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1. 4. 1997

21. Engine

1. 10. 1999

2. Flywheel housing


6000-- 8950





8360 20054

A. Fitting flywheel housing The flywheel housing is centred on the cylinder block by two tension pins. Even the flywheel housings which are delivered as spare parts have ready ---made holes for the pins. 1. Clean the sealing surfaces between the cylinder block and the flywheel housing.

Note! If the crankshaft is worn at the sealing location, a 2 mm spacer ring, part no 8360 20054, can be fitted in front of the crankshaft rear oil seal.

2. Apply silicone sealant as shown in figure above. 3. Lift the flywheel housing into place and fit all the bolts. 4. Centre the housing and fit the tension pins with drift 9025 98700. 5. Tighten the fixing bolts, the inner ring socket head bolts to 60 Nm (8.8) or 90 Nm (12.9) and outer ring hexagonal bolts to 110 Nm (8.8) or 150 Nm (12.9).

9052 46300 5. Lubricate the sealing surfaces on the crankshaft and on the seal. Place the seal on the crankshaft and drive it in until it bottoms using drift 9052 46300. Other tools may cause the seal to be damaged or mounted askew, resulting in leakage.

B. Changing crankshaft rear oil seal 1. Split the tractor at clutch. Remove the clutch assembly (and possible turbine clutch).

Note! The cranckshaft rear oil seal has been changed to a Teflon type. The spare part seals have a mounting sleeve, which must not be removed before fitting. The spare part numbers do not change. When fitting the seal, place the plastic sleeve on the crankshaft and push the seal on the sleeve into place. Remove the sleeve and fit the seal with the special tool. The seal must be fitted dry.

2. Remove the flywheel. 3. Remove the oil seal. Do not damage the crankshaft. 4. Clean the seal location and grind off any burrs.


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Valtra Valmet 6650 TRACTOR Service Repair Manual  

Valtra Valmet 6650 TRACTOR Service Repair Manual  

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