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Splitting - Perkins Engine / GBA20 Gearbox Final operations Remark Final operations are not especially difficult. They should be carried out in the reverse order to preliminary operations. However, it will be necessary during reassembly to carry out the tightening torques, adjustments and tests described below. Tightening torques As required: - front cab attachment screw (see chapter 12), - screw (2) of the connector (1) on the main harness (Perkins EEM engine) (Fig. 19 and Fig. 27) to a torque of 2.82 to 3.15 Nm. Topping-up: - of coolant, to the maximum level marked on the radiator and expansion tank (Fig. 28).

Fig. 27

Tests: - air conditioning system (if fitted) (see chapter 12), - cab suspension (if fitted) (see chapter 12), - all mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic functions concerned by servicing. Check tightness: - of hydraulic unions.

Fig. 28


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Massey Ferguson 6400 - Issue 2

Massey ferguson mf 6465 tractor service repair manual  
Massey ferguson mf 6465 tractor service repair manual