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Mississippi Gulf Coast

T-Bucket Club By Terry Mason Barfield You may have heard me on the radio, doing a radio show called NASCAR TALK “the Nextel Cup Show”, or heard me announce a local stock car race. You may have heard me as a rock and roll DJ. You may have heard me announce the races at Talladega Super Speedway or a local commercial or even a broadcast a football game. But before all that, there was my love for cars. 17 FOREVER to me is a Hot Rod state of mind. It came early in the movie American Graffiti when Steve and Kurt were arguing about Kurt going to college and Milner rolling up about that time and Steve saying “you can’t stay 17 Forever.” I believe Hot Rods can let you stay 17 forever. It started for me when I was just a little fellow and my oldest brother had a gold 34 Ford with the exposed engine and no fenders. That’s when I believe it was born into me. How I loved that car, and the whole mid 60’s scene that my older teenage brothers were into. The Beatle boots, the Beatle jackets, the mohair sweaters and their girls with big hair. You see I was a lucky person. I grew up in the 60’s through my older brothers eyes. I used to slip into their rooms, after I was left behind and listen to their 50’s and 60’s music…. The Beatles, Beach Boys and Roy Orbison albums. I would sometimes be taken along as a third wheel, but not often. Most of the time I learned by listening, eves dropping, and snooping around when they were not around. Like how I found my middle brothers trophy he won at the drag strip, when mom and dad had no idea. Those were the days. Later on I would pick tomatoes or watermelons a half a day, so I could get some pocket money. ($2.50-$5.00) Then ride my bicycle 3 miles to a local swimming pool hang out where the juke box played all the great groups and artists of the day. And where the boys and girls courted. I used to think how cool it would be to be a teenager during those years. But you know… I did get to live those days. Though the eyes of my older brothers. It enabled me to live in two generations. The 60’s and my teenage years the 70’s. And I wouldn’t give nothing for that…and my love for all classic cars that were as much of that time as the music, the clothes and the styles! At 15 years of age I found myself at a party with my favorite late night DJ sitting on the sofa beside me. We became friends and I used to hang out with him late night and became interested in being a DJ and he hooked me up. At 15 I became a DJ at a number one Top Forty AM station and it became a 30 plus year career. A lot of girl friends for a guy that wasn't the best looking thing and a chance to meet and party with a lot of the bands from the 70's and early 80's before I got in the business end of radio. I was trying to think, the other night, of all the radio names I used around the Southeast. Back then all stations had “jingle packages” that sang your name. So when they bought a new package, they bought extra names for future DJ's, so the package would last a while. The radio station would hire you and tell you what your name would be. (the next one in the package they had bought) I was Dave Shannon, Rick Shannon, John St. John, Charlie Fox, Larry

Meet, Eat, Cruise & Car Shows The T-Bucket Club of the Mississippi Gulf Coast meets the 1st Saturday every month Our April Meeting will be Saturday April 2nd at 4pm at El Saltillo Edgewater Village Biloxi Our May Meeting will be Saturday May 7th at 4pm at Hooters Hwy 90 in Biloxi Both meetings will be prior to the Edgewater Mall first Saturday night Cruise-ins. Info call Kendall (228) 806-6752

Terry (228) 669-8122

St. John, Terry St. John, Jeff Davis and finally Terry Mason. It made it easier to remember if it was still your first name. Soon after getting into radio I started announcing stock car races. Dothan, Panama City, Tullahoma, Omaha, Montgomery, Opp, Biloxi, Mobile, Pass Christian, Talladega and Pensacola... if I haven't left out a few. I kept so busy with radio and racing that I never had a chance to pursue my passion of classic cars, car shows and cruise-ins and all the great people. That changed when I gave up weekend work and bought a 1923 T-Bucket. Till Next Month


17 Forever April 2011 by Terry Mason  

Growing up in the 60's through my older brothers eyes.