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01. 02. 03. 04. Cinema park ----------01 This place was previously unavailable and now provides opportunities for community use and a shared path network under the rail line. We can watch movies with friends in the open air cinema.

Rehabilitation garden ----------04 “A garden for patients ,doctors and students.”

Vertical park ---------06 “In Hong Kong”

Healer ----------09 It has promoted the economic development of Fushun, but it also caused extremely harsh environmental and social problems.



"Cinema Park" This place was previously unavailable and now provides opportunities for community use and a shared path network under the rail line. We can watch movies with friends in the open air cinema.




The project is located on the north side of Shaanxi Energy Finance Trade Zone, with a total length of 2km and a width of 90m.its total area is 176,000 square meters. The south of the project is mostly commercial land. The landscape belt under the viaduct is an important node for the transition from urban to natural.



green space

ARRANGEMENT OF FUNCTION Through a large number of vegetation greening, the current situation of dark and noisy under the viaduct .Let it turn into a new urban space for residents to entertain. Neighbourhood activity nodes along the corridor provide sport courts and recreation equipment offering unique, vibrant and highly identifiable spaces.


This park is filled with ‘social infrastructure’ from bleachers, bench seats and an amphitheatre to fully-enabled wifi, pool,open air cinema, extreme sports field, shop,parking lots,children’s play area,rest area and lawns.




The polygonal road′s design not only increases the number of entrances which allows the citizens to walk to various areas, and brings a wonderful dynamic landscape to the train passengers on the viaduct. Children's play area is far from urban roads , crowded entrances and exits to ensure children's safety while playing.

parking lot


lawn parking lot

0 20



parking lot lawn




rest area


pool open air cinema



parking lot


rest area

extreme sports field pool

N parking lot




rest area






Cedrus deodara (Roxb.) G. Don

Picea asperata Mast.

Sophora japonica Linn.

Sophora japonica Linn.

Populus tomentosa Carrière

Ginkgo biloba L.

Acer mono Maxim

Sophora japonica 'Golden Stem'

Acer palmatum Thunb

Koelreuteria paniculata Laxm.

Buxus megistophylla Lévl.

Swida alba Opiz

Forsythia suspensa (Thunb.) Vahl

Photinia serrulata

Jasminum nudiflorum Lindl.

Verbena officinalis Linn.

Liatris spicata (L.) Willd.

Canna indica Linn.

Iris tectorum Maxim.

Leucanthemum vulgare Lam.



building roadway sidewalk tree shrub grass

It is worth mentioning that this project is very characteristic of grass slopes and open-air cinemas. The grass slope uses the uplift of the terrain to form the inner and outer space, and the open-air cinema uses the pier of the viaduct to form the projection screen.



Essentially serving as “free for the taking” massive weather protection, the ceilings of the viaduct now invite year-round use and allow activities such as basketball, roller hockey, skateboarding and watching movies to happen day and night and during inclement weather, something very familiar to Xian.

This project creates functional, inclusive and attractive public spaces which can influence the lifestyle of its local community. The spaces underneath elevated roads and rail have traditionally been neglected or forgotten as places, so the challenge was to create activities and a connective corridor that would bring the ‘underline’ to life and provide a new level of public facility and engagement.

On the north side of the site, tall trees are planted to form a green background and natural barriers. The south side of the site is an open lawn, planting low shrubs and herbaceous flowers to create an open landscape space.


Rehabilitation garden “A garden for patients ,doctors and students.”



Original site factor


200m N


+ +

This project located in Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University(Abbreviation:SJ Hospital),Shenyang,China.This is a third-class and one of the most famous hospitals in Shenyang. SJ hospital is a general Hospital,Every day, about 3,000 people come here from all over China to see a covers an area of 67,000 square meters which is a little crowded compared to the daily traffic here. It is worth noting that due to historical reasons, some of the student residences of China Medical University are also located in this place, which makes the public space more crowded.

= Add site factor

The hospital has a well-developed infrastructure and a small garden, but a large number of patients need to park in the hospital which makes public space occupied.

According to the pie chart (P1,P2,P2), it is not difficult to find that P1 and P2 are the main causes of disputes between doctors and patients. hospital is not a happy place to go, the whole space is filled with a sense of distrust between doctors and patients. Communication is a lubricant to resolve this question. This project wants to reshape the doctorpatient relationship by providing a roof garden for people to rest and communicate.

river greenbelt

What are the reasons for doctors and patients to think that the dispute between doctors and patients is caused?



