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master of architecture Memphis, TN

Priya Kharel

Aligning Mind, Body And Soul For Human Connection A meditation center in downtown Memphis, TN


To obtain a job opportunity as an architect that makes use of my architectural experience and knowledge to promote healthy living and well-being of the community through collaborative design process.


University of Memphis Master of Architecture, 2018

Memphis, TN

Purbanchal University Bachelor of Architecture

Kathmandu, Nepal 2006-2012

University of Memphis | Graduate Assistant Analyzing, researching and record keeping the sustainable products in the Living Library

Memphis, TN August 2016- May2018

Department of Archeology | Kathmandu, Nepal | Architect Worked for the Restoration of the Historical Monuments destroyed by Earthquake (25th April 2015)

Kathmandu, Nepal April 2016 - July 2016

G.L Engineering Consultancy | Kathmandu, Nepal | Architect

Kathmandu, Nepal September 2012March 2016


Responsible to prepare initial to final architectural drawings, dealing with the clients, and site supervision.

Digicon Consultancy | Kathmandu, Nepal | Architect Involved in the project for the digitization of the government buildings and Kathmandu Valley Map Update Project C.E Construction Pvt. Ltd. | Intern Architect Involved in drafting the detail architectural, structural, and electrical drawings


Awarded, Graduate Assistant, University of Memphis Awarded, Tau Sigma Delta Architectural Honor Society, University of Memphis Awarded, Client choice honorable mention for “Vision for a Twenty- first century corporation”, Bryce design Competition Awarded, ULI Scholarship Membership, AIAS




3562 Mynders Avenue, Memphis, TN 510.674.6340


Kathmandu, Nepal May 2012–August 2012 Kathmandu, Nepal April 2011- August 2011

Urban life with many opportunities is leaving a measurable impact in human life. Human beings born as a social creature loves to live in society connecting with other people. The busy schedule of urban lifestyle is found to be affecting this human connection, sometimes even pushing to the social isolation. This project aims at reducing this urban stress by reconnecting people back with each other. The deeper understanding of this project lies in th e fact that to get connected with other people it is first necessary to be self connected. Our body, mind and spirit needs to be aligned to further make connection with other people. The project will reestablish the ignored city space as a part of peoples daily life. The design process has been approached making nature as a medium to achieve this connection with self. Meditation has always been a way of great stress reducer bringing positivity and awareness in people. An architecture beyond the wall project is actually a footprint of a meditating space inside and out.

Software InDesign | Lumion | Revit | AutoCad | SketchUp | Photoshop | Microsoft Office Interpersonal Detail oriented, organized with effective verbal and written communication skills Loyal and dedicated with ability to adjust and work in a team environment Languages: written and oral fluency in English, Nepali, and Hindi


Engaging senses in nature



Experiencing meditative architecture through built environment



Front view of meditation center

Zen garden courtyard

Main Lobby

Retreat Pods and the reflecting pool


Easily accessible green roof

Before from the South-west

Water Meditation in the cavern

Return journey through the bridge 9

SWARGA ( HEAVEN) The cabin in quite forest is a comfortable living space. A place away from the urban setting and away from noise. Moreover, who would not love to live in nature, waking up to chirping birds and the pleasant aroma of the forest? The cabin is carefully sited to take advantage of the wonderful views of the forest making visitors feel as alive as ever. The feeling of that first sip of tea in the living room mixed with the aromas of nature gives a multi-sensory experience that cannot be duplicated. Beautiful views of process nature through the transparent glass from the process living room makes you feel as though you are immersed into nature at all times.

composition This rendering showcases a blend between nature and the composition built form. The setting is a thick forest with shadowy forest floor which gives the sense of belonging to thenature wooden cabin This rendering showcases a blend between and the and green tree setting canopyisprovides contrast to shadowy the scene. The built form. The a thick forest with forest objective this image is toofadd the feeling of wooden early suncabin rays floor whichofgives the sense belonging to the peeking through the trees in to the cabin,towhich is already and green tree canopy provides contrast the scene. The glowing with the image warm lights of cabin. objective of this is to add the feeling of early sun rays peeking through the trees in to the cabin, which is already glowing with the warm lights of cabin.


Final massing and sectional model 10

The focus of this rendering is to define the early morning focus mood in the dark forests. Beautiful glowing cabin blends to the shadowy floor.Offcourse thethe forest is dark and Thedark focus of this forest rendering is to define early morning dense but warm greenBeautiful trees ofglowing this forest andblends the soft mood in thethe dark forests. cabin to sunlight breaking forest throught the trees creates enough bright the dark shadowy floor.Offcourse the forest is dark and living environment. dense but the warm green trees of this forest and the soft sunlight breaking throught the trees creates enough bright living environment.



composition The smooth glossiness of the wood in the forest is the idea to sharpen the beauty of this modern wood cabin in the forests. The clear glass windows on all the sides is to give a feeling of being in the forest.

Mixed land use project This land use project has been designed for the site hot spring, Arkansas. The project includes the program like hotel, apartment, bath house as a main program. This different activites has been planned under the same building , the main concept of this design is to keep as much openness in the building. The site is in a beautiful junction of streets, and there are are tall buildings upto 10 storey high. To be responsive to the street , the building has been planned as a stair design. This design provides the beautiful street view from the terrace of each floor. Since the site topography is high at the back, the building height is low at front and high at the back.

