

PIER 1 IMPORT A $25 gift certficate to Pier 1 Import Donated By: The Fox Family


SHAWS A $25 gift certficate to Shaw's Supermarket Donated By: Shaws


ORIENTAL TRADING $35 to use at Oriental Trading: the nation's largest direct merchant of value–priced party supplies, arts and crafts. Donated By: Oriental Trading


FOLKLORICA $25 Gift Certficate to Folklorica in Newton Center, a store that has been defining fashion for 40 years! Great jewelry and home goods. Donated By: Folklorica


DICK'S SPORTING GOODS $20 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods. Expires May 31, 2013 Donated By: Dick's Sporting Goods


Night Out N-100

SHEAR MADNESS Shear madness is a comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime. During the course of action, a murder takes place and the audience gets to interrogate the suspects to find out "Whodunit". It’'s a great time for the whole family and VERY funny. Donated By: Shear Madness


SUNSET CRUISE The certificate entitles 4 passengers complimentary passage aboard a SunSet Cruise of Mass Bay Lines: a 90-minute sunset cruise that includes views of the city skyline, Logan Airport and the USS Constitution. Donated By: Mass Bay Lines Inc


JILLIANS BOSTON Party for up to 20 guests including an appetizer and the use of pool tables for two hours. The attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Donated By: Jillians Lucky Strike


COOLIDGE CORNER THEATRE Enjoy an independent movie at the Coolidge Corner Theatre with these 6 free passes. Donated By: Coolidge Corner Theatre


HUNTINGTON THEATER This certificate will give you 2 tickets for "Rapture, Blister, Burn" at the Huntington Theatre. Available dates: 05/24, 05/26, 05/28, 05/30, 05/31, 06/01, 06/02, 06/04 Donated By: Huntington Theater Company


Night Out N-105

CHARLES MOSESIAN THEATER Two Tickets to any show in New Repertory Theatre's season 2013-2014. Donated By: New Repertory Theatre


ULTRASONIC ROCK ORCHESTRA Enjoy 4 tickets to a classic rock extravagana at Alrington's historic Regent Theatre on Saturday, June 1st at 8pm starring BASCP's own Christie!!! The Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra is a giant rock band that presents the music of The Beatles, The Who, Queen, Led Zepplin, and more with an exciting theatrical twist! It's one you don't want to miss! Proceeds for this raffle item will go towards the BASCP scholarship fund Donated By: BASCP


One of a Kind O-107

YO-YO-MA & THE SILKROAD ENSEMBLE A DVD of Yo-Yo Ma & the Silkroad Ensemble to be released in October 2013 autographed by Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble members. First ever commercially available DVD released by Sony (recorded at Tanglewood 2012). Sandeep Das is a Bowen dad and a member of the Silk Road Ensemble. Donated By: Sandeep Das


CANVAS ON DEMAND Print your favorite photos on canvas with this $100 gift certificate for Canvas on Demand. Donated By: Canvas on Demand


2 BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOKS 2 beautiful cookbooks chocolate & vanilla and everyday celebrations that will make yourmouth water. Donated By: New England Mobile Bookfair


Professional Services P-110

PHOTO PORTRAIT SESSION A marvelous portarit session that includes 30 4x6 proofs and 2 5x7 enlargements. Any location in Newton or your own home! Donated By: Leeann Bailey


PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT SESSION A gift certificate for a photographic portrait session for an individual or family, plus a color or black and white 8" by 10" portrait of their choice. Also includes a pre-portrait consultation to discuss photographic styles, clothing choices and possible locations with the aim of creating a uniquely designed portrait for the lucky winner! Donated By: Studio 11


DREW HYMAN PHOTO SESSION A portrait of your child or your family by our school photographer. Arrangements will be made to determine location and time according to your schedule. This item includes the session fee plus one 8x10. Donated By: Drew Hyman


HOME RENOVATION Thinking about a new bathroom? Can't decide whether to remodel your house? Or just looking to rearrange your current living space to make better use of what you have...Need that door fixed? Handles tightened? Need that handyman who never seems to be there when you want him? Patrick Powdermaker, Bowen dad, and owner of Strongheart Construction will spend 2 hours with you consulting or constructing. time and date to be arranged at your convenience. Donated By: Patrick Powdermaker