P3 patient doctor

The treatment effect did not meet the patient's expectations.---P1 Communication problems between doctors and patients.---P2 Patients have family or economic problems.---P3






The hospital is mainly composed of patients, doctors and medical students. How to meet the needs of these three types of people and enhance their understanding and communication has become the main problem of


this project.

medical student


Gardening Therapy Nature is the Best Therapist

Malus × robusta (CarriŠre) Rehder

Camellia japonica L.


Michelia figo (Lour.) Spreng.

Pittosporum tobira

Syringa oblata Lindl.

Magnolia denudata Desr.

Acacia farnesiana (Linn.) Willd. Nandina domestica

Viola tricolor L.

Rosa chinensis Jacq.

Iris tectorum Maxim.

Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L.

Coreopsis drummondii Torr. et Gray

Gardening therapy is quite different from physical or chemical therapies. It refers to unhealthy or sub-healthy people make use of the plants to hold different activities which aim to promote both mental and physical health. Thus the design of this space pays special attention to creating a natural atmosphere.

vehicle flow

The patient experience played a crucial role in the design process. Positive distractions can reduce the stress of a hospital visit and advance recovery.The main structure of the garden is a huge “cloud�which forms a semi-indoor and semi-outdoor space.Semi-circular voids and skylights, the use of wood, light colors and unobstructed views of the surroundings provide a pleasant atmosphere.

pedestrian flow The garden has two main entrances, which can be reached from inside the building and outside the building. There is no dead end and obvious boundaries for the route, avoid causing depression and discomfort to the patient.

It can be seen from the above traffic flow analysis chart that the route of the vehicle and the pedestrian are basically coincident. That might poses a danger to pedestrians, especially for patients who are disabled. This is why I choose to make a roof garden instead of the original garden on the ground.

The setting of the active area avoids uncomfortable eye contact and provides more views. There are well-arranged local plants and wooden plant beds which allow the patients to feel friendly and comfortable. scale 1:1000

The roof garden allows the patients to experience nature by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, healing them both physically and mentally. Those medical students will become doctors in the near future, and they will come into contact with patients in advance to better understand their lives. We believe that the doctor-patient problem will not be an unsolvable problem in the near future.





The research on the size of the plant beds provides chances for the patients in wheelchairs to practice gardening. A 0.65m distance between the ground to the plant bed is left for putting legs, and the beds are wide enough for communicating while gardening.

Double-level handrails, which are 0.9m and 0.75m high, will be favorable to both walkers and those who sit in wheelchairs.


China Ferry Terminal

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Avenue of Stars

Zhongshan Memorial Park

Vertical park Victoria Park

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hume Park Longhushan Country Park

Area ≥ 10ha 5ha ≤ area <10ha Area <1ha 1ha ≤ area <5ha

Small area parks in Hong Kong Hong Kong Park Area Statistics (Unit: ha)

The relationship between architecture and green space

city traffic

Green space other City element

city building

The scarcity of land in high-density urban centres has forced the park to be miniaturized, while the miniaturized parks have the advantage of flexibility in space and terrain, so they are widely distributed in Hong Kong and are highly accepted by the public. Hong Kong Island is showing us a dichotomy between vast green land and high-density urban area. The most important reason for this state lies in the high land-price policy that Hong Kong government takes——The government strictly limit the annual land supply, thereby to maximize the benefits of land for sale. In Hong Kong, common people are living in the concrete forest. Their living space is dramatically compressed and the open green space around them is small and limited. People are suffering from problems such as dust, noise, air and light pollution .


The relationship between traffic and green space

Several small green spaces in Hong Kong

Concept generation1

Concept generation2

0 1 2


In order to ensure the efficiency of high-density cities, there are often many landscapes that have been compromised. These areas are divided by traffic roads and urban buildings. The land is broken and difficult to use. Because of limited land ,they cannot extend horizontally.It can only be extended vertically. This project want to brought nature into even this most densely populated area, through suspended gardens and plantings throughout the scheme which will help to counteract some of the inevitable pollution in the area. Balancing dynamic movement and respite, the building reintroduces therapeutic nature into the urban condition .


There are a large number of street gardens in Hong Kong, and these areas are the â&#x20AC;&#x153;cuttingâ&#x20AC;? areas of the city. In this way, we spirally stack the street park area and expand the street park that was originally small.

The design can also exist in a separate building. When the available area is relatively large, we can build such a vertical park separately and add entertainment facilities according to the needs of the surrounding residents.

