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Overhead Guard Repair

100 YRM 284

Overhead Guard Repair REMOVE

lifted from the frame, make sure these electric wires move through the holes in the frame so they are not damaged.

WARNING Do not operate the lift truck without the overhead guard correctly fastened to the lift truck.

4. Use lifting device or another person to help lift overhead guard from lift truck.

1. Remove battery as described in the section Periodic Maintenance for your lift truck.


2. Access to capscrews that hold rear supports of overhead guard to counterweight is from the battery compartment. Remove capscrews. 3. Remove two capscrews that hold each front support of overhead guard to cowl. Disconnect any electric wires from under cowl that go through supports of overhead guard. When overhead guard is

Put overhead guard on lift truck. Install any electric wires from overhead guard supports through holes in cowl. Install four capscrews, washers, and nuts that hold front supports to cowl. Tighten capscrews to correct torque. Install capscrews and washers that hold rear supports to counterweight. Tighten capscrews to correct torque. The correct torque values are shown in Figure 3. Install battery.

Figure 3. Frame, Overhead Guard, and Counterweight


Yale a839 erc100hg lift truck service repair manual  
Yale a839 erc100hg lift truck service repair manual