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THINGS TO DO AT WILLIAM & SO IT BEGINS 1. Serenade the President with the Alma Mater 2. Participate in Convocation 3. Take the honor code pledge 4. Make t-shirts with your freshman hall 5. Get to know everyone on your freshman hall 6. Have a potluck with your freshman hall 7. Go to the Activities Fair SUN’S OUT, FUN’S OUT 8. Explore the trails behind Lake Matoaka 9. Stargaze at Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre 10. Take the zip-line across Lake Matoaka 11. Canoe on Lake Matoaka 12. Have a snowball fight in Sunken Gardens 13. Climb a tree outside the Sunken Gardens 14. Play a game of ultimate Frisbee on the Sunken Garden 15. Frolic on the Sunken Gardens on a rainy day 16. Have a picnic in the Sunken Gardens 17. Go to the Sunken Gardens during the Last Day Of Classes 18. Spend a sunny afternoon in the Crim Dell Meadow 19. Feed the turtles and fish in the Crim Dell 20. Celebrate spring by visiting the ducks at the Crim Dell 21. Hang out in the rocking chairs outside of Jamestown 22. Visit the campus greenhouse 23. Spend a sunny afternoon on the Terrace 24. Chill out at the dock by the Keck Lab STEP BACK IN TIME 25. Buy a Cider Mug and go on a cider walk in Colonial Williamsburg 26. Take a ghost tour 27. Be a tourist for the day in Colonial Williamsburg 28. Sample fudge for free at Wythe Candy Shop 29. Browse through the farmers’ market on DoG street 30. Take a photo in the stocks on DoG street 31. Watch a movie at the Kimball Theatre 32. Study at the Café in Barnes and Noble 33. Take free samples from the Peanut Shop GO SWEMMING 34. Rent a movie from Swem 35. Get help on a paper from the Writing Resources Center in Swem 36. Get advice from the librarians at the Reference Desk 37. Explore the Special Collections of Swem


38. Use the media center in Swem 39. Use the stacks in Swem without getting squashed 40. Study on every floor of Swem at least once 41. Take a study break and socialize with your friends in Mews REPPIN’ THE 757 42. Go to Jamestown Beach 43. Take the ferry to Surry County 44. Go shopping at the Outlets 45. Take a drive on the Colonial Parkway 46. Sing karaoke at the Hospitality House 47. Visit the sites of the Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown) 48. Volunteer in the Williamsburg community 49. Ride the Trolley 50. Play in the snow any day of the year at the Yankee Candle store 51. Get a library card at the public library BEYOND THE ‘BURG 52. Go to Virginia Beach for the day 53. Go on a trip organized by the Rec Center 54. Go on a regional, national, or international service trip 55. Rent a tent from the Rec and go camping CELEBRATING SINCE 1693 56. Collect a commemorative pin at the Charter Day Celebration 57. Go to the Green and Gold Affair 58. Go to Grand Illumination 59. Go to Yule Log 60. Go to King and Queen Ball 61. Attend the Homecoming Parade 62. Dance the night away at the Last Chance Dance 63. Cross the Crim Dell bridge with somebody you love (yes, it can be just a friend) 64. Go to Busch Gardens Day 65. Participate in the graduation walk 66. Ring the Wren Bell 67. Play Campus Golf 68. Sign up for lunch with the President 69. Watch the Raft Debate 70. Go on a campus tour 71. Attend the senior candlelight ceremony 72. Visit your freshman hall on the last day of classes senior 73. Go out to dinner on Family Weekend 74. Go to the Charter Day ceremony 75. Go to a Last Lecture