Professional Services P-114

INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTATION A 2 hour interior design consultations by Vered Rosen Design. Donated By: Vered Rosen


SCRUB-A-DUB CAR WASH A gift card to Scrub-a-Dub carwash for 5 express car washes. Use at any of their 12 Massachusetts locations, including Natick, Brookline, and Boston Donated By: ScrubaDub

The Bowen Outdoor Environment Committee Sincerely thanks you and your childresn for your PTO donations and volunteer time which supports the gardening program and the beautification of the Bowne School outdoor environment. In the Fall and Spring your children plant and tend the garden, harvest and eat the healthy herbs and vegetables they've planted, and help take care of the outdoor environment. If you would like to volunteer for this worthwhile committee, please contact Jenni Acosta


Restaurants R-116

OISHII Treat yourself to delicious Sushi at the Oishii Sushi Bar in Chestnut Hill with this $50 gift certificate. Donated By: The Shimada, Shinohara , Muroya, Hayashida and Fujikado Famlies


EASTERN STANDARD KITCHEN & DRINKS A $50 gift certificate for Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks at Kenmore Square Donated By: Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks


FARMSTEAD TABLE A $150 gift certificate for the recently openend fantastic Farmstead Table Restaurant in Newton Centre. Donated By: The Sperry Family


51 LINCOLN $100 gift card to use at 51 Lincoln Donated By: 51 Lincoln


JAKE'S FALAFEL CORNER $50 gift certificate to enjoy a delicious meal with your family at Jake's Falafel corner - home of the best Falafel in Newton! Donated By: The Liftman Family


Restaurants R-121

SYCAMORE $100 gift card for Sycamore, the fabulous neighborhood bistro in the heart of Newton Centre featuring a seasonally inspired menu Donated By: The Stanton Family


TANGO MANGO $100 gift card to enjoy authentic Mexican Food at Tango Mango In Newton Center Donated By: Tango Mango


SHAKE SHACK $75 gift certificate to Shake Shack @ Chestnut Hill. Treat someone to burgers, fries and frozen custard from the Shack. Donated By: The Keler Family and Shake Shack


DELUXE STATION DINER Enjoy a meal and the atmosphere at the Station Diner in Newton Centre! $25 gift certificate. Donated By: Deluxe Station Diner


SOLEA A $50 gift certificate for Solea in Waltham Donated By: solea


BEEHIVE BOSTON $50 gift certificate for the Beehive on Tremont Street Donated By: Beehive Boston


Restaurants R-127

AQUITANE $100 Gift certificate to enjoy the Parisian flavor of Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill. Not valid on Friday and Saturday nights Donated By: Aquitane


UNION BAR AND GRILLE BOSTON Enjoy a meal at the Union Bar and Grille in Boston with this $100 gift certificate. Excludes Friday and Saturday. Donated By: Union Bar and Grille, Boston


O'HARA'S/PADDY'S PUB $40 gift certificate to use at two great Newton Pub's - O'Hara's and Paddy's. TWO WINNERS Donated By: Paddy's Pub


LUMIERE Chef's Tasting Menu for Two. Does not include beverages, gratuity or tax. Value $130. To be used Sunday to Thursday Donated By: Lumiere


STELLINA A $25 gift card for Stellina in Watertown Donated By: Stellina


JOHNNY'S LUNCHEONETTE A $25 gift card for our kids favorite restaurant Donated By: Johnnys Luncheonette


BERTUCCI'S A $25 gift card for Bertucci's Donated By: Bertucci's


Restaurants R-134

THE FIREPLACE Fireside Chat for two at The Fireplace on Beacon Street in Brookline, value $50-60. Held twice monthly on Saturday afternoons, these tastings feature wines, spirits, beers, and the season's bounty Donated By: The Fireplace


FIORELLA'S Treat yourself to a delicious Italian dinner at Fiorella's! $25 gift card Donated By: Fiorella's


