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Field Review

Article and photos by: Editor, 180 Paintball

On July 24, 1983 George Brett of the Kansas City Royals baseball team was seen by millions of viewer charging out of his dugout attempting to attack home plate umpire Tim McClelland. McClelland had just called Brett out after hitting a game winning home run in the ninth inning, because the pine tar (used to give batter more grip on the bat) exceeded the coverage allowed by the rules. This came to be known in baseball circles as the “Pine Tar Incident”. George Brett’s unsportsmanlike like tantrum, along with his knowing violation of the rules, has become all too familiar in the sport of paintball as well. We have all seen it, and in some cases we are guilty of it, but what if you could go to a place to play paintball, where this type of rule bending and poor sportsmanship was not seen, not thought of and certainly not needed. The referees on the field have no more duties than to score the flags at the appropriate time; players call themselves out and congratulate

their opponent for a great shot or a sneaky hiding spot. There are no dead men telling tales and no wiping of paint. Simply put, the players are sportsman in every sense of the word.

Rome Georgia is home to Scenario Paintball Games and one of the best values in the sport. Not only will you have a great time on their 40 + acres filled with bunkers, woods, towns and plenty of objectives, but you don’t have to

use you children’s college fund to play. The play is great and the field is run with the care and concern of a group of friends who love the game. James, Doug, David, Jonathan, Mel, Donna and Carry have all invested heavily in our paintball enjoyment. All are members of Code 3, a local paintball team consisting of about 20 members. Not only do they run a great field, but they play by example. You will not find people of better character anywhere. I had the fortune to meet most of them at an all day Flag Wars event they hosted in November 2008. Catering to weekend players the field is open every Saturday by appointment and Sundays for walkon play. Church and school groups are welcomed and the family atmosphere is extended to everyone who enters the gate. Several times a year they host an organized event with low entry fees and bring your own paint management style that is geared to ensuring everyone walks away

with a smile and a promise to return. While this story is beginning to sound a bit like an ad for the field, it did not start out to be that. I cannot say enough about this

amazing place. In a world full of promoters and field owners who care less about the game and its players and more about their bottom line, Scenario Paintball is where this sport came from and where it is going.

Finding your way to Scenario Paintball is not easy, but it is well worth the journey. Just remember to do as the Romans do and leave your pine tar at home.

Scenario Paintball Games can be found at: Scenario Paintball Games 709 Livingston Rd Rome, Ga. 30161 770-364-8444 Or on their website at:


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Building Large, for the Big Game

Article and Photographs By: Steven “Str8shooter” Armstrong

Turning the Kitchen Table into a Drawing Board The kitchen table has been the home to many ideas being put to paper; those pesky thoughts that keep us awake at night or creep into your conscious thoughts while we should be paying attention to the quarterly budget meeting at work. Good ideas one and all but remain just that, an idea until they are put to paper and the kitchen table

Just over a year ago my wife asked the million dollar question, “Why don’t you build a paintball tank?” My initial answer was, “We can’t have a tank, we’re an Airborne Unit.” “So build a plane” she says. That was the defining moment for the next eight months.

First computer sketch of the idea

wings; each consuming more and more of my time, then the reality set in. There is no way I am going to finish this, on time, alone. My neighbors must have thought I had lost a few bricks and when I began to enlist help from my local paintball friends I am sure they thought the local Asylum is missing a few patients. We would have lunch served on work days under a large elm tree in my yard; building this plane was starting to look more like an old fashioned barn raising.

“We can’t have a tank, we’re an Airborne Unit.” …“So build a plane”

becomes a canvas of expression. It is then that they become something more, something tangible; something that can be shared with others or, kept as a secret, only revealed to a select few. These are the ideas that stir the soul and dig deep into the psyche. These are the ones we label, diabolical.

As a few neighbors would brave the coo coo’s nest to ask, “What are you making?”

JU 52/3 Pesky thoughts and kitchen table later my idea (I mean her idea) of a JU52/3 transport plane for paintball flowed from my pen until I was convinced it could be done. Our old Ford F350 Dually would be the platform and the Fallschirmjager would jump again.

