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CONTENTS Algorithm and Design Project Aug 2013

Harbin Nangang Passenger Transport Station Reconstruction Project May 2015

Cultural Extension and Reconstruction of the Plots Around the Harbin Jile Temple Oct 2014

Suzhou Kunshan Commercial Complex Building Design Nov 2017-May 2018

Hongnan High-Tech ¡Yunxi sports and recuperation town Mar 2018


Algorithm and Design Project Aug 2013 The project aimed of this project is to use the Monkey plug-in of Rhino to independently conceive and create three-dimensional models I have gained skills about delving into the operating logic of monkey plug-in independently for modelling building


Monkey is a new script editor in Rhino4 which can be used to edit, run, debug and compile scripts. I think this skill can be useful in further reseach about acoustic environment.

Modeling approach 1.Establishment of UV direction cyclic structure 2.Judgment of interference distance and height 3.Column centerline extraction and generation of models


Fourt h hos pital i n Har bin Harbi n Rail way S tation

Harbin no.3 middle school

Ta rg et

er nt Ce ing pp ho nS ha oZ Gu

n Lu n Ku

er w To

Ar ch ite ct ur e

Yua nD aS hop pin gC ent er

Transformation of NanGang Bus Station Exploration on sustainable transformation of passenger station May 2015


Function Problem Chaotic flow Passenger flow is greatly influenced by the external environment, such as holidays and solar terms. Passenger station space cannot adapt to these changes, which often results in unreasonable space utilization. Lack of pick-up and drop-off space Increasing the traffic burden also poses safety risks in unreasonable space utilization. Not enough space for parking The biggest problem of passenger station waiting system in nangang district

Module down Space separation

PhysicalEnvironmental Problem Bad lighting and ventilation condition Emotional problems such as anxiety caused by rerrible acoustic environment

Module move up Space merge

Multi-level mechanical parking Solve insufficient land using

Module merge Realize large space Retention of the original frame structure and Central courtyard


Separated waiting space

Use stereo parking technology and flexible space concept to solve the problem of low space utilization Using the method of opening the central courtyard and separating waiting space, solve the problem of bad ventilation and lighting in large waiting hall, at the mean time,it can effectively solve the problem of serious background noise problem.


Design General Information The section of the waiting hall is arranged in checkerboard pattern, and bus parking Spaces are intersected between the waiting hall. This method can maximize the efficiency of plane utilization and increase the number of simultaneous departures. At the same time, the spatial combination is more flexible,More conducive to improving the physical environment.

Standard floor plan

The small and flexible waiting space can avoid the influence of excessive background noise and reduce the anxiety of the waiting crowd Cutaway perspective view

Atrium Perspective

Internal courtyard can improve lighting and ventilation in the waiting area 05

Base Location

Cultural Extension and Reconstruction of the Plots Around the Harbin Jile Temple COMMUNITY ACTIVATION & urBAN DESIGN October 2014

The project base is located in Harbin, China, and the plot is close to Harbin Jile Temple. There is a height difference of ten meters along the longitudinal direction of the base, which causes the internal fragmentation of the plot and the lack of community vitality How to deal with the site height difference to eliminate the impact of fragmentation, and to inherit and protect the cultural atmosphere of Harbin Jile Temple are the focus of this project.

Base Analysis old Industrial building

JILE Temple

Terrain Elevation Difference

Living Quarters

Shop Along Street

Overpass 06

Overall aerial view Building height Style Analysis

Low-rise High-rise In the middle

Modern Ancient style Conservation

The overall l ayout of the site adopts the design of high outside and low inside Design a tall building inside the site as a community landmarkmiddle o f t h e s i t e

Interior base adopts ancient style same as jile Temple, exterior adopts modern form. Two styles a r e s e pa r at e d b y urban roads, which preserves integrity of a n c i e n t at m o s p h e r e


