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INTRODUCTION How to Use This Manual This manualis dividedinto 23 sections.The first pageof each section is markedwith a blacktab that linesup with its corresponding thumb indextab on this page and the back cover. You can quickly tind the tirst pageof each sectionwithout lookingthrougha full table of contents.The svmbolsprintedat the top cornerof each page can also be used as a quick referencesystem. Each section includes: 1. A table of contents.or an explodedview index showing: a Partsdisassemblvsequence. a Bolt toroues and thread sizes. a Pagereferencesto descriptionsin text. proceduresand tools. 2. Disassemblv/assembly 3. InsDection. 4. Testing/troubleshooting. 5. Repair. 6. Adiustments.



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SpecialInformation lnai""tes a strong possibility of sevor€ pelsonal iniury @ 01 loss of life it instructions al€ not tollowed. CAUTION: Indicates a possibility ot personal inlury or oquipmont damage if instructions ale not followed. NOTE: Gives helpful information. CAUTfON: Detaifeddoscriptionsot standad workshop procedures, salety principlosand servicaopelationsare not included Pleasonote that this manual conlains warnings and cautions against somo spocific sgrvice methods which could cause PERSONALINJURY, damage a vehicle or make it unsafe. Pleasounderstandthat those warnings cannot cover all conceivablcwaYs in which service, whetheaor not recommended bv HONDA, might be done, or of the possibla hazardous consequences of svery conceivable way, nor could HONDA investigateall such ways. Anyone using seryice plocedures or toofa, whethor 01 not recomondedby HONDA, ,nust sttisfY himsett thoroughly that neither personal saf€ty nor v€hicle safety will be jaopaldized. All informationcontainedin this manualis basedon the latest product informationavailableat the time of printing.We reservethe right to makechangesat any time without notice.No part of this publication mav be reproduced,storedin retrievalsystem, or transmitted, in any Jorm by any means,electronic,mechanical,photocopying, recording,or otherwise,without the priorwritten permissionof the publisher.This includestest. figures and tables.

Fueland Emissions Za *Transaxle * S te e ri n g


* Brakes


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HONDA MOTORCO.,LTD, 1448 pages First Edition7/93 Service Publication ottice All Rights Reserved and Canada Apply to U.S.A. Specifications

*Electrical As sections with r includ€ SRS components. special precautions are lequiled when servicing.

(lncludins ISBE)


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1993 ACURA INTEGRA Service Repair Manual  

1993 ACURA INTEGRA Service Repair Manual  

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