Max Schmeling

As construction began in my garage I saw the plan become three dimensional. Turret, walls and roof, followed by cockpit, tail and

Wickedklown2, looking like Max

who had arrived ahead of us. Many were unaware of the behemoth we had created. When a good friend Juan Parke (Beatle) approached I could see the amazement in his face. I had been telling him for months that I had a gift for him. Beatle is the Commander of an Anti Tank (Plane in this case) unit on the Allied side of the game. His gift had arrived, or should I say his target.

I would politely respond with, “A parade float”. That would satisfy the curious and let me get back to work without too many follow up questions. Most would walk by a little slower with a puzzled look on their face, busting at the seams to know, “What is that thing?”

Dave “giving her the spurs” I began asking my friends to complete sub components at home so that they could be assembled on the aircraft later. This was the trick that moved the project on time. I am one of those people who like things done my way when it comes to my ideas. So I had to learn to let the creative energy of my friends go and take their contributions to the project as they came in. To be honest, they are great friends who understood me more than I thought, they were right on track. I was never disappointed with their contributions.

Once the paint was applied and the last discussions of: total time invested, number of rivets and dollars spent (I won’t even go there) were all done, we set to the task of towing our creation to the largest paintball game in the world, Oklahoma D-day.

June, 2008; the excitement in the RV pulling our JU was measurable. Most of the eight people inside hade never been to this event, sure they have played on this field, but once they saw the humanity that is the camping area, jaws were slackened. All eyes turned to see what was behind the RV. We could see players running to get their cameras, running to get their friends, running to get their Commanders. As we pulled into our camping area I was met with friends and family

To everyone who helped put this bird in the air, I say thank you: Dave “Wickedklown2” Watrous without you this would still be an idea; to Rick Wiley who I owe a personal debt of gratitude for not only matching me rivet for rivet, but for pulling this project all the way to Oklahoma, I say their are none better; to your sons Scott and Sam, thanks for sharing the dream and the hamburgers. To everyone who turned a nut, popped a rivet or took this plane to the field I am truly thankful.

The JU gets some color.

“The largest paintball game in the world, Oklahoma D-day.” Putting pen to paper, turning the kitchen table into a drawing board, is how these types of projects grow into reality. Putting trust in good people and turning their contributions into reality is how I grew as a friend. Thank you again, one and all.

JU Building Crew:

JU Flight Crew:

JU Ground Crew:

Steven Armstrong Maureen Armstrong Patrick Bilyeu Paul Bilyeu Dave Watrous Rick Wiley Scott Wiley Sam Wiley

Brad Armstrong Katie Armstrong Patrick Bilyeu Chris Conkle Marian Conkle Brianna Drake Harrison Drake Brianna Pianfetti Cheri Schnaker

Gus Kakalow Sam Moyers

Sponsor: Craig Miller “DraXXus”

Your Technical Column Here You’re smart. Experienced. Others often seek your advice. Your skill is impressive. You’re still humble.

Share the wealth with a recurring column of your very own. Send your first article to:

In 1953 A Brand New Magazine Featured A Young Girl Named Marilyn History Repeats Itself.

•2004 AKA Viking : Pandora Rmod 4.20 Board •PMI gas-thru T Stock •Scepter 7 piece Barrel Kit w/ mock Suppressor •"Kruger" Black Micarta Grips •A+ no-rise lever-lock clamping feed neck •Bob Long Gear Drive Xpress mounton/off ASA •JMJ Razor Blade Trigger •Type 3 Black Anno •Dye Rotor Loader, Olive

