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Zaha Hadid: Complete Works, 1779-2009 One of the most influential architects today Page 4


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The blood is flowing in wine country Page 7

Saint John of the Five Boroughs

Historical Account That Reads Like Good Fiction By Mary Germain Hountalas

Ten Speed Press, $32.50, 224 pages


Eccentric characters, devastating disasters, lavish parties, marital infidelities, exceptional opulence and economic woes are all detailed in the book The San Francisco Cliff House by Mary Germain Hountalas. This book isn’t a a gripping serial drama, however, but rather the actual historical account of a legendary landmark. The stories of this popular attraction are accompanied by vintage memorabilia including breathtaking photographs, newspaper articles, postcards and reprints of menus representing each era in the Cliff House’s many incarnations. The book also provides documentation on the growth and development of the city of San Francisco, particularly those areas surrounding the Cliff House, such as the beachfront amusement park Playland, the Sutro

Baths and the numerous rail and streetcar systems that lead locals and tourists out to those attractions. Some of the book’s most engaging segments relate to food and libations, highlighting those that were among the most popular in this dining destination throughout history. There are also numerous recipes provided throughout the book, many originating in San Francisco, such as the Hangtown Fry or Pisco Punch. The San Francisco Cliff House will surely be appealing to history enthusiasts, but will likely be of equal interest to anybody with even a vague curiosity about the historical accounts of one of the bay area’s most recognizable and popular attractions. Reviewed by Andrea Rappaport

Falco delivers with Saint John Page 10

Expanded Cooking, Food & Wine Section Pages 13-18

Barbie All Dolled Up

I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world! Page 22

Eyes Like Stars

The best theater in the world Page 27

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