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VisionwerkeInformation P/N 01 00 1 469 801

RepairManual BM W 633 C Si - 635 C Si U S ( begi nni ng w i th 1983 M odel ) 121a5

andGeneralData 00 Maintenance I ntr oduc ti on Li fti ng the v ehi c l e w i th a c ar hoi s t . , . . Li fti ng the v ehi c l e w i th a gar agej ac k . . . T ow i ng. BMW Maintenance SYstem

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o- 3 TOW ING

Towing eyes front.

Pleaseconform with lecal and national legislativemeasuresconcerning the towing of vehiclesas appl i c abl e. Tur n the igni ti on k ey to pos i ti on " 1" to unlock the steering wheel and be able to use the turn signals,horn and possibly windshield wipers. Since the brake booster only works with the engine r unni ng, gr eaterfor c e w i l l be required on the brake pedal of cars with a brake booster when the "engine is stopped". The towing cable should be elastic to protect the towing and towed vehicles. Consequently only use plastic fiber cables or cablesw i th el as ti c l i nk s . Cars with Automatic


Selector level in "N". Max. towi ng s peed:50 k m /h ( 30 m ph) . fuax. towi ng di s tanc e: 40 to 50 k i l om eter s ( 25 to 30 m i l es ) . l{ the car has to be towed further than 50 km ( 30 m i l es ) add an ex tr a l i ter ( 2 pints) of ATF than the specified oil volume for automatics or remove the propeller shaft. Atter r epai r i ngthe c ar i t i s abs ol utel y essentialto c or r ec t the AT F v ol um e to the spec i ti edam ount.

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r o w i n g e ye r e a r .

00- 1 General I nformation 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 P re' Deliver y Inspection


Check engine oil level (check for dilution ol lubricating oil), replacing oil and oil filter if necessary

approved oil only!

C h e ck se a l o f filler cap

Check coolant hoses tor leaks and correct routing


Check tightness of hose clamps

Check coolant level and anlilreeze protection correcting if necessarv



Check battery acid level, addinq distilled water il necessary Check tightness ol battery terminals

Check spark plugs and replace or clean and adiust electrode gaps



Check fuel lines, tank, tank cap and filter for tight fit and leaks Check fuel injection parts for tight fit or leaks


Check exhaust system for correct installation


00- 2 General I nformation

I mportant lnstructionsl

Inspection 00 00 009 Pre-Delivery

Check locks and coner plns


Check nuts and bolts of steering box, coupling, tie rods, front axle for tightness, or presenceof cotter pins

Visual inspâ‚Źction Use approved btake fluids only; tightsning torque

Châ‚Źck power steering for leaks


Check fluid level in tank for hydraulic brake and clutch systems

Gr. 00 Visual inspection

Check connections and lines of brake system for leaks, damage or wrong routing

Check tire condition, tire size and tyPe as well as tire inflation pressure (also spare wheel)


Check wheel bolts for specified tightening torque Check for correct size and type of rims


Check function of lights: parking lights, turn signals,tail lights, stop lights, high and low beam headlights, side marker lights, fog lights, backup light(s). license plate lights, passengercompanment light and delay system, glove box light, trunk light and engine compartment light, sunvisor mirror illumination. map reading lights, front and rear. Check aiming of headlights (adjust if necessary)

Check {unction of horns, headlight flasher and hazard light and control

A d j u st d i gital clock

Program on board computer and check operation of lever and push button control

G r . 63

br. Jo

00- 3 General I nformation

00 00 009 Pre-Delivery Inspection

I Repair Manuel


N om i nal Val ues

Seruice lnformation

Owner's Manual

I mportantI nstructions!


Ch e ck i n stum ent and sign lights, and br ightnesscontrol


Check indicator and warning lamps, clock, buzzer and check control: i alternator. oil pressure,coolant temperature, turn signal indicator, brake lining / level control, tog light indicator, oxygen sensor, seat belt . lamps, ignition key warning buzzer, high beam indicator, fuel gauge, ABS and SRS light, Check control function. Transmission Range d i sp l a y Fill supply tank for windshield washing system, check antifreeze orotection


Fill with antifreeze additive if necessary

F i l l su p p l y tank for intensivecleaning fluid Check function of windshield wipe/wash system and aiming of spray jets, remove protective sleeveson wiper blades



C h e ck i n te nsive cleaning function Check rear window defogger Check tunction of cigar lighter/s Check function of headlight cleaners Ra d i o : ch e ck antenna, tr im m ing, tune in station, chec k s hi el di ngw i th engine running whilo switching all electric equipment on and off check cassette tape player

G r .65

I Check function of other special equipment, e.g.: electric windows lront and rear, sun root in all positions, fog lights and aiming, electric radio antenna and speaker balance control. Check other equipmenr i n sta l l e d b v dealer Ch e ck o u tsi de mir r or s Check operation of central locking system Check seat adiustment manual/electric Check seat belts

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1984 BMW 6 Series E24 Service Repair Manual  

1984 BMW 6 Series E24 Service Repair Manual  

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