Marilyn, Tennessee Yes, she really plays

Marker By: Dave “Wickedklown2” Watrous Team: Hellions


BearClaw Home Of Peter Pan & Wendy You’d never know them to be the owners of a paintball field on game day. At a recent game sporting over 600 players in attendance, BearClaw Bob and BearClaw Susie as they are affectionately known were relaxed, happy and carefree. No stress. No worry. No tempers. Celebrating their park’s 10th birthday, they were both speechless and moved to tears when a plaque bearing their engraved images was presented at the games’ opening ceremonies in October of last year. Originally envisioned as a summer camp for 250 – 300 boys, the Bear Claw paintball field in Fayetteville, Tennessee is sanctioned by the NPPL, (National Professional Paintball League) and SPPL (Scenario Paintball Players League). Not too shabby for a couple who had never even seen a game of paintball before deciding to open the place. Celebrating 25 years of marriage in May, Susan and Robert Juengel have two sons, 24 and 18 years of age and the most beautiful grandchild (just ask them) one year old Aiden. They are very proud of their family including the additional 20-25 children they count as family members, all of them deemed by Bob & Susie to be Lost Boys, those in need of guidance, a purpose, a mom and a dad.

BearClaw is aptly labeled. While named for the bear tooth found during the Pro Shop excavation, the fierce protective nature of the field owners is more bear-like and more befitting the self titled Peter Pan & Wendy. Their love and affection for player and ref alike is evident and ardently returned. When asked to describe their field, Susie quickly replied, “It’s all about the players. We play for fun and have it as family oriented as possible.” Taking his time to think over his response Bob answered, “Our field is three things: Fun. Fantasy. Safe.” Polling different players throughout the day as to why they keep coming back to this field, the responses were 100 % positive. “This ought to be everybody’s field!” “It’s like coming home.” “The only bad thing is leaving.” “This is a great big family.” With 10 years under their belts Bob and Susie eagerly look toward the next 10 years and beyond. They envision more of western town feel with construction going to the wood line, the buildings having the look and feel as if you’ve just walked onto a movie set. Step into the Saloon and see tables knocked over – and permanently nailed that way. The airball field has been sold and they’ve taken down the speedball field. Their laughter is quick and the memories are plentiful as they recount story after story about their field. One story that kept them laughing is the Peach Tree Plaque and how it came about. Believe me; you need to hear them tell it.

Attending everything from High School graduations, softball games and guidance counselor meetings to doctors’ appointments, Bob and Susie’s light hearted tone changed when discussing the numerous reasons why they’ve stepped in to help parent the boys who turn to them for love and assistance. Gone are the carefree field owners; replacing them are the protective, determined, nononsense mother and father figures who are amazed at the reasons needed for their involvement. Swimming across a Channel is not sufficient reason enough to miss your son’s High School graduation, they scoff.

One Of Many Player Gifts.

They grimaced over the CNN coverage of their 1st D-Day event which resulted in a phone call from the German Consulate. Evidently the remarks from a player filmed on the German side weren’t that historically flattering.

At BearClaw the camping is free. With an on-site pro shop, cafe, player shuttles, commodes and hot showers, RV hookups and paved roads, it’s a welcome surprise in the world of scenario woodsball.

“Paintball has come full circle.” Susie states as she briefly gets to hold Aiden. “From wearing camo and having a black gun to the bright speedball colors and young boys mouths that matched, back to camo and the black guns.” What they didn’t expect from the sport was to be so touched by those who come to play and make BearClaw their home away from home. Susie shows off one of the many gifts that players continually send or gift to them. Traveling all over the world, players will return from their trips with a trinket or two they picked up along the way because it reminded them of BearClaw. Bob and Susie’s family pets also reap the rewards of such a loving, personal environment. Plenty of petting to go around along with the occasional treat; it’s more of a family reunion feel off the field than one side vs. the other. Good natured cat calls and friendly bantering can be heard well into the night.

Pro Shop Don’t worry if you’re just learning how to play. You’ll be welcomed and assisted in every aspect of the game. A perfect field for the father-son & mother-daughter combinations in addition to the tactical honing abilities of the numerous woodsball teams that abound, you simply can’t go wrong on this field. It brings out the kid in you. With the next game slated May 2-3, game information can be found on their website: The giveaways at their events are generous. Numerous guns, masks, and vests in addition to the typical barrel covers and towels were given to smiling players.

It’s A Dog’s Life At BearClaw Missing from the camping area are the cordoned off areas of who-stays-where. Claim the ground and it’s yours to camp on regardless of who you are next New bie to.

