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Removing And Replacing Hydraulic Case Drain Filters (Two-Speed Loaders) (Cont’d) Figure 10-120-10

AVOID INJURY OR DEATH Diesel fuel or hydraulic fluid under pressure can penetrate skin or eyes, causing serious injury or death. Fluid leaks under pressure may not be visible. Use a piece of cardboard or wood to find leaks. Do not use your bare hand. Wear safety goggles. If fluid enters skin or eyes, get immediate medical attention from a physician familiar with this injury.



Stop the engine and check for leaks at the filter assemblies. Check the fluid level in the reservoir and add as needed. (See Checking And Adding Fluid on Page 10-120-1.)


Remove the case drain filter assembly (Item 1) [Figure 10-120-10]. Install the fittings from the old filter assembly onto the new filter assembly. Install new case drain filter assembly.

WARNING AVOID INJURY OR DEATH Always clean up spilled fuel or oil. Keep heat, flames, sparks or lighted tobacco away from fuel and oil. Failure to use care around combustibles can cause explosion or fire which can result in injury or death. W-2103-0807

Standard Controls and ACS only: Align the marks on the steering linkage bars. Install the steering linkage mounting bolts (Item 2) in the proper orientation (two bolts facing up and two bolts facing down). Tighten the steering linkage mounting bolts to 35-40 ft.-lb. (47,5-54,2 N•m). Recycle or dispose of the environmentally safe manner.





Lower the cab. (See Lowering on Page 10-30-3.) Remove the lift arm support device and lower the lift arms (See LIFT ARM SUPPORT DEVICE on Page 10-20-1.) Start the engine and operate the loader hydraulic controls.


S150, S160 Service Manual

Bobcat s150 skid steer loader service repair manual sn 529811001 & above  
Bobcat s150 skid steer loader service repair manual sn 529811001 & above