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620 YRM 1098

AC Motor Repair

General This section describes the disassembly, assembly, and inspection procedures and checks for malfunctions of AC motors. AC traction motors and AC hydraulic pump motors are similar in design. See Figure 1. The AC hydraulic pump and AC steering pump motors are a smaller version of the AC traction motor. Disassembly and repair of these motors are similar.

Figure 1. AC Traction Motor ERC20-32AGF (ERC040-065GH) (A908) Model Shown

AC Motor Repair DISASSEMBLE CAUTION The bearings and seal on the AC traction motor are serviceable parts, while the only serviceable parts on the AC hydraulic pump motor are the bearings. Be careful to not damage bearings when replacing. NOTE: When replacing one bearing, it is strongly recommended to replace both bearings and the seal of the AC traction motor. 1. Remove motor from the lift truck. See the Frame YRM for your lift truck model for removal information.

WARNING The AC hydraulic pump motor can weigh as much as113 kg (250 lb) and the AC traction motor can weigh as much as204 kg (450 lb). To prevent injury, use a lifting device capable of lifting the assembly. 2. Screw lifting eye into the threaded hole in the end of the rotor shaft, and connect a chain to lifting eye. Attach approved lifting device and lift motor. 3. Place motor on level blocks on a flat surface with drive end pointing down. Remove approved lifting device and lifting eye. See Figure 1. 4. Remove connector cover. See Figure 2.


Yale b839 erc45hg (erc070 120hh) lift truck service repair manual  
Yale b839 erc45hg (erc070 120hh) lift truck service repair manual