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lah k o O m l a a b 2008 o Gl Nicole Ridgway almost loses her head to Tim McCoy-Washington during the “Duels of the Dark Ages” performance from Storm Warrior Productions. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)

The opening ceremony features singers from the Lu Hanh Choir and a powerful Tae Kwon Do performance from Lily Vu. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)

Three year old, Antonio Macias plays in the children’s tent. (Photo by Chelsea McIntire)

Ebony Avila demonstrates a traditional Jalisco style dance. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)

Performance group Los Macheteros gives a spectacular dance involving a combination of tap and traditional Mexican folkloric dancing. (Photo by Chelsea McIntire)

“Universal Peace” is all Dao Tran wants to convey as he portrays Buddha during the Lion Dance performance. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)

Karleigh Howell, 2, gets her face painted by Hailey Moore while sitting on Andrea Gibson’s lap during Global. (Photo by Eric Tatom)

The Maya School of Dance’s Indian classical style emphasizes swan-like movements and graceful poses. (Photo by Chelsea McIntire)

Guitar legend Edgar Cruz enchants the audience with his melodic strumming. (Photo by Chelsea McIntire)

Dancers from the Vien Giac Temple wear their colorful “Áo Dài” or ‘flowing tunic” dresses. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)

Celebrating Vietnam

Beatriz Ortega and Alejandra Campos display their traditional Chiapas style dresses. (Photo by Chelsea McIntire)

The St. Andrew Dung Lac parish lion dancers’ skills were on display directly after the opening ceremony of Global Oklahoma. (Photo by J.L. Morrissey)


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