That is what is most striking about BearClaw. Everywhere you go, people are smiling. They are happy. Genuinely happy. Congrats are given with shouts of “Good Shot” as the players call themselves out of the game. Well, most players, that is. This isn’t a fairy tale, after all, it’s a paintball field. Where you never, never, never want to grow up; or go home.


Receiving the Generals Special Service Award last month.

We’ve all experienced the sore losers who are the epitome of poor sportsmanship and give paintball a bad name in general. We’ve read the articles that showcase those who vandalize property with late night paintball sprees, who freeze their paint or who use marbles in lieu of paint. It’s time to focus on what the true paintball player is really about.

A few months ago Zachary, age 15, was playing a game at a local field with his dad when the word got out that a marker was missing from a tent on the campgrounds. Was it stolen or simply misplaced? Accusations and tempers were beginning to build. Unease became apparent on most players faces. No one wanted to believe that one fellow player out of the over 300 in attendance would do something like this; most didn’t believe that someone would simply ‘misplace’ a beloved gun, either. The daylong search revealed nothing. Talk of bringing in the local law enforcement ensued as did the frequent requests for everyone to just stay calm.

The Ladies Man Most of the players prepared for the night game while others socialized around the campfires or wandered from one tent to the next with talk invariably turning to the lost gun. The rest of the story told by Zac: At first I couldn't sleep, it was too cold. So I got up and went to sit by the fire with some of the other players that were still up. The fire was getting low, so I went to look for some firewood along a screened section near

the edge of the field. I didn't have a flashlight and took what firewood I had back to the camp. I got a flashlight and while scanning the ground for more wood I noticed a glimmer of an object behind a tree. When I went closer I saw it was a hopper with a gun and tank along with it. I noticed some refs near the ref shack, which was very close by and told them of what I had found. I figured I had better not touch it, someone might have laid it there for a reason but I also didn't want anyone to lose their gun. I had heard about someone losing their gun earlier in the day. A friend of the person who had lost the gun was at the ref shack too. He came over and identified the gun as the one that was missing. Later on, the owner of the gun came by and thanked me for being honest. I was glad that I could help. I would want my gun returned to me if I had lost it.

Understandably, Zac’s dad, “PorkChop” is a very happy dad. Dad's perspective: “Zachary (20/20) is a good kid. He makes me proud on a regular basis. I was relieved he found the lost gun, which happened to be a very expensive one.

“This time, the example was set by a 15 year old” I was asked to describe the events that happened during the awards ceremony of the game we were at. I stated how as scenario players, we hold honesty and integrity in very high regard. Furthermore, as adults we need to be setting examples for each other, for the newer players and the younger players. I felt this was a good case of how we can set examples and those examples are acted upon. This time, the example was set by a 15 year old.” Zachary, who has been known to yell, “I’ve got 20/20 eyes - no use in hiding", is from Decatur, Alabama. He has been playing paintball for 5 years along with his younger brother F-Bomb, who is 11. They are members of the Flying Monkeys of Doom scenario team. You can visit their website at

Product Review

In this issue we share your insights about Battle Tested “BT” Clothing.

Survey Says! Black Cross Renegades: We have been wearing the BT line for about a year. It is kinda like Speedball meets Camouflage. The pattern looks cool, but I think it is a little dark. Digger: The knee pads are great; I don’t think I could tear them up. Company Man: I got mine last year, and wore them in the summer once. I put them away until winter; now I use them every time out. They make a difference with cold paint. Gonzo: Mom always said, if you can’t say nothing nice, Brat: It is stiff but they work good.

June 1st Issue:

Hammer Head Barrels

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Story by Gus “JUFlieger” Kakalow

World War II Re-Enacting So, you've had a tough week at work, and now all you would like to do is curl up on the couch this weekend and watch an unlimited supply of old WWII movies. The classics that you've grown up with or perhaps the "new" generation war movies such as Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, or Flags of Our Fathers. Have you ever wondered what it must have been like back in those days, fighting against the Japanese or Germans...or maybe even fighting against the Americans? Do you take notice of the uniforms and equipment, the languages being spoken, the background and sceneries of the movie sets? Wouldn't it be cool to go back in time, or at least rent a movie lot and play out the last scene of Saving Private Ryan? Well, now you can.

