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Design Guidelines 30th Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree 16th Nippon Jamboree

Use of the Logo About the Logo The 30APRSJ/16NJ logo is inspired by the 23WSJ logo. The string, called "mizuhiki" in Japanese, represents the bonds between those taking part and the world. The three colours used in the logo —blue, green, and black—represent the concepts. In particular, green represents the natural splendor of Yamaguchi where the Jamboree is being held, and blue symbolises the Seto Inland Sea. APR logo implies that it is a regional event.

Use of the Background Colour Depending on the use of logo, there are few set of background colours: bordeaux for promotion, navy colour for participants kit.

■PANTONE 2915 ■C 60% M 0% Y 0% K 0%

Official Logo


YAMAGUCHI Promotional Use


YAMAGUCHI Use for Participants Kit

■ PANTONE 368 ■C 60% M 0% Y 100% K 0% ■R 111 G 186 B 44

■C M Y K ■R G B

■ HTML #c22f1c

■ HTML #6fba2c


■ PANTONE 527 ■C 79% M 94% Y 0% K 0%

■C M Y K

■ PANTONE 426 ■C 0% M 0% Y 0% K 100%

■R G B

■R G B

84 198 241

98 37 153

10% 0% 75% 0%

■ HTML #622599

■R 239 G 235 B 85 ■ HTML #efbb55

■C 27% M 100% Y 100% K 4%

■ C 100% M 100% Y 0% K 20%

■R G B

■R G B

185 25 32

■ HTML #B91920

24 24 120

■ HTML #181878

■R G B

0% 0% 0% 0% 255 255 255

0 0 0

■ HTML #000000

Use of the Logo

Print in monochrome When logo is printed in mono chrome, such as black and white printing, please use the logo as shown in right. Depending on the background colour, you may choose positive and negative logo designs.

Using the Logo on Background Frame border and the white base colour of the logo is considered as part of the official logo element. Therefore the logo can be used even on complicated background such as on the picture. "Mizuhiki" element or the typos can be applied in same principles, but combination of the elements are not allowed to be placed on such background as context of the elements will be replaced with the background. You may find details of the use of the logo elements.



Don'ts To have constant image of the Jamboree design, please do not change the logo, especially the following:

Change colours

Add effects

Add elements

Change shapes

Change ratio

Use low resolution image

Alternative Logos Use the Logo without Frame When logo is placed solely on the material such as flag or cover page of a document, frame border can be removed. Make sure there are no other element around the logo, and please use the official logo with the frame if any element may interfere.

Mizuhiki element The element inspired by Mizuhiki can be used, this design is useful especially when printing the logo in small size, or when there is technical difficulties such as printing on textiles.

Use of Typo When designing poster or need to draw attention to the name of the event, typo is very strong element. Please do not make another arrangement with the other element of the logo.

Horizontal Design This design gives you a possibility to place all the elements in the horizontal space, such as presentation or document. Make sure that there is no other design element around the logo.

Terms of Use


NSOs and its Contingents are encouraged to use the Jamboree design to promote the event. As the design includes intellectual property of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and the Scout Association of Japan, please contact the Jamboree Office when you produce merchandise or non-Contingent materials.

23rd World Scout Jamboree OďŹƒce Scout Association of Japan 1-34-3 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8517 Japan TEL: +81-3-5805-2569 FAX: +81-3-5805-2908 E-mail:

Design Guidelines  
Design Guidelines