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September 11, 2001 On September 11, 2001 many things were lost. Memories. Life. Happiness. Health. Family. For Emma Grace Lione, a 21 year old girl looking for a job to pay off her new apartment, her story is heroic. She was assigned to be Matthew Lowry’s executive intern. She was told specifically to be at the office before 9:00 A.M. She awoke at 6:30 A.M to get ready for work. She ate breakfast, showered, and picked out her most professional looking outfits. It took her a while to decide which one she liked the most. A grey business suit with black slingbacks from Chanel, or a tight, black dress with a pair of Mui Mui wedges, or a black suit with black peep toe kitten heels. After darting her eyes back and forth a few times between the three outfits, she chose the grey suit with her slingbacks. Emma curled her hair with her Conair ion 1 inch curler. The loose, light blonde curls in her medium- long hair looked stunning with the grey suit. She applied a light pink lipstick from Revlon on her lips. Emma swiped a peach blush onto the apples of her cheeks and applied her blackest mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. Emma left her apartment at 7:45 A.M, sharp. She took a cab to work that day, but only because her high heels were too high to walk that far in. She entered the building at 8:00 A.M. Emma got to the elevator and went up to the 21st floor. The doors opened and there were people with coffee and donuts, carts full of files, binders and briefcases rushing out the elevator. She hit the button labeled 21. The elevator went up, up, up. Into room 1056 she went, and there sat Mr. Lowry. He pointed to the snack table in the back corner of the room and asked for a cider donut and a cup of nice, black coffee. There were pastries, donuts, coffees, omletts, eggs, bacon, and flowers too, for presentation of course. Here in New York City, it’s go big or go home.. Emma gave the food and drink to Mr. Lowry and sat down to fill out his next court case from Ashley Bennington. At 8:30 Mr. Lowry’s assistant came through the door with an armful of papers and the other arm with more Source of Law books. She plopped them down on Mr. Lowry’s desk, shot Emma a welcoming smile, and left. “Ms. Lione, might you please go get me Hilda Lewis and Danny Covic?” Matthew asked. “Yes sir,” she replied. “Thank you,” he answered. By the time Emma found them both, it was 8:40. “Ah, salutations Hilda and Danny I have your case files right here,” he said in a happy manner. The clock ticked to 8:45. From Mr. Lowry’s full wall office window she could see a big plane heading straight toward the building. The rest was completely blank.

Emma awoke in the office. Her head throbbed and ached. She lifted her hand to her head. Her vision was blurry. She could see Matthew laying on his back. His leg was twisted and his arm was at an awkward angle. She smelled the distinct smell of smoke.

She tried her hardest to get to him. “Mr. Lowry?” Emma asked weakly. No response. “Mr. Lowry?” Emma asked louder. Still no response. “Help, somebody help!” Emma said as loud she could. Hot tears ran down her cheeks and into the scrapes she must have gotten from the fall or what ever it was that happened. She sobbed. “Somebody, please help!” she screamed again. She tried her hardest to stand up. No way, not in these shoes, she thought. She stepped out of her chanel slingbacks, and collapsed to the floor once again. Emma stood up slowly, and humbly. She limped into the hallway. She saw a small child hovered in the corner of the hallway between the restrooms and the rest of the offices. The child was crying and screaming. “Help me!” she screamed.”I can’t find my mommy!” She stood up and ran towards Emma and hugged her leg. Emma hugged the little girl. “Okay, honey, I know you’re scared, but I need your name,” Emma said as calmly as she could. “Grace,” she sobbed. “My name’s Emma,” Emma said to Grace. “That’s a pretty name,” Grace said. “Thank you.” she said thoughtfully. “But we have to get out of the building, now,” Emma said. “But what about my Mommy?” she asked, tears coming back into her eyes. “We can look for her on the way out,” Emma said. “Okay,” Grace said. Emma limped down the southern stairway, holding Grace’s hand. Right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left. One staircase done. Twenty more to go. On the fifteenth staircase Emma and Grace saw a woman lying on the floor motionless. She had blonde hair just like Grace’s. Oh no.... The woman was Grace’s mom. Grace ran to her side. Emma followed. “Mommy wake up!” Grace screamed. She cried. She screamed. Grace lay at her mother’s side. Emma checked her breathing. Nothing. Emma checked her pulse. Nothing. “Grace, we have to get out of here,” Emma said. “No, I’m not leaving my mom,” she said. “How about we take her mom with us,” Emma said. “We can’t take her with us, she’s too heavy,” Grace said, a small giggle escaped her mouth. “No, not physically, I mean you should take a few moments to remember her,” Emma said gently.”To pray for her.” “Does that mean she will be in my heart?” Grace asked. “Yes it does,” Emma replied. Grace closed her eyes. “Mommy, I’m going to miss you.” “I will see you another day,” she said. “If it’s in heaven or home or even in the hospital, I promise we will see each other again.” Grace closed her eyes and a single tear fell from her cheek onto her mother’s forehead. They sat there in the silence for about thirty more seconds. Grace looked up. “Okay, I’m ready,” she said confidently.

“All right, we have to get out of here now,” Emma said. As they went down the remainder of the stairs, all Emma could think about was Grace’s mother. How they had a close relationship. How much Grace had cared about her mother. How much she would miss her. But also what would happen to Grace since her mother is dead. Where would she go? How would she get there? Who would look after her? They finally reached the door. Emma’s head throbbed with excruciating pain. She lifted her hand to the back of her head. There was blood. Lots of it on her hand. Paramedics rushed to Emma’s side as she fell. But the shocking, yet moving thing was that Grace’s hand never left Emma’s. From the fall all the way to the hospital. Emma never let go of Grace’s hand. Grace didn’t give up faith in Emma. Emma’s injuries were not as severe as most of the others’ who had been in the towers at the time of the crash. She left the hospital with only a broken leg and she had lost the memory of what had happened. But she remembered Grace, and she would never, ever forget her.

Emma's Story  
Emma's Story  

September 11, 2001