Starting in the late 70's in the U.S., WWII reenacting was just getting off the ground. Interest was sporadic and not very well organized. Perhaps, there wasn't much interest since the war had ended only 30 years prior and it was still fresh in our parents and grandparents memories and with memories like that it might be well to try and forget. However, through the 1980's, the hobby had taken a foothold, and units and

organizations were formed. Many American, British, and other Allied units assembled rather quickly since there is a great interest and connection to "our" side; we are Americans after all.

German and other Axis units didn't form as quickly. Perhaps there was reluctance for Americans to be wearing the German uniform with eagle and swastika while their grandfathers were still alive. I know from personal experience that if I walked in my house wearing that uniform, my grandfather (who fought in Africa, Italy, and France) probably would have taken me out; force of habit perhaps. Also, some folks might be a bit sensitive with the German impression because of the Nazi's and the holocaust. For whatever reason, the hobby still needed a foe or "bad guys" to give credibility to the hobby. Who were the Americans going to fight? Make believe enemy combatants?

Axis units were soon filled and their impressions became top notch in the hobby. There was plenty of surplus military clothing and equipment available, and not very expensive. There were many books and movies to research an impression, whether you chose to be a GI in Patton's 3rd Army, or a German Paratrooper under the command of Meindl. There was a plethora of WWII veterans around to guide and teach the young reenactors how it was done in their day. There are still plenty of German veterans living in the U.S.; many have become unit instructors for the German reenactors.

Wouldn't it be cool to go back in time? Whether your interests lay in the allied or axis side there is a place for you to become a part of history. All types of military units, including medical units with nurses and doctors, WAC's and “civilian� jobs for men and women. Females contributed greatly during the war, an almost forgotten historical fact. Find a unit near you, and contact them. There are units all over the US, and chances are there is one near you. These reenactors will give you the necessary information and guidelines for becoming a member of a unit. The Historical Reenactment Society or HRS gave the reenactors the structure it needed to move the hobby forward. The HRS also

protects the hobby from outside organizations and groups who might think that the German reenactors are Nazi's themselves. Through the HRS bylaws, and screening processes, those groups with political or extreme points of view are kept out. The HRS keeps track of the different units, maintains rules and regulations for safety, and make arrangements for huge public events to teach the public about this historical time period.

Today, there are literally thousands of WWII reenactors from all over the world. The impressions are as accurate as can be, with a great deal of emphasis placed on authenticity. There are many fine and almost non-noticeable reproductions on the market which makes this hobby affordable. It is much easier to spend $100 on a reproduction German helmet instead of the $5,000 for an authentic one. You name it and it is available from uniforms, medals, gear, and even weapons.

Real weapons are used in the reenactments using blank ammunition. It is realistic and loud during the battles. The public is

amazed and often deafen after an engagement! Public battles are choreographed and each actor knows his or her part. These public events usually last a weekend, with battles, public demonstrations and displays. Artillery and armor, machine gun positions, bunkers, barbed wire, campsites, villages, etc are also included. The ultimate goals of the reenactors are to take the public back to 1944. When a unit photo is taken in black and white, it is difficult to tell if it is from 1942 or 2009. Every little detail is paramount for the enjoyment of everyone. Tactical events are closed to the public and are used to "practice" the skills and impressions of the individual units. This is where units become cohesive and hone their skills against the enemy units. Organizers make it fun by playing games like capture the flag or other type of military exercise objectives. Most of these have judges who are able to make a fair assessment based on rate of fire, type of weapons and units engaged, terrain and other factors so these judges make sure that people are taking their "hits".

I get to do my best "Hollywood John Wayne bites the dust” death fall… Because this is not paintball, it is difficult to know if you are being shot at and by whom. There is no impact felt when a blank is fired. In the midst of combat there is smoke everywhere, people

screaming in different languages; there is chaos on the battlefield. There is nothing more frustrating than that guy who is 6'4" and 240 pounds hiding behind a 2" twig not taking his hits! The judges do their best but cannot be everywhere so it is up to the individual and his honesty. Everyone wants to have fun and play, so keeping that in mind helps. Besides, I like take a hit; I get to do my best "Hollywood John Wayne bites the dust” death fall...and then gyrate around like a wounded cockroach. I know I like to see a good “death” when I unload a 32 round magazine from my MP40.

