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From two of our lovely subscribers... When I was in the third grade, my twin brother bought a book at our school’s Book Fair. The title of that book? 101 Elephant Jokes. I know, I’m laughing at the title too. So, like most 8 year olds, I found the jokes to be hilarious. All 101 of them! We would tell and re-tell the jokes over and over again making each other laugh at the dinner table, in our bedroom when we were supposed to be asleep, and sometimes in class, but it was a rule that we had to wait until recess or after school to tell each other the joke. It was the kind of laugh that would make our bellies hurt, and I loved every minute of it. I’ve lived in Philadelphia my whole life and have been going to local theater for the last 20 years. So when I took my wife out for one of our date nights in 2007, we saw Jen Childs and John Lumia in Arden Theatre’s production of Dex and Julie Sittin’ in a Tree, we knew we were seeing someone very special. So last year we were walking down Walnut Street, and who should we see in an ad in the bus stop wearing a tutu? Jen Childs! It was for her show, “Why I’m Scared of Dance.” We both thought... if a woman about our age is willing to put on a tutu, we had to see the show. It was a phenomenal one-woman show that resonated with us on so many levels. The music, the clothes, and most of all, her comedic timing that had us in stitches from beginning to end. It was as if she was in our living room listening to the same music, having the same thoughts as we did when we were growing up. Remember that laughing until my belly hurt feeling I had with my brother? Same feeling. So when Jen asked if I would help out with this season’s brochure, of course I said yes! An opportunity to laugh for an afternoon? Who would say no? Thanks to Tyler Melchior, 1812’s Marketing and Public Relations Director, I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole shoot! 1812 Productions is new for us. In a city known for its robust theater scene, we are so delighted to now be members for the 2011-2012 Season. And we’ll be members next season, and the season after that, and so on and so on. Jen blew us away with her amazing talents and we know the rest of the company will continue to make us laugh…which is what we love to do. Marc Johnson & Donna Quinn 1812 Subscribers

Marc & Donna, photo by John Flak

From four of our lovely subscribers... Our first exposure to 1812 happened in Cape May in 2001 when Jen headlined a show during the summer. We decided then that we would make sure we went to see anything she was in. The first 1812 Productions show we saw was Another Big Time: Vaudeville for the Holidays in 2001. We went with a group of six friends from work and by the time we left, our sides hurt from laughing so much. We subscribed for the next season and have been attending 1812 shows ever since—and still laughing until our sides hurt! Several years ago, Kathy and I met Dean and John who would become very good friends, and, fortunately, are theatre lovers, and convinced them to subscribe with us. Our first show together was a performance of Jilline Ringle’s Mondo Mangia— we laughed, we cried, and we ate chicken cacciatore! Now we attend all the shows together and rarely miss the 1812 cabarets at the Tin Angel. We enjoy seeing the talent of Jen, Scott, Dave, Tony, Mary(s), Monica, and Alex to mention a few, but our favorites shows have been Suburban Love Songs, Recent Tragic Events, and Why I’m Scared of Dance. In Suburban Love Songs, not one word is uttered but the story comes through loud and clear and it’s FUNNY!!! Recent Tragic Events was comedy but thought-provoking and emotional. Why I’m Scared of Dance was a heart-felt, moving experience of fear through comedy—we’ve all been there. If you’re not already a subscriber, why not? Laughter lightens the mind, body and soul. And speaking of lightening (subscriber or not) why not lighten your wallet a little with an extra gift to ensure the laughs keep coming for many years to come. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to laugh together and enjoy the friendship you share with us as a part of the 1812 Productions family—yea Patsy, et al! Susan Greene and Kathy Sheridan, Dean Burley and John Underwood

(left to right) John Underwood, Dean Burley, Susan Greene, and Kathy Sheridan, photo by John Flak

Subscriber Letters  

Letters written y 1812 Productions subscribers and included in Playbills for our shows.

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