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The 1634 Meadery is turning SIX! Come help us celebrate! May 1st and 2nd! ● ● ● ● ● ●

$6 mead flights! 6 samples of mead/ flight! 6% off in house bottle sales! T-shirts just $16.34! Outdoor patio Indoor tasting Room

Thank you all for the wonderful support we have received these 6 years. Small business needs YOU. 3 Short Street, Ipswich MA 978-325-6215 Dan and Deb Clapp Saturday May 1: 12 til 6pm Sunday May 2: 12 til 5pm

As we turn 6, we thought it might be fun to look back at our start…. 6 years means... ● over 150 batches of mead ● Nearly 30 varieties of mead ● 72,000 bottles out the door ● So many great employees through the years ● And 1000s of fantastic visitors

But it was back in June of 2014…

How We Got Started: A Mid-Life Crisis: It was a man’s mid-life crisis. Dan had worked as an acoustic and ocean engineer, then for himself as a consultant. Enough time commuting on the highways, enough time staring at a computer screen… he had had it. He wanted a change. After a heart felt chat with Deb, she realized he wanted a change. He had a young family and wanted more time to enjoy them. When asked what he wanted to do instead, the answer was clear:

“I think I want to start a meadery….”

Let’s Back It Up… how did we get from that to a meadery?

Dan and Deb were so fortunate back in 2004 to have twin daughters. Though they were nearly 9 weeks premature, all were settling into the family life of little sleep but a lot of joy. Dan was able to stay home or shift his work hours to help at home. But then… the phone rang...

The call that changed his life forever!

“You’re going where?”

Dan had been invited by his Aunt Nancy on a once in a lifetime genealogical trip with cousins to Denmark. But this meant leaving Deb with the kids for the first time by herself. There would be a price to pay...

But this trip would inadvertently change everything...

The Peace Offering

Danish Mead for the Wife! But sadly, this bottle was relegated to the rear of the liquor cabinet, ignored for a few years… until that dinner party when we ran out of booze.

"Hey, what is this?" as he dug deep into the pantry, Dan discovered the long lost mead in the rear of the liquor cabinet. It was, no worse for wear, a bit dust coated, but "well aged." We opened it, and poured glasses. We sniffed. We sipped. And...

We were HOOKED. Mead was amazing! It was not the sweet syrupy drink we assumed it was! Delicious. "We can make this!" Dan said with a smirk. The rest, as they say, is history. Dan and Deb had already been making beers for years, and they experimented with wine, but then it was ALL MEAD.

A Mad Scientist is Born! Dan tried his hand at all sorts of wine,

some good, some okay, some, well, good for cooking (sort of). Mead creation soon followed the wine. Neighbors came to sample and give feedback. "This smells like dirty socks." "Wet sponges?" "Nice fruit overtones." These are some of the comments overheard on our deck among our many friends. Dan became the "mad scientist," keeping dutiful log notes about quantities , measurements, temperatures, and fermentation activity. Honey was ordered by the bucketful. Spice racks were gone over and perused and spices chosen. Kids were shooed out of the basement. We waited. We watched the bubbling. We waited some more. And then we sipped. Pure bliss! He did it! The hard work had paid off!

Back to the Mid-Life Crisis: We soon rented a space that had been a motorcycle repair shop - a double garage with an attached office. Perfect for a tasting room!

We applied for federal, state and town licenses. We waited. And waited. Then heard we were granted all licensing needed! Whooo hoo!

And then we made mead. Lots of mead. And melomels. And methliglins.

With loads of local honey and fruits.

And we built a cool and cozy Tasting Room with help from friends!

And it all came together! Somehow!

And we opened! Here are some images of opening day!

What Fun It was!

So, now you know our story. It has been an amazing six years. We so appreciate the support of family, friends, and you - our mead fans. Whether you stopped in once, are a regular, ordered our mead online, picked some up at a farmer’s market, or are a Mead Clan Member, thank you. We could not be here living this crazy dream without your support. Don’t bee a stranger - there is always room at the bar or on the patio for you! Cheers - The Meadery Team

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Help us celebrate! We are turning Six!  

A quick story of how the meadery got started.

Help us celebrate! We are turning Six!  

A quick story of how the meadery got started.


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