ACAPULCO $25 Gift certificate Donated By: Acapulco


GOLDEN TEMPLE $100 gift certificate to Golden Temple in Brookline. Their Chefs use simple, fresh, healthful ingredients in exceptional ways to create contemporary Asian dishes Donated By: Golden Temple


Sporting Events


RED SOX VS. SAN DIEGO PADRES 4 tickets to see San Diego Padres vs. Red Sox on Wednesday July 3rd, 7:10 pm Donated By: The Harrell Family


PAWTUCKET RED SOX VS CHA 4 Pawtucket Red Sox Tickets, June 4th @ 7:05 pm vs CHA or June 5th @ 7:05 pm vs CHA Donated By: Pawtucket Red Socks


BOSTON BREAKERS 2 individual game tickets to any 2013 regular season National Women's Soccer League Boston Breakers game in Sommerville Donated By: Boston Reakers


BOSTON COLLEGE FOOTBALL VS. STONY BROOK 4 tickets to Boston College Football vs. Stony Brook on Saturday, August 31st, 2013 Donated By: BC Athletics


Teachers & Staff T-142

PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY On May 28, the winner will join me in their new role as Principal for the Day. We'll start with hot chocolate in the Principal’s office and then get to work! Some sample activities include greeting students, making morning announcements and walking through the building visiting classrooms. The day will end with lunch in the office. I am looking forward to working with the Principal for the Day and hearing his/her ideas about our school! Open to all students. Donated By: Ms. Guzzi


PIZZA LUNCH WITH MS. GUZZI AND MS. MEGRIAN After a fun-filled day of activities and excitement on Color Day, re-energize at lunch with Ms. Guzzi and Mrs. Megrian. You will be treated to pizza, refreshments, and a sweet treat to end a great day at school! Lunch will be at 12:30 pm after Color Day, June 4. Students should be picked up at 1:30 pm or will be dismissed to BASCP. Two winners, each brings a friend! For students only Donated By: Ms. Guzzi and Ms. Megrian


BUBBLE SCIENCE WITH MS. BECKER Explore the wonder of bubbles on a beautiful June morning (TBD). Leave with your own bottle of bubbles. The entire class wins! Donated By: Ms. Becker


PERFECTLY PICASSO PORTRAITS 4 winners will spend time time painting with Ms. Erlich. Time and date to be determined. Donated By: Ms. Erlich


Teachers & Staff T-146

FRIENDSHIP BRACELENT MAKING DAY 4 winners will get to spend time with Ms. Erlich creating fabulous friendship bracelets. Time and date to be determined. Donated By: Ms. Erlich


PLAYDATE WITH MS. SHEEHY - CURRENT STUDENTS Win a playdate with Ms. Sheehy and her children and have a special and unforegettable afternoon. Date, place and time to be determined (either during a weekend or summer vacation). One winner of the current class gets to choose to bring a friend along. Donated By: Ms. Sheehy


PLAYDATE WITH MS. SHEEHY - FORMER STUDENTS Win a playdate with Ms. Sheehy and her children and have a special and unforegettable afternoon. Date, place and time to be determined (either during a weekend or summer vacation). Former students only! May bring a friend along! Donated By: Ms. Sheehy


BUBBLE SCIENCE WITH MS. WALSH Explore the wonder of bubbles on a beautiful June morning (TBD). Leave with your own bottle of bubbles. The entire class wins! Donated By: Ms. Walsh


PIZZA AND ICE CREAM LUNCH IN NEWTON CENTER Walk to Newton Center with Ms Chapler and enjoy a pizza lunch and ice cream on a Tuesday afternoon in June, date to be determined. Open to current students of Ms. Chapler, four winners! Donated By: Ms. Chapler


Teachers & Staff T-151

PIZZA LUNCH AND CRAFTS WITH MS. LEE Enjoy a pizza lunch and special craft activity with Ms. Lee. Open to current and former students only. 2 winners and each can bring a friend. Date to be determined. Donated By: Ms. Lee


AFTERNOON AT BUILD-A-BEAR WITH MS. NOYES Two students from Ms. Noyes's class will join the winners from Ms. Dickerson classe for a fun-filled afternoon at Build-A-Bear and then end our day with a delicious ice cream treat. Two winners from current class Donated By: Ms. Noyes