Green land Green interface Greening node The landscape design u s e s a c o m b i n at i o n of point, line and surface, with the site height difference as the center plane, and the point l andscape i s s c at t e r e d i n t h e form of a courtyard


Green interface Pedestrain Green node Internal trafficthe is separated by pedestrian and vehicle flow lines t o av o i d i m pa c t o n preserved soundscape a n d c u l t u r a l atmosphereof ancient of construction area


A.Art Museum B.Civic Plaza C.Office area D.Primary School and Kindergarten E.Multistory residential Area F.Office Service Center G.Characteristic Hotel Area H.Shopping Center I.Street-side Business District J.Cultural Exchange Center K.Buddhist Articles Courtyard L.Urban Entertainment Center M.Garden Hotel N.Snack Street O.Special Restaurant Restaurant P.Civic centre Q.Small Area R.Buddhist Culture Street

Original base streamline

Streamline after eetrofit

Plan of the project


Suzhou Kunshan Commercial Complex Building Design Nov 2017-May 2018 On-going project Clients:

Kunshan Jianwei Real Estate Property Co., Ltd.

Location The project base is located beside Kunshan 339 Provincial Highway in Suzhou City, and is located in the home building materials market agglomeration area.

Site Status The pile foundation of the old industrial plant remains in the status of the project base. The design needs to be carried out on the basis of the pile foundation of the original plant

general layout plane The functional positioning of the project is to combine building materials shopping malls with hotel-style apartments. The total land area is 54846.62 square meters, and the total construction area is estimated to be 92213.46 square meters. It is constructed in two phases. The first phase is mainly in the building materials mall, and the second phase is a hotel apartment.

Perspective renderings

The main problem faced by the project design is the site is small and clients pursued more areas. Another problem is inconsistency between the main orientation and main facade in the environment of the base, which seriously affects design of the main facade. To solve the problem of area ratio, the design plan adopts a regular volume as much as possible on the basis of meeting the site requirements, and it is also applicable to the functional requirements of furniture and building materials market. Concerning the inconsistency between the main direction of the site and the main faรงade, the main faรงade was carefully designed to hide the influence of the core tube on the shape.

general layout plane 09

Hongnan High-Tech ¡Yunxi sports and recuperation town Mar 2018 located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China area:3300 acres Clients: Zhongnan Hi-Tech Industry Group background Geographical advantage is obvious. The southwest faces the river, and the east side is Zhangzhou East Railway Station. The transportation is convenient and the landscape vision is good. Cultural background Fujian has a profound cultural background, the folk culture is rich and colorful, There are Jinge, Bamboo Circus, Drum Dance and exquisite paper-cut art. and the history of Hakka is well-known both at home and abroad, such as Yunshui Ancient Village. Nanjing Earth Building




Objectives The project will take sports tourism and health care and elderly care as its main functions, and create an industrial, urban, and industrial-integrated community that integrates sports, tourism, health care, pensions, business facilities, and low-carbon living in one place.


the part that I was responsible for the design 1 Riverside Wellness Residence 2 3 Riverside Commercial Office 4 Education district 5 Riverside Residence 6 Business District 7 Business district 8 Wellness Leisure Center 9 Amusement center Volleyball training base and service area 10 Residential area 11 12 Residential area Administrative support

Urban Design Master Plan



7 10

5 9 12




3 4


Design details with soundscape Measure No.1 Reasonable matching of functional zones to protect natural sound The design plan is based on functional layout with full respect for the natural sound landscape. Commercial function zones are set up in railway stations and riverside areas. The area has a large flow of people and a high ambient sound pressure level. A wellness center is set up near the base center of a natural mountain, which has a rich natural soundscape. Measure No.2 Plant noise reduction for Urban road traffic noise Plant green belt is considered as a natural noise reduction, and has high landscape value

railway station

Modern sports center Recreation Center Wellness Leisure Center Commercial Finance Center Living Supporting Community

Car traffic system

Pedestrian traffic system 12

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