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RESTAURANT BUSSNESS  CARD       Before   I   started   the   design,   I   looked   at   the   three   questions   asked   on   the   art   website  and  thought  about  it.     What  type  of  food  is  it?   What  is  the  price  bracket?   What  is  the  profile  of  the  target  customer?     Out   of   the   6   different   restaurants,   I   decided   to   do   the   Arabian   Night   because   I   thought  it  would  be  enjoyable  to  make  a  business  card  since  I  already  had  a  vivid   image  in  my  head.  This  image  was  better  appropriate  for  a  nice  family  restaurant   type.  So  the  price  would  be  very  affordable  but  not  as  cheap  as  fast  food.  And  the   restaurant’s   aimed   customers   would   be   families   on   a   relaxing   weekend,   teenagers,  and  etc.     The   image   in   my   head   was   to   use   the   Arabian   pattern   design   and   the   typical   Arabian  building.  At  first  I  thought  it  was  hard  to  combine  those  two  ideas  in  one   card  and  still  have  room  for  writing,  but  in  the  end  I  found  a  way  to  work  it  out.         First   thing   I   did   on   Photobooth   was   to   color   the   first   layer   dark   purple.   Then   I   added   the   Arabian   Patterns   on   the   top   and   bottom.   At   first   I   was   planning   on   covering   the   whole   outside   rim   with   this   design   however,   I   found   out   that   it   looked  nicer  when  it  was  only  on  the  top  and  bottom.  Then,  I  cut  out  the  shape  of   the  domed  building  and  used  the  shape  to  cut  out  from  a  light  purple  background   to  past  onto  the  main  work.       That  was  going  to  be  my  general  background.  Now,  I  needed     to  add  the  text  to  this.  I  knew  there  was  no  room  to  write     all  the  info  on  this  card,  so  I  decided  to  write  it  inside  the     building.  It  turned  out  to  be  unique  and  nice.              Then,   I   added   the   name   of   the   restaurant,   “Arabian            Night”  and  a  little  map  identifying  where  the              restaurant  is  located.              The  map  was  100%  hand  made  and  I  think  it  gives  a            nice  touch  to  the  card.         When  I  finished  picture  3,  I  thought  it  was  enough  work.   However,  I  thought  that  there  was  an  awkward  space  in     the  middle.  I  knew  it  needed  a  line  of  words,  but  I  didn't     know  which  wording  was  apropreate.  So  I  simply  deci-­‐   cided  to  write,  arabian  night  in  arab,  and  this  completed   my  busness  card  project.

business card Develpment process  

IGCSE art Unit 2

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