Front view of mixed land use

focus The main focus of this image is the beautiful view of the forest from the modern cabin. The sunlight breaking throught the large glass panels to the cabin creates a warm indoor environemnt in the cool dense forest.

Color or Lighting The subtle color of the interior mixes seamlessly with the subtle color of the outside nature during the day time setting of this cabin within the forest. Being in the sharp shadows and the glossy interior, but still feeling the natural setting of the forest within the cabin is the main objective of this image.


Conceptual development 13

Memphis Violence Mitigation Project

figure: Outdoor dining on third floor

Conceptual ideas 14

The new model, called CLASH (Climate Aggression, and Self-control in Humans), moves well beyond the simple fact that heat is linked to aggressive behavior. This is so that the hot climates and less variation in seasonal temperature leads to a faster life strategy, less focus on future and less self control ,which ultimately contribute to more aggression and violence. This project aims at bringing peacefulness in the community through the introduction of cool and calm water that reduces the anger in people and glass memorial tower that calm down people with its material transparent nature and light color.

Main entrance view 15

Reading Space and Hammick Design An experience of real life work was a valuable exposure during the design+ build Studio summer class. With a team work of students and faculty member, a friendly outdoor reading space and hammick was designed and built in the site, Carpenter Art Garden. It was a happy moment to see those kids enjoying the designed space.

Memphis Athenaeum This project athenaeum is completely developed with the idea of getting wisdom.Athenaeum being a learning place, is a place to gain knowledge and being wise .Not only the building itself,but the whole site is developed as a learning place.Learning does not only mean reading inside the building,this project is inspired from the very beginning of civilization. i.e. people started to gain knowledge from an outdoor environment,under the tree.Integrating outdoor and indoor spaces and making the comfortable learning space is the zist of this design project.Throught out it’s design project,the learning process is understand as a self inspiring spaces. Along with the understanding of self inspiring, the design in based on the four level of learning proces and that is from data to Wisodm.The allocation of the spaces are as per the site conceptual requirement.The free movement from outdoor to indoor and vice-versa is the essence of this project. The four level of learning process are : DATA



WISDOM figure: Front view memphis athenaeum

Entrance to the library 16

Outside reading provision

An attempt of bridging interior and exterior 17

tsec s bryce

Bryce Design Competition “Vision for a Twenty-First Century Corporation: try to the Headquarters Building”

all over the world

Rethinking the En-

bryce packaging as a design competition is a vision to a pure twenty-first cenecsBryce with authentic protury corporation: rethinking the entry to the headquarduct,processed as close ters building. It was a great experience for students to be a part ofall a real world. The competition became a part over the world as to nature.The of the studio coarse challenge ce packaging as a during the semester. Thepossible was to create a dynamic, inviting and secure idea entrance. is to approach natuThe design solution prowas needed to include the accessire with authentic bility to physically challenged people atrally. the same time


ct,processed as the close should consider quality and durability of the material. Since, the design was for food corporation an initiation SITE PLAN possible to nature.The for the green architecture was vision so that it helps for indoor and outdoor a is both to approach natu-air quality. y.







Main entrance developed with side walk and greenery.




PLAN SCALE 1/32”=1’ Interior with more greeneries and human friendly seatings. 18

A space developed as a walk through the green wall to bring people’s attention to psychological effects of greenery.

SECTION SCALE 1/32”=1’ 19

Home is where we belong

Residence: Client - Yogesh Mittal

Balkhu, kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal This proposed residence sits on the lap of the beautiful green surrounding of hills and tress. A rural site with proposed modern design has been thought out in such a way that keeps you connected to the beautiful landscape outdoor. A blend of modern concrete and the traditional local material brick, shapes the design structure of the building. An open space designed in every floor of the building let you experience wide range of amazing nature in the rural site. Big slidable windows lets connect with the cool breeze outside, bring enough warm sun to inside accordingly. The shape and size of the building, windows size and function has been considered to make it a energy efficient building. A good home is that which gives you roof to cover but not disconnect with you from the surrounding. The project has been thought out also considering the safety in rural site. 20

A challenge to accomplish a comfortable interior space for house built within small area. An old traditional building interior was renovated to give a modern look with simplicity. Light has been the main focus through out the design process.


Dattattreya Restaurant: Client : Kishor Jain, Bhaktapur, Nepal

A chinese restaurant in dattatreya restaurant was combined with traditional newari architecture style of Kathmandu, Nepal. Wood being the local building material was utilized as the main aesthetic and functional part of the building.


Dolpo Monatery, Dakshinkali , Nepal. A religioius building complex comprising of domestic quarters for monks or nuns was designed based on the basic standard of monastery. The religious, praying space was guided by the standard dimension. The first floor consists of the rental commercial space . The second floor consists of a player hall and the shrine space. The top floor is the quarters for the monks that has a central space opening to the prayer hall below.


Veena’s residences, kathmandu, Nepal



Mix Residences, Nepal