There are many buildings in Hong Kong with direct narrow spaces. It is also very suitable for building a small vertical park. It can be raised by spiraling the roof and connecting the roof of the adjacent building to achieve better effect.

scale 1:200

This is a growable and graftable building that leaves plenty of room for future construction.It is mainly divided into two types : ramps and elevators. Some floors have added stair elements to enrich the transportation mode. This will not only satisfy the needs of visitors to visit and walk, but also bicycles. Some floors have joined the platform, allowing visitors to have fun and exercise, and a coffee shop on the first floor that can provide catering services.


Malus Ă&#x2014; robusta (CarriĹ re) Rehder

Pittosporum tobira

auto streamline

Ginkgo biloba L.

Buxus sinica (Rehd. et Wils.) Cheng

passenger streamline





Cerasus sp.

10m Hylotelephium erythrostictum

solar analysis

Acer palmatum

Cosmos bipinnata Cav.

surrounding green

Prunus Cerasifera Ehrhar f. atropurpurea (Jacq.) Rehd.

Torenia fournieri Linden ex E. Fourn

Zoysia japonica Steud.

Strengthen the sustainability of our buildings. In addition to the above-mentioned land saving, because Hong Kong has a large number of roof gardens, I see them as developable areas. In the more technologically advanced future, these roof gardens can be connected to vertical parks, and traffic will also develop vertically. They will build a new air city complex together.


This project is located in the Xilutian quarry of Fushun City, Liaoning Province, China.

Concept generation1 Now that the quarry is being abandoned, the project aims to transform it into a large urban complex. It consists of nine huge structures, one of which serves as an exhibition center of the quarry and the others as complexes,and retain some features, at the bottom of the quarry as a new landscape for community N


events or visitors. I want to re-energize the city through this project . The resource curse is an economic theory that refers to economic and social issues related to mining resources. Rich natural resources may be a curse of economic development rather than a blessing, and most places with abundant natural resources grow more slowly than those with scarce resources.

Waste dump pollution zone

Relative stability zone

Land collapse

Building damage


Settlement zone

Dumping ground


River pollution



It was mined in 1914 and is the deepest memory of many locals childhood, so this project retains a lot of site memory and transforms them.




At the same time, the project did not cover the exposed rocks, but kept their original appearance. As a nature rock museum, it can be used for local primary school for outdoor teaching and and invite artists to create rock-themed art.

Recently, coal resources have been mined and mines have been shut down. The coal in the tailings is a high-sulfur type, which is combined with sulfur and iron ions. The complex chemical reaction occurs after long-term immersion in groundwater to form Acid-Mine Drainage (AMD). The main characteristic of this kind of wastewater is orange, which continuously oozes to the surrounding surface. The water is combined with heavy metal components such as iron oxide, aluminum and manganese, and the toxicity is very strong. The pH of the soil is destroyed by acidity, the plants cannot grow normally, and the amount of wastewater finally flows into the stream, causing serious deterioration of the water habitat and a large number of fish deaths. The closure of the coal mines and the destruction of natural resources have severely damaged the area.


Acer truncatum Bunge

Amorpha fruticosa Linn.

Acer palmatum Lespedeza 'Atropurpureum' bicolor Turcz

In addition, in the early stage of planting, some species that are easy to survive and strong in resistance can be selected, and other tree species are gradually planted. Especially in the pit mining slope, the soil is relatively unstable due to its relatively large slope. In this case, early planting of vegetation is very beneficial to stabilize the soil and increase the survival rate of seedlings in the later stage.

Oenothera biennis L.

Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.

Acer truncatum Bunge

Amorpha fruticosa Linn. Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.

Populus L.

Caragana sinica (Buc'hoz) Rehder

For the restored landscape of abandoned mines, especially the western open-pit mines, which are subject to serious damage and their own superior value, they should make full use of their advantages and develop their strengths. This can be achieved by introducing some related activities, linking specific activities with some landscape elements, environmental creation, and ecological restoration and development. By designing them to realize their landscape value, the perfect realization of its The transformation of scars to the "city window".

Prunus persica







Cd Cu


Pb Nl


By planting wet plants such as Acorus calamus Linn, Phragmitesaustrails, Cyperus alternifolius, Lythrum salicaria, etc., the water flow rate is slowed down, and heavy metal elements such as aluminum and manganese in the water are adsorbed. Microorganisms in water decompose sulfur, reduce the acidity of water, and wetland ponds use biotechnology to treat wastewater.


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