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Section 3

Routine Maintenance

Section 3



Contents Fluids and Lubricants Lubricants - Health and Safety

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Service Schedules Service Intervals for Hydraulic Oil and Filters when using a Breaker Operating Hours Schedule

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Greasing Slew Ring Teeth and Slew Pinion Slew Ring Bearing Excavator End (Standard Boom) Excavator End (Offset Boom)

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Hydraulics Air Bleeding Procedures Bleeding Air from the Hydraulic Pump Bleeding Air from the Slew Motor Bleeding Air from the Rams Checking the Fluid Level Releasing Tank Pressure Topping up Fluid Level Changing the Fluid Changing the Return Filter Element Cleaning/Changing the Suction Strainer Changing the Nephron Filter Changing the Air Breather Element Draining Tank Impurities Changing the Servo Oil Filter Changing the Breaker In-line Filter (If fitted)

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Transmission Slew Gearbox Grease Checking Track Gearbox Oil Level Changing the Track Gearbox Oil

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Tracks and Running Gear Cleaning the Tracks Checking/Adjusting the Track Tension Checking the Track Shoes Checking the Rollers and Idler Wheels for Oil Leaks

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Jcb jz70 tracked excavator service repair manual sn(834001 onwards)  
Jcb jz70 tracked excavator service repair manual sn(834001 onwards)