Reenactors are sometimes used as the technical advisor for Hollywood productions or even as extras for these movies. Movie producers don't have the budget to hire actors and outfit them with everything they will need from A to Z and teach them how to march or even fight like the army they are portraying (Yes, the German tactics were different than the American battle tactics), so they hire reenactment units or individuals with reenacting experience. A company called Historical Entertainment is a contracting talent agency for reenactors putting them into shows on the Military Channel or History Channel, as well as other movie productions. The hobby needs to continually find new people to grow. Individuals typically start as a private and carrying only a rifle

and maybe a bunch of gear for the machine gun crews but you will move up through the ranks and earn medals along the way. As you and your impression grow, you will become a valuable asset to your unit, and you will definitely experience the camaraderie associated with all military units... even our make believe ones.

As you research your impression you will gain valuable insight and educate yourself about the men and women who served during this war. This could only make you a better, well rounded amateur historian. I love it when some 12 year old kid asks me, "Why do you want to be a Nazi?" My answer is that very few members of the German military were Nazi's and most had no idea of what was happening at the death camps. Does our military today know what is happening at other U.S. bases throughout the world? Are all members of our military Democrats since there is a Democrat in office? The answer is of course not. That’s when the light bulb starts to glow a bit and you realize that maybe you helped him understand a little more about WWII history Our veterans are dying everyday. History is slanted and we must find ways to learn it ourselves if we don't want their stories to fade away forever. As a people we must not forget their experiences and contributions and yes that also

means the Germans, Russians, Japanese and civilians of that era.

This is exactly what reenacting is all about. My grandfathers have passed on as well as many others who have served; let us not allow the greatest generation’s contributions to be forgotten. We are the keepers of their history. This is why we try to do our impressions as accurately as possible.

Reenactors do their best to bring honor to the hobby but most importantly, bring honor to those who served. I get goose bumps when I see real WWII U.S. veterans and German veterans sitting together at these public events. They watch, some teary eyed as they remember their real experiences. I enjoy seeing them get up at the end of an event when the Master of Ceremony asks for WWII veterans to stand and everyone applauds for them. We reenact it, but they lived it. Many reenactors have multiple uniforms and supplies as part of their collection, so loaner gear might be an option for you,

“Lift a glass with 80 year old German… veterans” eliminating an "upfront" cost. If you don’t know where to start, go to a public reenactment near you. Go to the HRS website (below in the list of website information) there you will find a list of events with information. Walk around and talk to the reenactors. Ask the questions to help you decide if this hobby is for you. If you like paintball and you have a genuine passion for the WWII time period, then you probably would enjoy reenacting.

As a kid, we all played army in the woods with stick guns and cap guns. Now, we take it to the next level. Come play with us, instead of curling up on the couch to watch an old movie. You just might find yourself running around with Tom Hanks making one. See for yourself what it is like to come over a hill and see the 2nd Panzer Division with armor and half tracks coming towards you and know for a moment what your grandfather must have felt. Lift a glass with 80 year old German and American veterans and learn about the real history of WWII.

Some useful sites to investigate further: is the main site for the Historical Reenactment Society. Click on the units tab on the side and pick a nationality for contact information for the various units. This is the site for the Historical Entertainment Productions, which supplies Hollywood with reenactors for films, documentaries and other type of shows. For a look at a German Panzer unit in the U.S. Midwest. This is a German paratrooper (Fallschirmjager) unit. This unit membership extends from the Atlantic states to the deep Midwest with three separate companies. If being in the SS is interesting to you, this is a premier group of reenactors to contact. This is a link to the U.S. 3rd Inf. Division. This is a link to the "Big Red One", 1st Inf. Division. Here is your chance to join the "Band of Brothers" unit.

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