AFTERNOON AT BUILD-A-BEAR WITH MS. DICKERSON Two students from Ms. Dickerson's class will join the winners from Ms. Noyes class for a fun-filled afternoon at Build-A-Bear and then end our day with a delicious ice cream treat. Two winners from current class Donated By: Ms. Dickerson


AND ICE CREAM LUNCH WITH MR. GUTTELL IN NEWTON CENTER After school on Color Day we will walk to Newton Center for a delicious lunch. 3 current or former students of Mr. Guttell only Donated By: Mr. Guttell


PIZZA LUNCH WITH MS. DOWNING Walk into Newton Center for lunch. 4 winners, current students only Donated By: Ms. Downing


Teachers & Staff T-156

ZUMBA WITH MS. DAVIS Spend 30 minutes with Ms. Davis, dancing to today's hottest Zumba music. Only 10 children will be allowed to win this once in a life time opportunity! Donated By: Ms. Davis


A FUNFUILLED AFTERNOON WITH YOUR 3RD GRADE TEACHERS! Joinus for a walk to Newton Center for Pizza and ice cream. 2 current students from each class will win. Donated By: Ms. Davis and Ms. Wong


PIZZA AND ICE CREAM WITH MS. NAPOLITANO AND MS. SMITH Pizza and ice cream in Newton Ceter. 3 current students will win! Donated By: Ms. Napolitano and Ms. Smith


MANICURE IN NEWTON CENTER WITH MS. CRUZ Do you like to relax and get pampered from time to time? Well, so does Ms. Cruz! Two winners will be chosen to join Ms. Cruz for a manicure in Newton Centre. After our nails are beautifully polished and dry we will head over to J.P. Licks for an afternoon Donated By: Ms. Cruz


4TH GRADE OUTING Come join your fourth grade teachers for an afternoon stroll to Newton Centre! We will first enjoy a pizza lunch at Bill's Pizzeria, but try not to get too full! Following lunch, we will be heading over to Sweet Tarts for a yummy treat before heading back Donated By: Ms. Cruz, Ms. Conelly and Ms. Brockmeyer


Teachers & Staff T-161

FRENCH TOAST BREAKFAST AT MS. DIBENEDETTI'S HOME Ms. D will serve 6 current or past students breakfast on Saturday, June 1, 2013 from 9:00-10:00 am. Parents may leave their child or stay and sip mimosas while they wait! Open to current and former students Donated By: Ms. DiBenedetti


DINNER AT THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY WITH MS. HOLZ Dinner with Ms. Holz at the Cheesecake Factory. Two fifth grade winners from Ms. Holz's class or Ms. Cebra/Malagodi's class may each choose a friend to take with them to dinner. Date to be determined. Donated By: Ms. Holz


AFTERNOON WITH MS. CEBRA, MS. MALAGODI AND MS. GANNON Enjoy a relaxing, pampered afternoon with Ms. Cebra, Mrs. Malagodi and Ms. Gannon! We will walk to Newton Centre for manicures and enjoy tasty frozen yogurt at Yogurtland! Donated By: Ms. Cebra, Mrs. Malagodi and Ms. Gannon


FENWAY PARK WITH MS. CEBRA AND MS. DERITO Ride the T with Ms. Cebra and Ms. DeRito to America's most beloved baseball park, FENWAY PARK! We will spend the afternoon touring home of the Boston Red Sox and stop for ice cream on our way home! Open to 5th graders . 3 winners! Donated By: Ms. Cebra and Ms. DeRito


A CD OF ORIGINAL MUSIC BY KATHRYN DENNEY Instrumrntal, vocal, choral and chamber music in a variety of styles, performed mainly by the composer and her students. Musica bout love, paretnhood, grief, friendship, teaching, longing and comedy. Songs in English, Spanish and Chinese. Donated By: Ms. Denney


Teachers & Staff T-166

MUSICAL BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH ARNIE HARRIS For 20 years our own Bowen Band Director Arnie Harris has brought music fun to countless birthday parties and other events for children. Arnie's parties get the kids involved in all the music with his guitar, singing, movement activities, games and lots of other props. 45 minutes of entertainment! Donated By: Mr. Harris


