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Wheels and Hubs Repair

1600 YRM 532

Links connect the spindle arms to the cylinder. Each spindle turns on two tapered roller bearings. The spindle and bearings are held in the axle frame by a kingpin. A roll pin and lock nut assembly hold each kingpin in the axle frame. The wheel or hub rotates on two tapered-roller bearings and is held on the spindle by a

castle nut. The castle nut adjusts the preload on the bearings. Grease seals in the inner hub and a hub cap protect the bearings from dirt and water.

Steering Axle Assembly Repair REMOVE WARNING The steering axle assembly without the wheels weighs approximately 115 kg (253.5 lb). To avoid possible injury, use a lifting device if the steering axle assembly must be lifted. NOTE: The steering axle can be removed without removing the counterweight. 1. Make sure the wheels are set for straight travel. Put the lift truck on blocks so the steering axle can be removed. See How to Put Lift Truck on Blocks in the Periodic Maintenance section for your lift truck. The top of the axle frame must have clearance under the counterweight so the steering axle can be removed. See Figure 1. 2. Disconnect hydraulic lines at steering cylinder. Install caps on cylinder and put plugs in hydraulic lines. The caps will prevent the spindles from turning when the axle is removed from under the lift truck.

3. Slide a floor jack or the forks of another lift truck under the steering axle. Raise lifting device until it holds the weight of axle assembly. Remove four capscrews that fasten two brackets under rubber mounts. Remove brackets and slowly lower axle assembly onto wheels. Carefully roll axle assembly from under lift truck.

INSTALL NOTE: The mounts of the steering axle have TOP moulded into the rubber. Verify TOP is up when installing the mounts. 1. Install rubber mounts onto axle. See Figure 1. 2. Install bottom brackets. Tighten four bracket capscrews and nuts to 41 to 49 N•m (30 to 36 lbf ft). 3. Remove plugs and caps and connect hydraulic lines to steering cylinder. 4. Operate steering system to remove air from system. Turn steering wheel several times from one stop to other stop. Check for hydraulic leaks.

Wheels and Hubs Repair PNEUMATIC TIRES, REMOVE AND DISASSEMBLE WARNING Completely remove the air from the tires before removing them from the lift truck. Air pressure in the tires can cause the tire and rim parts to explode which can cause serious injury or death. Never loosen the nuts that hold together the inner and outer wheel halves when there is air pressure in the tire.


1. Put axle onto blocks so tires are raised from floor. Completely remove air from tires. 2. Remove wheels, grease cap, cotter pin, castle nut, and outer bearing cone. Slide hub from spindle. Remove inner bearing cone and seal from spindle. See Figure 2. 3. If new wheel bearings must be installed, use a brass drift to remove bearing cups. 4. Repeat the procedure for the other wheel.

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YALE B810 GLP030-040AF LIFT TRUCK Service Repair Manual  

YALE B810 GLP030-040AF LIFT TRUCK Service Repair Manual  

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