HUNGRY? 76. Cook a meal with fresh herbs from the community garden behind the Caf 77. Have brunch at Five Forks Café 78. Enjoy ½ off burgers and trivia night at the Green Leafe 79. Go to Mug Night at the Green Leafe 80. Eat more than enough food at Nawab’s lunch buffet 81. Get cheese fries at Paul’s 82. Get a treat at Sno-to-Go 83. Indulge in Death by Chocolate cake at the Trellis 84. Eat at as many different waffle and pancake houses as possible and pick your favorite 85. Hang out on the porch of College Delly 86. Meet a friend for coffee at the Daily Grind 87. Eat at the Cheese Shop 88. Have a BBQ at an outdoor grill on campus 89. Roast s’mores at Aromas 90. Go to Berry Body and Sweet Frog and choose your loyalty 91. Throw a party with pizza and snacks bought entirely with flex points 92. Eat in the Dodge Room 93. Get a snack from the candy counter by the Marketplace 94. Trek to the Blue Talon for free hot chocolate when it is snowing 95. Enjoy refreshing free water from Wawa 96. Get ticket #001 at Wawa 97. Enjoy a late night picnic from Wawa on the steps of Blow BE INSPIRED 98. Go see a show at PBK 99. Go to an AMP event in Lodge 1 100. Go to a Homebrew 101. Go to an exhibit at the Muscarelle Museum 102. Take a photo in front of the colorful lights outside of the Muscarelle Museum 103. Go to a Syndicate performance 104. Watch a senior recital 105. Take a peek at the student exhibitions in Andrews 106. Watch a Bhangra performance 107. Watch an Orchestra performance 108. Watch the Wind Symphony perform 109. Go see a 7th Grade Sketch Comedy Show 110. Go see an Improvisation Theater Show 111. Go to SASA Expressions 112. Participate in Audio Adventure 113. Watch Sinfonicron 114. Attend an AMP concert 115. Start off your weekend at a Fridays at Five show 116. Attend the Orchestra concert on Halloween 117. Go to a Wren 10

UNIQUELY W&M 126. Ride Steer Clear 127. Get advice from the Career Center 128. Take a photo with the Griffin 129. Go to a probate 130. Experience the magic of the echo spot in the Tyler Garden 131. Celebrate Halloween by wearing costume all day long 132. Attend the Ms. Black and Gold pageant 133. Attend a Hillel event 134. Donate to senior class gift 135. Register with the Bone Marrow Drive 136. Go to the Muslim Student Association’s Eid celebration 137. Watch a movie at Screen on the Green 138. Go rancing (singing and dancing) ONE TRIBE, ONE FAMILY 139. Go to a tennis match at the McCormack-Nagelsen Center 140. Sail with the sailing team at Boats and Burgers 141. Cheer for the Tribe at a club sports game 142. Play volleyball in the Bryan Courtyard or behind DuPont 143. Get a group together for the IM dodge ball tournament 144. Compete in an IM league 145. Watch every varsity team play at least once 146. Climb the rock wall at the Rec Center 147. Try a new fitness class at the Rec during free week 148. Play racquetball and squash at the Rec Center 149. Adorn yourself in green and gold for a football game 150. Participate, or cheer on a friend, in the Colonial Half Marathon MIRTH 151. Send a letter to a friend through the campus mail system 152. Take time to thank your housekeepers and janitorial staff 153. Have a conversation with the people working at the dining halls 154. Write encouraging words on the chalkboard of an empty classroom 155. Attend a fundraiser for a group you aren’t a part of 156. Commit to your DOT (Do One Thing) 157. Check out the sauna in the Rec Center 158. Get a massage at the Rec FUN AND FREE 159. Transform a classroom on old campus into a personal movie theater with your friends 160. Prank your roommate 161. Play a game of assassins 162. Yell your worries away at Primal Scream 163. Go to an all-campus event organized by Res Life 164. Laugh at the Pillory 165. Take a shower in the basement of Miller Hall 166. Play pool in the basement of Sadler 167. Play foosball next to the Student Exchange in Sadler 168. Read an entire issue of the Flat Hat

HIT THE BOOKS #TWAMP 118. Take a class in the Wren Building 119. Attend a Honors Colloquium 120. Take a class pass/fail 121. Take a one credit kinesiology course 122. Take a class solely for the professor 123. Have a meal with a professor 124. Listen to a lecturer or speaker from a department other than your own 125. Study abroad

UNOFFICIAL GERS 169. Complete the Triathalon... 169.1 Streak the Sunken Garden 169.2 Swim the Crim Dell 169.3 Jump the wall of the Governor’s Palace and master the maze




Things to Do at William & Mary