TRIP TO FRANKLIN ZOO WITH MS. LIPMAN AND MS. YANOVITCH Take a trip with Ms. Lipman and Ms. Yanovitch to see the animals at Franklin Park Zoo. Enjoy an ice cream treat while exploring the zoo. A Tuesday afternoon will be mutually agreed upon for the outing. 2 winners. Each winner gets to bring a friend! Donated By: Ms. Lipman and Ms. Yanovitch


AN OFFICIAL NFL FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPHED BY ERIC ALEXANDER A very unique prize! Donated By: Mrs. Mason & Mr. Alexander


DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION PARTY For 5th grade students: 6 winners! Each winner will be able to invite one friend to join them at the Dance, Dance Revolution Party. The winners will come to the gym at 12:30 with their own lunch. After eating lunch, the DDR party will begin! The kids will be allowed to change songs and ability levels. The DDR Party will be on Tuesday, June 4 from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm. Donated By: Ms. Tabor


EXTRA PE CLASS Win an extra PE class (30 minutes) for your entire class! Day and time to be determined by Ms. Tabor and the winner's classroom teacher Donated By: Ms. Tabor


Teachers & Staff T-171

TEACH PE WITH MS. TABOR Assist Ms. Tabor for a morning or an afternoon of PE classes! Day and time to be determined by Ms. Tabor and the winner's classroom teacher. Open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders only Donated By: Ms. Tabor


VALENTINES EXTRAVAGANZA Spend an hour after school Mr. Wenger's vast collection of Valentine paper, stickers, and glitter, to create your own unique card. Three winners and each one can bring a friend or parent. To be done on an agreed afternoon approximately 2 weeks before valentine's day 2014 Donated By: Mrs. Wenger


A SLICE OF APPLE PIE Very cool pop art made by our very own Bowen art teacher Donated By: Ms. Wenger


A SATURDAY WITH NILES AND SCOTT OF BASCP 5 winners will spend Saturday, June 8th from 12-3pm with Niles and Scott of BASCP eating pizza at Bill's, playing basketball at the Newton Center Playground, and finishing the day with an ice cream at JP Licks. What more could you want? Proceeds for this raffle item will go towards the BASCP scholarship fund Donated By: BASCP


BASCP TUITION CREDIT Do you want to know why so many children love BASCP? Try it out in June and see for yourself! Winner of this unique offer can choose any two days in June (no Tuesdays) and join the fun. If the winner is a currently enrolled family, they may choose to receive a $250 tuition credit for the next year instead. Proceeds for this raffle item will go towards the BASCP scholarship fund Donated By: BASCP


Vacation & Tours V-176

CAMP WAZIYATAH Camp Waziyatah is located at Waterford, Maine. It is a fun place for boys and girls (ages 6-16) from all over the world -who enjoy playing, laughing, and growing together. Please check their website: The lucky winner will get a 2 week session from July 21 to August 3. Valued at $2950 Donated By: Camp Waziyatah


CAMP CODY Cody Camp is an American Camp Association accredited summer camp for boys and girls ages 7-15, nestled on the sandy beach of beautiful Lake Ossippee in New Hampshire. It provides children with a safe, fun atmosphere to make new friends and enjoy new experiences. Check their website at: TWO WINNERS: each will get a twoweek session. Valued at $2900 Donated By: Camp Cody


DUCK TOURS 2 tickets for Duck Tours valid on weekdays in April, May, September, October and November. Use by December 1st, 2013. Donated By: Duck tours


TANDEM SKYDIVE This certificate will get you one free skydive if you buy one at the regular price of $325. Donated By: Skydive Pepperell


NY SKYRIDE 2 NY SKYRIDE tickets Located on the 2nd floor of the historic Empire State Building, NY SKYRIDE combines a two story video screen with custom seats and platforms to provide a breathtaking virtual tour of New York City. Donated By: NY Skyride


Vacation & Tours V-181

SHERATON NEEDHAM Get away for a night for two at the Sheraton Needham, breakfast included Donated By: Sheraton Needham


