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Section 3

Routine Maintenance Air Conditioning


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Adjusting the Compressor Belt * (3170/3170 Plus, 3190/3190 Plus & 3220/3220 Plus) * Note: On other models of Fastrac covered by this manual, there is no separate belt for the air conditioning compressor. It is driven by the fan belt. 1

Stop the engine.


Open the bonnet.

! WARNING Make sure the engine cannot be started. Disconnect the battery before doing this job. 2-3-3-5


Loosen the mountings Loosen fasteners A, B and C.


Adjust the belt tension Position the compressor so that there is 10mm (0.4 in) slack on the longest run of the belt.


Tighten the mountings Retighten fasteners A, B and C.

! WARNING The air conditioning system is a closed loop system and contains pressurised refrigerant. No part of the system should be disconnected until the system has been discharged by a refrigeration engineer or a suitably trained person. You can be severely frostbitten or injured by escaping refrigerant. 4-3-4-1/2


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Jcb 3220 fastrac service repair manual sn:00643011 00644999