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1848 Â

The Termination of a Brutal Battle By Emi Morton

The Battle of Custoza was fought between the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Austrian Empire on July 24th. It was an attempt to end Austrian control over northern Italy during the Italian War of Independence. In March, Milan launched an uprising against Austrian occupation. King Charles Albert of Piedmont approved of this revolt and declared war on Austria. In July, Charles Albert led an army across the Mincio River in order to occupy the strategic hilltop town of Custoza. However, Field Marshal Radetzky defeated him, with the Austrians taking Custoza with a determined counterattack. The battle lasted two days, both sides suffering from major casualties. After the victory of Radetzky, he forced Albert to sign a peace treaty with the Austrians, and also drove the Piedmontese out of Lombardy.


battle of custoza  
battle of custoza  

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