MARRIOT NEWTON One night stay for two, with breakfast included! Donated By: Marriott Newton


HOTEL INDIGO One night stay for two with breakfast included, expires 12/30/2013 Donated By: Hotel Indigo


HYLINE FERRY PASS Complimentary round trip passage for two between Hyannis and Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard Donated By: HyLines


WACHUSETT MOUNTAIN Enjoy winter fun with these Community Spirit Day Tickets (2). Donated By: Wachusett Mountain


CHARLES RIVER SIGHTSEEING Four passes valid for a sighseeing tour on the Charles River departing from the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall. Donated By: Charles Riverboat Company


You Look Marvelous! Y-187

MASSAGE AT CHRISTINE'S DAY SPA Treat yourself to a realxing and invigorating massage at Christine's Day Spa. You deserve it! Donated By: Christine's Day Spa


MANI&PEDI AT BEBESPA Get ready for summer with a Mani&Pedi at BeBe Spa Donated By: BeBeSpa


HENNA ART Artistic, traditional designs for the hands for you and up to 4 more friends! Date and time to be arranged Donated By: Mouna Shah


HAIR WASH, CUT AND BLOWDRY Treat yourself to a whole new look with a hair cut at Simply Beauty Salon, just minutes away from Bowen. Donated By: Simply Beautiful Salon


ELECTROLYSIS Gift certificate for 1/2 hour electrolysis Donated By: Elite Skin Therapy


Extra Prizes X-192

LEGO X-WING STARFIGHTER Battle the Empire in the famous X-Wing Starfighter™, packed with realistic details, torpedoes, retracting wings and a special attack mode! Donated By: The Lee-Hassett Family


IPOD NANO The size of a credit card the Ipod nano is the perfect little media player.Features a Multi-Touch display, built-in Bluetooth, FM radio, video, and more. Donated By: The Moeinzad Family (Gloria Barzi)


SIX FLAGS Two complimentary one-day passes to most rides, shows and attractions at Six Flags New England. This includes Hurricane Harbor, New England's largest water park. Use by 09/15/2013 Donated By: Six Flags


WHEELOCK FAMILY THEATRE 4 tickets to a Wheelock Family Theatre production during the 2013/14 season. Choose among "The Hobbit", "Hairspray" and "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon". Donated By: Wheelock Family Theatre


BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP $10 Cub Cash to spend on merchandize in any Build A Bear Workshop store. Donated By: Build a Bear Workshop


Extra Prizes X-197

BIG PICTURE CUSTOM FRAMING $25 towards custom framing your next picture. Donated By: Big Picture Custom Framing


MILAN LUCIC AUTOGRPAPHED PHOTO Don't miss out on this opportunity to win an autographed photo of Boston Bruins Left Winger Milan Lucic!. Donated By: Celebrities for Charity


CEDRIC MAXWELL AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO Win an autographed photo by Cedric Maxwell, A must have for all Celtics fan. Donated By: Celebrities for Charity


THE CONTAINER STORE Start getting organized with this $25 gift card from the Container Store Donated By: The Container Store


For every 25 paid tickets turned in by Wednesday, May 15, you will win 5 FREE TICKETS! Payment must accompany the tickets when they are turned in. Please make checks payable to “Bowen PTO”. See inside front cover for ticket collection dates and times.

To receive your free tickets, all paid tickets and payment must be received by Wednesday, May 15! All prizes will be available for pick up in the Bowen School lobby immediately after the winners are announced on Sunday, May 20. The names of winners will be posted in the school lobby on Monday, May 20. All prizes may be picked up in front of the raffle display window in the lobby during dropoff and pick-up times the week of May 20.

YOU do not need to be present to win. HOWEVER, all prizes must be picked up at Bowen School by June 11 OR THEY WILL BE FORFEITED AND A NEW WINNER SELECTED.

Raffle Quick Picks S-138










































Take a look inside for even more great prizes!

Bowen School Spring Raffle Prize Booklet  

Bowen School Spring Raffle Prize Booklet

Bowen School Spring Raffle Prize Booklet  

Bowen School Spring Raffle Prize Booklet