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Prejudice Difference between real rich people and those who are in drama.

Introduction ☞ Stereotype ☞ Rich people picture ☞ My opinion about the rich people ☞ conclusion

It is not true When we think about rich people, we often think of handsome, tall, and good at whatever they do. However, most of rich people are the type of men who battle his way.

The chief of SAMSUNG (Captain's name is Lee kun hee)

Rich people who are in drama.

Korea achieved a rapid economic growth after the Korean War. Korea achieved it with a big help from America. So the government helped more to major companies than minor ones. Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are the results from it.

Most of the CEOs from these companies are old people. (old generation)

Rich people character

Real rich people

Real rich people Rich people character

Same things.

They are same thing is only rich.

Different things • Ugly • Small • Short • Bold

• • • • • •

Handsome Awesome Tall Young Beautiful Sexy

We compared real rich people to rich people who are in drama.

Why occurred this difference? As aforementioned, their are very awesome. If so, why actors who are young and awesome acting? Why we are think that inheritors are young and awesome?

The reason! The reason is that Korea is influenced by America. Korea has been developed at the moment that influenced by America, Mark Zuckerberg is a rich people who is such as rich people in American. He is type of a making one´s own fortune at young age. Most of Koreans hold a biased view to people who are self-made men as a young age

Mark Zuckerberg He is an American computer programmer. He is made of the social networking website Facebook. As you can see on this picture, He is tall and awesome, We are confused some things. Why he is young? Why he is awesome? Because he isn’t inheritor.

Conclude Many Korean has prejudice about the rich people. But, It's wrong. Some of rich people is awesome and tall such as Americans.

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