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100 YRM 1316

Electronic Throttle Replacement

30. Install hood and seat combination, and rear side covers. See section Hood, Seat, Dash, and Side Covers Replacement Install for procedures. 31. Install overhead guard. See Overhead Guard Replacement, Install for procedures. 32. Connect positive battery cable. 33. Connect negative battery cable. 34. Install floor plate and floor mat.

35. For lift trucks equipped with and LPG fuel system, swing LPG tank and bracket back to original position until locked, connect LPG fuel line, and open shutoff valve. 36. Inspect fuel system for leaks when fuel valve is open. There are four methods used to inspect fuel system for leaks: a. Sound - Listen for sound of fuel escaping from a tank fitting or hose connection. b. Smell - Fuel has a very distinctive odor. If you smell fuel, DO NOT start engine.

WARNING All fuels are very flammable and can burn or cause an explosion. DO NOT use an open flame to check the fuel level or to check for leaks in the fuel system. No smoking. Breathing fuel vapor may cause nausea, unconsciousness or death. Long term exposure to gasoline vapors may cause liver or kidney damage and cancer. Avoid breathing vapor.

c. Soapy Water - This method is used in conjunction with Step b above. If odor of fuel is present, but escaping fuel cannot be heard, apply soapy water to fittings and observe for bubbles. d. Frost - If the amount of fuel escaping is sufficient, frost may appear on fittings.


6. If necessary, remove capscrews and throttle lever adapter. See Figure 36.


7. Disconnect engine harness electrical connector from pull actuator harness connector. See Figure 39.

1. Disconnect engine harness electrical connector from throttle position sensor (TPS). See Figure 35. 2. Remove Torx-head screws, washers, and remove TPS and tapped TPS plate. See Figure 36. 3. Remove capscrews and TPS bracket. See Figure 37.

8. Remove capscrews and pull actuator from mounting bracket. See Figure 40. 9. If necessary, remove clevis with linkage assembly, lockwasher, and nut from pull actuator. See Figure 39.

4. Remove TPS rotor. See Figure 38. 5. Remove capscrews, nuts, and linkage assembly. See Figure 35.


YALE C879 GDC70VX LIFT TRUCK Service Repair Manual  
YALE C879 GDC70VX LIFT TRUCK Service Repair Manual